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Excellent resource for RCIA participants
I am an RCIA director and order the Scott Hahn Conversion CD to give out to every RCIA adult participant who registers for our classes. Those who are cradle catholics reinforce their faith and find answers for those who question their faith, espacially those working in christian but not primarily catholic environments such as universitites. Others, who are coming from other faiths, find an explanation to one of the most important issues they contend with when becoming a catholic and that is that our church does not base its dogma exclusively on the Bible (sola scriptura), but on its tradition as well.
- Silvia Morgan from Santa Barbara, California

Scott Hahn CD great.
The Scott Hahn CD was the first thing that started to change my mind about Catholicism and draw me into learning more about the Church. Now I am Catholic! It was a pretty big change coming from someone who thought that all Catholics were misguided and such.
- Norm from Fargo, ND

Sin Has A Terrible Picture
After listening to the Confession CD, I realized that I have not been making a good confession. Also, I now have a picture of what sin is like from me to God. It will definitely be on my mind for the rest of my life.
- Erika from Chattanooga, TN

Rosary CD is GREAT!
I have the Rosary CD. It is wonderful. It has allowed myself to pray the rosary everyday. I pray along with the CD as I am driving to work. I use to listen to the radio. Now I pray along with the rosary CD. It is a wonderful way to start my day. I love it! I highly recommend it. I have other rosary cds or CDs. They are lengthy. EVERYONE, get this cd.
- Judy DeMonico from Kissimmee, FL

Lord is always with us.
Just after listening to half of "The Mass Explained" I ran to my wife and said, "I want to go to Mass every day." I am an RCIA team member, and these excellent CDs will surely help. Thank you so much.
- Hemendra from Vancouver

Life Altering, Soul Inspiring, Faith Igniting!
The book "Pierced by a Sword has changed my life in ways that I cannot explain. I now pray a rosary every day. I have delved deeper into my faith with such complete joy. I play the CDs over and over because each time I learn something new. They move me. They touch my soul. I share them with all. My spirit rejoices in knowing that because of Our Blessed Mother, the Mary Foundation has helped me become a better Catholic and better human being! Thank you! God Bless you and all who help you in your good works.
- Sandy from PA

An awesome source for Catholic knowledge
The recordings offered by the Mary Foundation are great learning tools, but what makes them even better is that you can learn at any time. You don't have to stop what you are doing and pick up a book; you can listen and learn while doing the dishes, driving your car, etc. - anytime, anywhere! The Mary Foundation's sister organization, Saint Jude Media, also offers some great reading; novels by Bud MacFarlane. I don't often read a book twice, but his I have read repeatedly. They are always uplifting and make you think. You won't be dissapointed with the materials you obtain from either the Mary Foundation or Saint Jude Media!
- Natalie from Waterville, WA

The best source for Catholic information
I am a CYO teacher and have been looking for brouchures, pamphlets, cards, etc. with information about Sister Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday, novenas, and the chaplet. I have looked at some religious sites on line, and at our local Catholic religious book store with no luck. Then I decided to use my favorite Catholic source of info and found all the information I needed quickly and easily. I should have went there first! Thanks again for being here and such a great source! I plan on using the information as lesson material. You are Awesome!
- Stephanie R from Midwest

What a wonderful ministry!
I cannot thank you enough for the good work that you do. Each time I send for CDs or books, someone comes into my life who I am compelled to give them away to. Sometimes I even need to order just for that person. What a wonderful testimony! Your gifts cause me to WANT to give to others.
- a visitor from Texas

Family, friends and kids benefit!
I am teaching my 5th/6th grade CCD class to pray the rosary and they were thrilled when I handed out the Rosary CDs from the Mary Foundation. "We get to KEEP these?" they asked with glowing eyes. "Sure!" I answered. "Try to use your CD every day." My husband uses his Mary Foundation CD to pray the rosary as he drives to work every day. He has handed out Mary Foundation CDs and CDs to Catholic co-workers who have either fallen away from the faith or whose faith needs to be energized. Thank you and bless you for the good work you do.
- Shell from Indiana

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