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A Winning Program for Renewal
Want to change the world for Christ and help re-evangelize our country?

The Church Under Attack Book Review
Five hundred years that split the Church and scattered the flock.

Getting Ready for Campus Life
Help your kids buck the tide and remain faithful Catholics.

An Anxious Age Book Review
The post-protestant ethic and the spirit of America.

The Perils of Technology
How do we combat an addition to technology?

Renewal Book Review
How the new generation of faithful priests and bishops is revitalizing the Catholic Church.

Marriage: Where Do We Go From Here?
Let us go and multiply without fear and with joy!

Station Churches of Rome Book Review
George Weigel chronicles an ancient Roman pilgrimage.

The Final Confrontation
How to confront and combat the Anti-Church

Evangelization in the Work Place
Work is a place and means of sharing one's faith.

Heart-to-Heart Preaching
Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman in the pulpit.

John Paul the Great
How Pope John Paul II lived and helped others live the New Evangelization.

Making Gay OK Book Review
How rationalizing homosexual behavior is changing everything.

The Passion Begins
In our own affliction, we grasp something of how He suffered for each one of us.

Pope Francis on the Family and Human Life
The pope will not and cannot change fundamental church doctrine.

Epistle to New Masters of the Universe
Silicon Valley will continue to change the world, but in what ways?

Why and How to Make a Retreat
Why every Catholic should make an annual retreat.

Help Wanted: Spiritual Direction
Why every Catholic should have a Spiritual Director.

Hope for the Pro-Life Movement
Is the annual March for Life, held on the 22nd of January, worth the trouble?

American Women and the Culture Wars
A reflection on the 25th anniversary of Mulieris Dignitatem.

Pope Francis and the Church's Witness Against War
The Church's view on war is too often dismissed as utopian and simplistic.

What Jesus Really Said About The End of the World Book Review
David Currie refutes the notion that Jesus falsely predicted when the world would end.

Winning the World, One Friend at a Time
Winning converts should be a constant concern for all Catholics.

Recommended Reading

Articles About Cardinal Newman
Fr. McCloskey's articles on Venerable John Henry Newman.

Winning New Converts
As the Catechism reminds us, winning converts to our Faith should be a constant concern for all Catholics: "The true apostle is on the lookout for occasions of announcing Christ by word, either to unbelievers... or to the faithful." How should we go about it?

Spiritual Reading
Despite the lure of secular media, Catholics must spend time reading the Sacred Scriptures and other spiritual classics. Father John explains why we need spiritual reading and offers advice on what and how to read.

Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, a 2000-Year History Book Review
H.W. Crocker makes the history of the Church come alive in this new book. Crocker writes with an attitude: he presumes that the Catholic Church is a divine institution founded by Christ and destined to last until the Second Coming.

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