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CatholiCity is the online home of the Mary Foundation, a Catholic charity based in Ohio. We've been the world-leader in delivering proven tools for evangelization to your door and superb content to your screen for over twenty-five years.

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Consider ordering our addictive Catholic novels or try out our life-changing Catholic CDs and booklets. Wherever you live in the world, we'll make certain your materials arrive promptly and safely.

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Discover traditional Catholic prayers, America's favorite Rosary CD or enjoy our founder Bud Macfarlane's monthly CatholiCity Message – a chance to pray with tens of thousands of Christians worldwide.

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Drink in timeless truths from the Catechism Simplified or enjoy Fr. McCloskey and dozens of other writers. Catholic Commentary helps feed your mind. Dig into the Church with the Catholic Encyclopedia. Read the best-selling Catholic "self-help" book of all time, Introduction to the Devout Life. We have the world's #1 Catholic Baby Name database and the Best Catholic Links.