Catholic Commentary: Bud Macfarlane

Same-Sex Marriage: A Centuries-Long Diabolical Plan
The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan.

Pope Benedict's Abdication Exemplifies the Modern Dynamic Papacy
Making tradition by breaking tradition.

The Election and the Worldwide Death Cult
Radically converted Christian disciples do not materialize by happenstance.

Declining Muslim Birthrates Worldwide
Will lead to even more political instability in the Muslim world.

A Bright Future for the Catholic Church in America
The Catholic landscape in America over the next two generations.

Evangelizing Badly
Let our riveting speakers and God's grace do the hard work.

Movie Review: The Passion is a Masterpiece
"...Gibson's timeless work is not a mirror. It is a doorway."

Attacking the Head
Partial birth abortion and how the evil one works.

Giving God Twenty
How to start a real prayer life.

Understand the "And"
Baby Jesus, laptops, pizza, and the modern heretics.

Tell Father You See Jesus
The attack on the twin towers of our faith.

The Catholic Grout List
The Little Things that All Catholics Should Know

The Negotiating Course
Eighteen principles every Catholic should know.

"Pockets of Silence" from the Reformers
A better term would be whiners. Or crybabies.

New Shoes for Joltin' Joe
Joseph Ratzinger was looking forward to retirement in 2003...

Appreciating Papal Elections: The Jesus System
Imagine if you were starting a church destined to span the globe.