The Story of Saint Jude Media

Doing the Impossible

We were told by establishment publishers that we were crazy. They said we couldn't give away free books to individuals. They said we couldn't publish high quality books and distribute them in quantity for a nominal donation. It can't be done, the experts said.

We're glad we didn't listen to the experts. And so are the countless people whose lives have been changed by our novels. That's why we named this division of the Mary Foundation after Saint Jude--he's the patron of the impossible. After all, we do the same thing with CDs at our parent organization, the Mary Foundation, which has distributed millions of recordings to countless listeners around the world. Why not books?

Catholic Novels Change Hearts

Something special happens when a person reads a novel. They enter into an exciting new world of sight, sound, and emotion. They meet characters who become friends. These fictional friends can have as strong an effect on a reader's life as real friends. Throughout history, novels have changed the minds and hearts of men and women in profound ways. Sometimes, novels have changed history. That's why our motto is: Discover a New World. Change Your Life Forever.

The Perfect Evangelical Tool

Books have always made the best evangelical tools because of the profound impact they have on hearts. Unfortunately, most of us just can't afford to give away books that cost $10 or $15 each. Another problem is that many people do not want to read non-fiction "religious" books. Our novels obliterate both barriers to evangelizing. Now most people can afford to get as many books as they want for their family, friends, and relatives. And, everyone likes a good story with great characters. Even non-Catholics like our books because they can learn about the Catholic world in a "safe" way. Who would deny that secular books, television, and movies are degrading if not downright destructive to the human soul? Isn't it time for a rebirth of popular Catholic fiction?

All Big Things Start Small

The Catholic Church started when a humble Jewish woman said yes to God. Every giant corporation in the world started with one person and one idea. (You got your start when your mom first saw your dad.)

Starting in 1995 with an unknown author, we've become the largest publisher of Catholic novels in the world. Our first three novels are changing lives, causing conversions, and even changing the way other Catholic publishers regard fiction and market their books. You can participate in our work!

Sounds impossible? Sure does. Yet, we do the impossible every day. Those of you familiar with Pope John Paul II's teachings about evangelism know how much our world is aching--begging--for the Truth. Why wait? Souls are at stake. By simply reading this, you could be starting your first steps toward changing the world. Isn't that our job as Catholics? Did God put us on this earth to take care of only ourselves--or to go after the lost sheep, like He did? We humbly ask you to meditate and pray about your role and destiny as a part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

God has brought you to us for a reason.

It's Hard. But It's Simple, Too.

Here's how we are going to change the world at Saint Jude Media. You can make a decisive impact by doing two simple things:

  • Pray for us by name every day. Ask Jesus to open the hearts of people who read our books.
  • Distribute our books to people everywhere. Work for us. We work for Mary and her Son.

We look forward to working with you.

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