Pierced by a Sword

A Free Catholic Novel by Bud Macfarlane

Get ready for a journey of epic proportions--rather, cosmic proportions. This book is a little treasure, a marvel. This is an adventure, a comedy, a tragedy, a turbulent odyssey and a peaceful stroll. I'll see you inside...
~Michael O'Brien
Author of Father Elijah

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  • Must-reading for every Catholic.
  • Characters so real you'll swear you know them.
  • A timeless supernatural thriller.
  • A wonderful gift for your family, friends, and parish.

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These characters will become your friends...

Nathan Payne A troubled young securities broker from Chicago. Will Nathan find the faith to win the love of Joanie Wheat–a woman of deep Catholic convictions?

Becky Macadam A stunningly beautiful young woman, away from the faith since childhood, alone and pregnant in the heartless city of Chicago.

Father Chet Sulivan A fast-talking young priest from New Jersey with a penchant for getting into trouble.

Tom Wheat The foremost U.S. expert on Marian Apparitions, desperately trying to warn the world about The Coming Tribulations. Can Wheat reach the country in time?

Lee Washington A drug dealer from Cleveland, living in the fast lane in L.A. Will he keep his appointment with Our Lady?

Pope Patrick A no-nonsense Irish Pope who drives his own car and travels in disguise, unaware that there is a bounty on his head...

And the Mother of God...

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