House of Gold

A Free Catholic Novel by Bud Macfarlane

You won't read a more timeless novel than House of Gold -- even if you are reading it one hundred years from now. It offers suffering. It's honest, authentic, gut-wrenching. I believe this is Bud's best work. It offers the Cross. Can you take it?
~John D. O'Brien
Editor of Father Elijah

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  • Imagine a world without cars, lights, or medicine?
  • A chilling adventure of passion and redemption.
  • A novel about the timeless truths of our Faith.

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These characters will become your friends...

Buzz Woodward Alcoholism. Divorce. Attempted suicide. Buzz had been through it all. Now he is married with children, out of shape, and finds himself beginning a dangerous journey against impossible odds.

Sam and Ellie Fisk Ten years earlier, when Buzz's best friends fell in love, they also discovered their love for the Church. To outsiders, Sam and Ellie have it all, but now an unrelenting darkness threatens to tear them apart.

Mark Johnson He's a big, brave FBI agent, the ultimate tough guy cruising through middle age while enjoying his adoring family. When he detects a dangerous technological storm on the horizon, he thinks he's ready for anything. But is he?

The Man The coolest guy ever. A basketball savant. Only his few friends know his real name. He doesn't believe in religion. Yet now he holds the fate of Buzz's family in his hands.

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