Catholic Evangelization for Your Parish

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Getting Started

  • Place a free CD display at every exit of your church.
  • Supplement parish ministries (RCIA, Bible Studies, etc.) with CDs.
  • Order bulk quantities online or by mail (50% discount).
  • Order sets of all of our titles for priests, parish educators, etc.
  • Insert this flyer into your church bulletin.
  • Donate a space ad for your church bulletin.
  • Offer CDs at conferences, weddings, and sporting events.
  • Keep several sets of CDs in your car.
  • Ideal for Catholic retailers, parish bookstores, and libraries.

Simple, Flexible, Affordable

Using Mary Foundation CDs to enrich your faith community is not complicated. No membership is required and there is no red tape. Simply order the titles and quantities based on your own assessment of your pastoral needs. Your premium-quality materials will arrive very, very quickly.

Our CDs are almost shockingly affordable, with free shipping and free displays, 365 days per year. Pastors, religious educators, and dedicated volunteers have already distributed millions of our recordings at thousands of parishes at a tiny fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Realistic Adult Education

The demands of modern life make it impossible for the vast majority of parishioners to attend formal adult education classes. Perhaps the most compelling reason why Mary Foundation CDs are so effective is because parishioners can listen to them while driving. Putting our free CD displays at every exit of your church may be the most effective means to reach the souls in your care. A minivan or commuter car is a sensational learning center.

Parish-Friendly Subjects

We are extremely selective about the content of our recordings, choosing only subjects which speak directly to parishioners at the heart of their Christian life experience. And there is no such thing as a dull or superficial Mary Foundation talk. We feature the very best Catholic speakers and each one focuses on inspiring listeners, not lecturing to them.

Order CDs by the case »

Don't Forget Our Novels

Our publishing division, Saint Jude Media, is largest producer of Catholic novels in America and operates on the same parish-friendly principles (only $1 per book, free shipping). Enriching your parish using novels can be surprisingly powerful.

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