Commentary by David Warren

Libyan Quagmire
If it is a war, it meets none of the requirements — not even one.

The Politics of Forgiveness
To engage in politics in an impersonal way is already to forfeit goodwill.

Understanding Media
The collapse of standards from within the trade.

Eye of the Fly
I often wonder what is wrong with us.

Fathers of the Church
Christian people should also consider reading the Church Fathers.

Scourge Us
The "reforms" that followed Vatican II were human work and now look dated.

Re-Inheriting the "Disinherited Mind"
The finest agnostic minds expound the case against their own agnosticism.

Retrieving the Strays
Help us in the task of Restoration.

Universities - Who Needs 'Em?
Is the time approaching to start over from the monastery again?

Decline and Fall
Some things are never entirely lost, even in this world.

Men and Women
Bitterness can't rebuild the faith and trust upon which family must be founded.

Ordinary Time
One of my first liturgical questions.

There is no peace in us. For peace is not shallow.

Media doing everything in their power to pin something on Pope Benedict.

Virtues of Restraint
A time to consider the many things that we could live without.

The Need for Dialogue
It is not always easy to live under Islamic rule or influence.

Spilt Religion
The "meaning of Christmas" needs to be recovered in our time.

The welfare state is at a dead end, and soon the Church must resume her labors.

The Horrors
Why then should we be surprised to discover that this is the truth?

Back to School
It simply is not possible to make every point of view equal to every other.

Consider the Hummingbird
The challenge for the Catholic lies beyond the bird as symbol.

Understanding Caritas in Veritate
This is the true humanism: a humanism not divorced from God.

Thinking as a Catholic on Iran
A great pity we have no genuinely Catholic horse in the mainstream media.

Catholic Judges
Peacefully defying those who don't believe words mean what they say.

Church and State
The question of Church and State will not go away.

Servile Thinking
You can't leave God, leave Christ, leave the Holy Spirit, out of any thinking.

Shrove Tuesday
The whole Church must be tested through each penitential season.

Refers to revelation, not prediction.

Try to overcome my foolish propensity to argue with fools on their own premises.

Into the Purple
"To day shalt thou be with me in paradise."

Bishops, North of the Border
Catholic ethnicity, so long as you do not publicly support any Church teaching.

Voting with the Tribe
Do you vote with your conscience, or do you vote with your tribe?

The Gold
"Wait! Is that a rosary?!"

Catholic Art
We must restore the beautiful first in the Mass and then in our world.

Oh Canada
The time to fight anti-Christian activists is now, not later.

Protestants Today
To become a Catholic, a person almost needs to recover his Protestantism first.

The Pope Versus the Media
It is naive to expect the media to present, fairly, what the pope has said or done.

Defining Marriage
Laws criminalizing open discussion of the institution of marriage.

What first attracted me to Catholic teaching...

Against Pluralism
Third edition of After Virtue by the great living philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre.

Christmas Gift
You must think as a child.

The Uses and Abuses of Paranoia
The paranoid Christian worldview.

The New Old
The one holy catholic and apostolic church became visible to me in that moment.

If something impresses me as worth remembering, I transcribe it in my own hand.

The key to fighting Catholic in secular trenches.

Consumer's Guide
Don't panic about getting anything wrong; you're new here.

The Canadian Dioceses
A significant minority in most Canadian regions.

On Disdain
The death of an old friend has put me in mind of courage.