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Awesome! I would recommend to anyone!
I loved these novels. They are inspiring while at the same time very realistic and teaching without being "preachy". Anyone could pick them up and enjoy them, not just someone who is Catholic. I appreciated how the books follow the lives of the main charatcers thru real life situations, and that the characters themselves are so real.
- Anita K from Redmond, WA

Superb, awe-inspiring writing!
There are no words to describe how much these books have influenced my life; I can only urge all Catholics to at least read the first few pages of each book. You will immediately become hooked. I feel obligated to tell as many people I can about these books!! I see the changes it made in my life: constant daily devotion to my faith.
- Lanie from Louisiana

Doing his part for the Kingdom!
These novels should be mandatory reading for all lukewarm/fallen-away Catholics and their firmly planted in the faith friends. Bud is a gift from the heavens and I hope he will write more!
- Jeanne from Covington, LA

Bud, Please Write More!
These books were amazing! They are what started my conversion and ultimately started a landslide of changing my view of the entire Catholic faith! I thank God that this book was put into my hands because now I know the truth. Thank you Bud! Please keep writing!
- Jon from Tampa, Florida

More Novels Please!
They literally revitalized my faith that was asleep. I wish Bud would write more novels.
- Lori from Warren, OH

Would Like to Read More, Bud
Please Bud, continue writing! House of Gold was by far the best of the three and was so inspirational and uplifting! It gives the Catholic message and presents the Faith in a profound way. The epilogue and all that is in it shows such a distinction between our Catholic outlook on life and tragedy and the rest of the world. Thank you, Bud Macfarlane.
- James from Pittsburgh, PA

A true blessing!
I was slowly coming back to my faith and these novels sped it up tenfold! I have a more questions than I do answers now and am hungry to find those answers about the Catholic faith and the bible! Thank you! Please write more! I devoured these novels very quickly!
- Treena from Saskatchewan, Canada

A chain reaction bringing me back to the Church.
I am a cradle Catholic who had fallen far away from the Church for many years. After having my first child Baptized, I decided to take a closer look at the faith in which I had promised to raise my child. About two years ago I ordered these novels while looking for answers about Catholicism. They really gave me a great idea of what it meant to actually be Catholic. I wanted to emulate the people in the book. Pierced by a Sword led me to NFP which led me to RCIA which taught me all the things I had not been taught as a child. It was these books that started a chain reaction to finally being Confirmed in the Catholic Church this past Easter. Praise God!
- Camille from Houston, TX

More please!!
These three books were amazing!! I started reading from a very skeptical viewpoint, but finished book one and then devoured books two and three. These books have brought me back to God, daily mass and the rosary. Thank you. Please write some more!!
- Amie from NZ

Amazing, Inspired, Life-Changing
Picked up "Pierced by a Sword" browsing in a used book store. Stood reading a few pages and was hooked. The whole trilogy was on the shelf. I just grabbed them all because I was so happy to see such inspired Catholic fiction with such solid theology. The characters are so real and the story so true-to-life. I finished the first book at three a.m. reading non-stop. These books have shown me the necessity and value of fervent prayer. Turned my daily rosary into a labor of love.
- Dee from Richardson, TX

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