Commentary by Jim Bemis

The Winning Side
We've witnessed the abortion culture's high water mark.

A Christmas Film Festival
Taking part in our favorite holiday traditions.

Thanksgiving and Gratitude
One of the sweetest feelings we experience is that of gratitude.

Casting Deep the Net
Father McCloskey... one of the foremost Catholic apologists of our day.

One Year Later
Has America really changed?

The Face of Love
Why young people love the Holy Father.

The Founder's Wisdom
California legislators attempt to make abortion a fundamental human right.

Black Robes
Today's Jesuit priests run the gauntlet.

Observance of Holy Week
Both Passover and Easter are celebrated in memory of deliverance.

Reason for Hope
How the Bemis family celebrates Saint Patrick's Day.

A Good Week for Life
The Pope and the President on divorce and the unborn.