Conceived Without Sin

A Free Catholic Novel by Bud Macfarlane

One strange and wonderful thing about Bud Macfarlane's storytelling is that his people are so loved by the author that they grab you and hold you.
~Thomas W. Case
Author of Moonie Buddhist Catholic

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  • A novel about men, marriage, and heroic friendship.
  • Funny, gritty, real characters.
  • A wonderful gift for your family, friends, and parish.

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These characters will become your friends...

Buzz Woodward An alcoholic, a wild man, a divorced father with a troubled past in New Jersey and an uncertain present in Cleveland. His faith is in God.

Sam Fisk A tall, lanky entrepreneur who is comfortable with computers, but unsure of himself with women. His faith is in Man.

Donna Beck A stout, tough young lady from Little Italy, bored with her job, alone in the suburbs. She has a destiny, but doesn't know what it is. Her trust is in Our Lady.

Ellie James Beautiful, confident, and with a plan for life that includes Sam Fisk. Her mother left her as a child, and now she must be a woman. Her faith is in herself.

Mark Johnson A man's man. Success on the football field and success in the world has not translated to success in marriage. His faith doesn't seem to provide answers.

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