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For All Fathers
We need strong fathers now more than ever.

On the Importance of Friendship
The difficulty of forming and maintaining strong male friendships.

St. Joseph in the Month of Mary
An exceptional teacher in the service of Christ's saving mission.

Subtracting Christianity Book Review
Essays on American culture and society.

The Rosary: A Compendium of the Gospel
Pope John Paul II urged Catholics to pray the rosary daily.

Of St. Thomas More – and Us
Where in the U.S. are today's followers of St. Thomas More?

Forming a Faithful Laity
The importance of Catholic education at all levels.

Exploring the Miraculous Book Review
... with the Miracle Hunter.

Labor and the Human Person
How does the Lord want us to understand human labor?

Divine Science Book Review
Finding reason at the heart of faith.

The Best Is Yet to Come for Catholicism
We are engaged in a most important struggle for our country.

The Significance of China's New Two Child Policy
Let's be clear about this: the Chinese government still operates on totalitarian principles.

Spiritual Reading for Lent and Life
Incorporate the reading of a spiritual book along with the daily reading of Sacred Scripture.

The Time of Our Lives Book Review
The collected writings of Peggy Noonan.

The Manifold Works of Mercy
We are called to love our neighbor, even to the point of martyrdom.

Create in Me a Clean Heart
A pastoral response to pornography from the USCCB.

St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor of the Poor Book Review
Meet the Christlike doctor.

A Historical View
We should not let passing troubles disturb us.

Ask the Bible Geek Book Review
Fascinating answers to intriguing questions.

Pornography: Our Greatest Ongoing Spiritual Threat
Never despair of God's mercy and forgiveness.

Waiting for Eli Book Review
A father's journey from fear to faith.

What Does Christ the King Mean for Us?
Want to change the world for Christ and help re-evangelize our country?

Countering the West's Growing Death Wish
Be of good cheer: The best is ahead for all of us.

Streamlined Annulment Process: A Sign of Compassion
Do not be afraid, regardless of what you have heard or read.

The Coup at Catholic University Book Review
The 1968 revolution in American Catholic education.

What Do (Catholic) Women Want?
Some suggestions of general political goals to pursue.

Pope Francis: The Legacy of Vatican II Book Review
The pope has a particular mission of engaging non-Catholics in dialogue.

A Priest's Hopes for the Pope's Visit
The United States in many ways is a mission territory.

Life Under Compulsion Book Review
Ten ways to destroy the humanity of your child.

Hope in Hollywood Book Review
Conversion stories of Hollywood legends.

Friendship and Evangelization
There's nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.

Is the U.S. an Evil Empire?
It may well be one at this moment.

Some Catholic Preliminaries to the Presidential Campaign
What should a Catholic expect from candidates?

An Opus Dei Priest With a Magnetic Touch
Father McCloskey makes converts, often of the rich and Republican.

Memoirs of a Happy Failure Book Review
Alice von Hildebrands' life would make for a fine movie.

Christian Persecutions in the Middle East Book Review
A 21st century tragedy.

Why Chesterton's Everlasting Man Has Lasted Book Review
Father's favorite book by his favorite lay Christian writer.

Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity Book Review
Father McCloskey calls it "the best book on marriage I have ever read."

Richard John Neuhaus: A Life in the Public Square Book Review
The definitive biography of this great, holy and very human man.

A Pro-Life Year of Mercy
God's mercy never fails, if asked for.

Mercy, and How to Get It
The world must be reconciled to God through the sacraments.

Why Newman Should Become a Saint
His revolutionary emphasis on the role of the layperson in the Church.

My Battle Against Hitler Book Review
Faith, truth and defiance in the shadow of the Third Reich.

The Traditional Case for Capital Punishment
Why I support the death penalty.

Seven Storey Mountain Book Review
Father reviews the 50th anniversary edition of Thomas Merton's classic.

Witness Book Review
Whittaker Chambers' work is one of the most important books of the last century.

The Great Reformer Book Review
Francis and the making of a radical pope.

Lent 2015: Reflections and Suggestions
If we want to change the world, we must begin with improving ourselves.

The Chance to Live a Life
Why laws promoting ultrasounds before abortion don't have the expected impact.

In Search of Catholic Leaders
Who can save what is left of the West today?

To Go Deeper into the Life of Christ
Recommendations of good biographies of Jesus.

Twelve Days of Christmas
We should use this time to prepare for a new year.

Should the Parish and Laity Cooperate with Approved Lay Movements?
Movements where the laity may find a spiritual home.

Transforming Parish Communications Book Review
Growing the Church through New Media.

Equipped for One-on-One Evangelization
Readings to help others see the beauty of our Holy Church.

The Hobbit Party Book Review
The vision of freedom that Tolkien got and the West forgot.

Newman and the Importance of Catholic Literature
Many are not aware of the depth and breadth of Christian literature.

Called to Vote, to Participate in Political Life
This is a culture war and it is ours to win.

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo
Was one of St. Josemaria Escrivá's first followers.

Church History and Evangelization
Every Catholic should have a deep immersion in Church History.

Opus Dei Bishop To Be Beatified Saturday
Aleteia interviews Father McCloskey.

Evangelizing Catholics Book Review
A mission manual for the New Evangelization.

9/11, Belloc, and Islam
The religious conflict between Muslims and Christians.

Reading Indeed Has Made Many Saints
Daily spiritual reading will help us become "fishers of men."

A Winning Program for Renewal
Want to change the world for Christ and help re-evangelize our country?

The Church Under Attack Book Review
Five hundred years that split the Church and scattered the flock.

Getting Ready for Campus Life
Help your kids buck the tide and remain faithful Catholics.

An Anxious Age Book Review
The post-protestant ethic and the spirit of America.

The Perils of Technology
How do we combat an addition to technology?

Renewal Book Review
How the new generation of faithful priests and bishops is revitalizing the Catholic Church.

Marriage: Where Do We Go From Here?
Let us go and multiply without fear and with joy!

Station Churches of Rome Book Review
George Weigel chronicles an ancient Roman pilgrimage.

The Final Confrontation
How to confront and combat the Anti-Church

Evangelization in the Work Place
Work is a place and means of sharing one's faith.

Heart-to-Heart Preaching
Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman in the pulpit.

John Paul the Great
How Pope John Paul II lived and helped others live the New Evangelization.

Making Gay OK Book Review
How rationalizing homosexual behavior is changing everything.

The Passion Begins
In our own affliction, we grasp something of how He suffered for each one of us.

Pope Francis on the Family and Human Life
The pope will not and cannot change fundamental church doctrine.

Epistle to New Masters of the Universe
Silicon Valley will continue to change the world, but in what ways?

Why and How to Make a Retreat
Why every Catholic should make an annual retreat.

Help Wanted: Spiritual Direction
Why every Catholic should have a Spiritual Director.

Hope for the Pro-Life Movement
Is the annual March for Life, held on the 22nd of January, worth the trouble?

American Women and the Culture Wars
A reflection on the 25th anniversary of Mulieris Dignitatem.

Pope Francis and the Church's Witness Against War
The Church's view on war is too often dismissed as utopian and simplistic.

What Jesus Really Said About The End of the World Book Review
David Currie refutes the notion that Jesus falsely predicted when the world would end.

Winning the World, One Friend at a Time
Winning converts should be a constant concern for all Catholics.

Recommended Reading

Articles About Cardinal Newman
Fr. McCloskey's articles on Venerable John Henry Newman.

Winning New Converts
As the Catechism reminds us, winning converts to our Faith should be a constant concern for all Catholics: "The true apostle is on the lookout for occasions of announcing Christ by word, either to unbelievers... or to the faithful." How should we go about it?

Spiritual Reading
Despite the lure of secular media, Catholics must spend time reading the Sacred Scriptures and other spiritual classics. Father John explains why we need spiritual reading and offers advice on what and how to read.

Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, a 2000-Year History Book Review
H.W. Crocker makes the history of the Church come alive in this new book. Crocker writes with an attitude: he presumes that the Catholic Church is a divine institution founded by Christ and destined to last until the Second Coming.

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