Catechism of the Catholic Church, Simplified

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Table of Contents

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Part One: The Profession of Faith (26-1065)

Man's Capacity for God (26-49)

God Comes to Man (50-141)

Man's Response to God (142-184)

The Creeds (185-197)

  • The Apostles Creed
  • The Nicene Creed

God the Father Almighty (198-278)

Creation of Heaven and Earth (279-354)

Man in God's Image (355-421)

Jesus Christ, His Only Son Born of Mary (422-483)

Conceived by the Holy Spirit (484-570)

Suffered, Crucified, Died and Buried (571-630)

Descended into Hell and Rose on the Third Day (631-682)

The Holy Spirit (683-747)

The Catholic Church (748-810)

The Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic (811-870)

Christ's Faithful and the Communion of Saints (871-987)

Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting (988-1065)

Part Two: The Celebration of the Christian Mystery (1066-1690)

Liturgy and Sacraments (1066-1212)

Baptism (1213-1284)

Confirmation (1285-1321)

The Eucharist (1322-1419)

Penance and Reconciliation (1420-1498)

Anointing of the Sick (1499-1532)

Holy Orders (1533-1600)

Matrimony (1601-1666)

Sacramentals and Christian Funerals (1667-1690)

Part Three: Life in Christ (1691-2550)

Dignity in Christ (1691-1748)

Morality (1749-1876)

The Human Community (1877-1948))

Law, Grace and the Church (1949-2051)

The Ten Commandments (2052-2082)

The First Commandment (2083-2141)

The Second Commandment (2142-2167)

The Third Commandment (2168-2195)

The Fourth Commandment (2196-2257)

The Fifth Commandment (2258-2330)

The Sixth Commandment (2331-2400)

The Seventh Commandment (2401-2463)

The Eighth Commandment (2464-2513)

The Ninth Commandment (2514-2533)

The Tenth Commandment (2534-2557)

Part Four: Christian Prayer (2558-2865)

Prayer in the Christian Life (2558-2649)

The Tradition of Prayer (2650-2696)

The Life of Prayer (2697-2758)

The Lord's Prayer - "Our Father" (2759-2802)

The Seven Petitions (2803-2865)