Catholic Commentary: History

Ronald Rychlak: The First Catholic President -- Almost
Also made a significant impact on the history of the Catholic Church in America.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - A Flight from Reality
The Soviets blamed the Nazis, and most of the West preferred to believe them.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - Night Falls over Europe
"The demon of war has been unleashed and brings untold misery..."

Ronald Rychlak: Remembering the Alamo
A great deal of history surrounding the Alamo that many have forgotten.

Alice Von Hildebrand: Edith Stein - The Apostate Saint
Her canonization created quite a turmoil for the Jews.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - The Ides of March
A somber loss for the Catholics of England.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - Grievances Against the Holy See
Pope Pius XII thought differently.

Ronald Rychlak: Natural Law from a Birmingham Jail
The turning point of the civil rights movement.

Ronald Rychlak: General Patton and the Third Army Prayer
Allied soldiers found themselves facing a tough fight in hard and cold rain.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - Progressive Evil
The modern world provides unlimited prospects for its development.

James Sullivan: Gwen John - Art and Faith in the Shadows
A minor Catholic, but an enduring master nonetheless.

Jennifer Pierce: Bearing Witness - François Mauriac and Elie Wiesel
"One must speak out - one must also speak out."

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - Light the Candles
Dark austerity was beginning to lighten a little.

Fr. Roger Landry: Good Public Servants, But God's First
10th anniversary of St. Thomas More being declared the patron of politicians.

Russell Shaw: A Christian Ironist
Utopia isn't the only expression of Thomas More's literary irony at work.

Howard Kainz: The Secret Disciples
Contrast remarkably with the apostles and many of the disciples.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - Lamentations
Today it does not seem long ago at all, and not without present application.

Gerald Russello: Christopher Dawson - Christ in History
Constructed a fresh interpretation of the Christian past.

Fr. George Rutler: 1943 - No Peace at Any Price
"The Holy Father is not the champion of a 'peace at any price.'"

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: What St. Benedict Can Teach You About Business
We'd be wise to imitate the Benedictine way of life.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Ending a Year with No End in Sight
A lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent.

George Sim Johnston: Remembering the Early Church
Before there ever was a canon, there was a Church. And its paper trail is Catholic.

Fr. Roger Landry: Preventing Spiritual Suicide
St. Francis' thoughts, words, courage, and example need to be emulated today.

Fr. Michael Giesler: The Body's Forgotten Ally
An unpleasant word to the contemporary ear.

Maria Ceplecha: Painting Angels - Saints and Their Symbols
Three popular saints and the symbols that often represent them.

Joseph Pearce: Maurice Baring, In the Shadow of the Chesterbelloc
The facile and the fashionable will fade, but the best of Baring will remain.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - The Coming of Emmanuel
The days before Christmas were dark.

Fr. Roger Landry: Forgiveness and Repentance
Her powerful witness deserves to be highlighted and imitated.

Fr. Roger Landry: False Accusations
Jesus was killed through false accusations, but rose triumphant on the third day.

Fr. Roger Landry: Truly Good Shepherds of the Young
What the Church in the northern hemisphere should never have forgotten.

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding Like the Saints
Three lessons we can learn from what God called this heroic priest to do.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Pastor After God's Heart
Let us continue to invoke his intercession for all priests.

Brian Saint-Paul: Monsters to Destroy - Foreign Policy, Then and Now
Isolationism, non-interventionism, and the foreign policy of the Founders.

Brian Saint-Paul: Making War - A Conversation with Thomas E. Woods Jr.
No myth of American history is safe.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - State Absolutism
There is a distinction between service to the king and service to God.

Tom O'Brien: Impressionable Minds - Teaching Politically Correct History
Convergence theory and PC history have some serious problems.

Fr. Roger Landry: Death and Glory
Fighting heroically for souls with urgency and stamina until his last breath.

Fr. Roger Landry: Miracles in Ars
"A greater miracle than what the Lord did to raise Lazarus!"

Fr. Roger Landry: God's Greatest Masterpiece and Our Greatest Treasure
How St. John Vianney sought to spread love of Mary among all his parishioners.

Fr. Ray Ryland: Soloviev's Amen - A Russian Orthodox Argument for the Papacy
May Soloviev's amen be one day echoed throughout the East.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Personification of the Path to Heaven
Sought to make the path simple by showing how the saints personified it.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Cloud of Witnesses
The best way to learn a thing is to teach it.

Thomas Madden: The Truth about the Spanish Inquisition
The myth of the Spanish Inquisition has nothing at all to do with the real thing.

Thomas Madden: The Real History of the Crusades
Religion, after all, is nothing to fight wars over.

George Sim Johnston: Back to the Beginning
A brief introduction to the ancient Catholic Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Great Hope
Helping his people develop a burning yearning for heaven.

Fr. Roger Landry: First Communion Saints
Exemplars to young Catholics preparing to receive Him for the first time.

T. David Curp: War Without End - The Muslim Conquests
The crucible that forged both Christendom's fears and Islam's confidence.

H. Crocker III: Five Myths About Christianity, Islam, and the Middle Ages
There was light in the early Middle Ages.

H. Crocker III: Lepanto, 1571 - The Battle that Saved Europe
The unity of Christendom was shattered and Islam saw its opportunity.

Fr. Roger Landry: Preaching as a Good Pastor Should
A model to be imitated by all parish priests.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Preaching of the Curé of Ars
One of St. John Vianney's greatest priestly challenges came in the pulpit.

Fr. Roger Landry: St. John Vianney's Greatest Temptation
The one to which he was most vulnerable -- abandoning his post.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Lonely Voices
"Must not overlook the serious political injury which may be done to our cause."

Ronald Rychlak: Another Polish Tragedy
Sadly reminiscent of a plane crash during World War II.

Fr. Roger Landry: Munificence in Ministry
A consequence of the Lord's call to love others according to his own standards.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Spiritual Resurrection
"As Christ is risen, so we must arise and enter into a new life."

Fr. Roger Landry: Student and Teacher in the School of the Cross
Recognizing the Cross as a great spiritual caress instead of as a curse.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Complicated Loyalties
Orthodox Churches were struggling with disorder.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Divine Depository in Our Hands
He sought to catechize his people to love others as they love themselves.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Saintly Shuttle Pocket
St. John Vianney's example of Christian charity.

Fr. Roger Landry: Revenge of the Black Toad and Miser of Souls
Can the one whom Jesus called "the father of lies" ever tell the truth?

Fr. Roger Landry: The Grappin and the Gros Poissons
How Fr. Vianney responded to the decades of harassment.

Fr. Roger Landry: Grapplin' with the Grappin
How the devil harassed St. John Vianney for three and a half decades.

Ronald Rychlak: St. Valentine's Day
That leaves it to Christians to try to keep Christ in Christmas and other holidays.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Curé of Ars and the Devil
More than any other modern saint, he was unrelentingly attacked by the devil.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Two Crosses Raised against Each Other
Muslims did not like the Allies calling the war a "Christian Crusade."

Fr. Roger Landry: St. John Vianney's Favorite Work, Part II
Fr. Vianney did all he could to advance Catholic education.

Fr. Roger Landry: St. John Vianney's Favorite Work
He thought that a good Catholic education was worth almost any sacrifice.

Fr. Roger Landry: Fr. Vianney's Eight-Year Calvary
An even more difficult test for St. John Vianney

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - No Longer on the Defensive
In the second week of October 1942, Stalingrad was still standing...

Fr. Roger Landry: The Cross of Clerical Criticism and Envy
A holy priest as a neighbor is grace for faithful and priests alike.

Fr. Roger Landry: Dealing with Detractors
How to respond to conflicts, criticism and even calumny in a Christian way.

John Zmirak: Mao Tse-Tung's Greed for Mayhem
The most successfully evil man in history.

Fr. Roger Landry: Making Our Hearts a Crib
So that "we may have a dwelling that we can offer to the divine Savior."

Fr. Roger Landry: A Saint's Joyful Wit
A ray of sunshine that never ceased to brighten other's spirits.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Just Because You're Paranoid
Jesuitism had gained influence and was the strongest weapon of the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: Practical Tips
Advent is a great time to experience personally this wisdom.

Fr. Roger Landry: Spiritual Medicine
His medicinal penances remain a model for doctors of the soul today.

Fr. Roger Landry: Helping Penitents to Achieve True Conversion
The third and final stage of preparation: a firm purpose of amendment of life.

John Zmirak: Stalin's Trollop - The Envy of Lillian Hellman
She ordered her conscience straight from Moscow.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Balm of the Soul
The most important part of preparation.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Passing through a Severe Calvary
"I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, but I am not a Judas."

Fr. Roger Landry: Training to Become Better Penitents
Spiritual coaching remains eminently practical and helpful for Catholics today.

Matthew Spalding: Faith of Our Fathers
Roman Catholics made important contributions to the founding of the new nation.

John Zmirak: Gluttons for Power
François Mitterrand: Despotism in a modern, democratic setting.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pulling and Preaching People Into the Confessional
The patron saint of priests did not stop at praying for sinners.

Fr. Roger Landry: Praying People into the Confessional
He prayed more than anyone that people would get in that line of salvation.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Internal Logic of a Great Sacrament
How God was able to form him to be one of the great confessors.

John Zmirak: Solzhenitsyn - Icon of Patience
Wisdom worth emulating.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - Life Goes On
So as life went on, not all lives went on.

Andrew Cusack: Benedict in Bohemia
The ancient land that was once at the very center of Christian civilization.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Martyrdom of Waiting
It's hard for some priests today to relate to him.

Fr. Roger Landry: Reopening the Great Hospital of Souls
Gives new meaning to the term heroism.

John Zmirak: Role Model for Wrath - Josef Stalin
The most appropriate name to illustrate undiluted Wrath.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: All Is Grace
"I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth…"

John Zmirak: A New Patron Saint for Chastity?
Queen Catherine of Aragon

Fr. Roger Landry: Prayer Made Practical
His sound advice remains just as useful today as it was 150 years ago.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Total Happiness of Man on Earth
"We should pray like four year olds…who tell their mothers everything."

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - An Ugly Amount of Success
For the Allies, the general picture was bleak.

Fr. Roger Landry: Model of An Existence Made Prayer
Why St. John Vianney is so important not just for priests but for all of us.

Michael Barone: FDR Among the Catholics
His philosophy: "I am a Christian and a Democrat."

Janine Langan: The Face of Jesus
An image from which modern man can learn much.

Fr. Roger Landry: Ending the Desecration of the Lord's Day
St. John Vianney's efforts to convert his parish in Ars.

Sandra Miesel: The Real History of the Holy Grail
So glorious, so mysterious, it symbolizes an elusive object of desire.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pastoral Courage and Charity
Had what it took to fight against sin and make sanctity possible for his people.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942 - The Start of a Very Long Summer
Happiness will disappear, and pessimism will carry out the suicide of a nation.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Price of the Conversion of Ars
"There is not much love for God in that parish; you will bring some into it."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Divine Vocation Strategy
Choose the weak as priests and make them strong in bearing witness to him.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Holy Priest Who Inspired Another
John Vianney's saintly spiritual father and mentor.

Arturo Vasquez: Faith in the Time of Jim Crow
The attitude of the apostles in the face of the crowd's unbelief.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: For the Greater Glory of God
St. Ignatius Loyola

John Zmirak: Put the 'Mag' Back in Your Animus
Perhaps the greatest soul in the history of Great Britain.

Fr. George Rutler: 1942
More glaring villains and shining saints than almost any other year.

Thomas Howard: A Portrait of Dietrich von Hildebrand
"A 20th-century doctor of the Church."

Raymond Wray: On the Trail of the Ark
History, religion, and the way the Ark is intertwined with both.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Prophet of the Future
We should be prepared to develop Benedict's mentality...

Fr. Roger Landry: Learning From Heroes
The Mass was far greater than everything they might lose if caught.

Thomas Madden: The Church and the Jews in the Middle Ages
Relationship marked by mutual respect and a remarkable degree of tolerance.

Fr. Roger Landry: Continuing the Imitation
Fighting the good fight, finishing the race and keeping the faith...

David Mills: The Greater Blessings
...though a blessing that may take some getting used to.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: The Cure of Ars
The patron saint of parish priests.

Michael Hogan: The Irish Soldiers of Mexico
Unquestioned bravery forged an indelible seal of honor on their sacrifice.

Fr. Roger Landry: Heroic Paternity
A model of behavior for all fathers.

Fr. Roger Landry: Son of Encouragement
This man's virtues and actions are among those the Church most needs.

Andrew Cusack: Argentina Mourns an Honest Man
Outstanding integrity, honesty, and incorruptibility.

Ronald Rychlak: Hitler's Mufti - The Dark Legacy of Haj Amin al-Husseini
Common enemies brought them together to the detriment of mankind.

Fr. Roger Landry: Heroic Men in Red
Models not just for Catholics in Africa, but across the globe.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Cheerful Face of Re-Evangelization
What can we learn from St. Philip to help us in our task today?

Anthony Esolen: A Way of Beholding the World
Blessed Margaret of Castello

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Lady's Heroic Child Warriors
A pure heart which "sees God" in all situations is a stronger weapon...

Fr. Roger Landry: Doctor Magnificus
A courageous reformer and defender of the Church as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Confessor
A modern St. Francis Xavier of the Confessional.

Fr. Roger Landry: Daily Martyr of the Confessional
The patron saint of parish priests, St. John Vianney.

Fr. Roger Landry: Spiritual Maternity
St. Paula Frassinetti: A reminder of the true values of a woman.

Fr. Roger Landry: Martyr for National Unity
One of the greatest and most inspiring biographies in our nation's history.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Fundamental Content of St. Paul's Conversion
One of the pivotal movements not only in his life but in the history of the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Martyrs of Japan
Blessed Peter Kibe and Companions.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Holy Quah-hak-ka-num-ad
A "living source of inspiration...for all Christ's disciples."

Fr. Roger Landry: A Much-Decorated Veteran of the Ongoing World War
St. Martin battled for decades against spiritual barbarism — and he won.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: Woman of Letters
Saint Catherine of Siena

Patrick Allitt: Catholic Anti-Communism
"Utterly inhuman, in its indifference to justice, to mercy, to religion, even to logic."

Mary Jo Anderson: The Magdalene
Accept the ancient legend of the saint and reject the Johnny-come-lately versions.

Lewis Lehrmann: Slavery and Abortion
Unprecedented threat of destruction to innocent human life in America.

David Carlin: Newman and the Two Arnolds
"Protestantism tends toward liberalism, and...liberalism tends toward atheism."

Fr. George Rutler: Pope Pius XII
"A martyr but 'without the nails.'"

Fr. John Jay Hughes: A Saint for the Rest of Us
We want so much, yet we settle for so little.

Alice von Hildebrand: Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Moore
Lewis chose to carry a cross that would have broken the back of most men.

T. David Curp: A Necessary Bondage? When the Church Endorsed Slavery
We do no service to Christ or His Church by refusing to acknowledge it.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: Francis de Sales
"...not a matter of prohibitions and rules but a beautiful and joyful way of life."

Fr. John Jay Hughes: Mother Seton
The first native-born American to be canonized.

Fr. Roger Landry: From Satanist to Saint
No matter how far away from the faith one is, there's always hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: Achieving Our Highest Aspiration
Blessed Bartolomé Marquez

Fr. Roger Landry: Hand-in-Hand in Heaven
Role models for Catholic married couples.

Fr. Roger Landry: Another Form of Heroism
"A lonely voice in the silence and darkness enveloping Europe."

Fr. Roger Landry: Living Up To Legitimate Expectations
Desire and need that people have for the pope to speak out in response to evil.

Fr. Roger Landry: Monsieur Vincent
A witness of how much good one person, impelled by God's love, can do.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Third Patron
The martyrdom of St. Lawrence.

Fr. Roger Landry: Restoring All Things in Christ
Pope St. Pius X

Fr. Roger Landry: The Face of the Good Samaritan
The story of soon-to-be Saint Damien of Molokai.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Lady's Holy Commander
Not only one of the greatest military heroes in the history of Portugal.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Way to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary
"A father and a mother who were more worthy of heaven than of earth."

Fr. Roger Landry: Imitating St. Paul As He Imitated Christ
We ask the Lord to give us a double portion of his zeal.

Fr. Roger Landry: An Unforgettable Feast
Devotion to him traverses centuries and it seems every Catholic ethnic group.

Fr. Roger Landry: The True Catholic Response to the Shoah
"He who changes one person changes the whole world."

Fr. Roger Landry: Following the Saints to Christ
That they may be distinguished by the same "fame" and fruits.

Fr. Roger Landry: Doctor of Maternal Love
St. Gianna showed in human, very modern terms, what that love really means.

Fr. Roger Landry: Paul VI's and the Church's Happy News
St. Peter's relics have been identified.

Fr. Roger Landry: Hidden Treasure
Where were St. Peter's bones and why were these other bones in his tomb?

Fr. Roger Landry: The Search for St. Peter's Bones
"Peter is here."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church Literally Built on Peter
St. Peter's basilica still represents the Church as a whole.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Penitent and True Poverello
The one saint on whom all religions can agree.

Fr. Roger Landry: Parish Priests, Too, Can Become Saints
Affecting the lives not only of his parishioners, but of men throughout the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Passover from Criminal to Saint
The one who was with Jesus on death row.

Fr. Roger Landry: True Devotion to St. Patrick
A much better way to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick is to imitate his virtues.

Fr. Roger Landry: Women Worthy of the Lord
Two of the most heroic saints in Church history.

Fr. Roger Landry: Icons of the Wisdom of Old Age
A model of courage and an unforgettable example of virtue.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Lady's Humble Broom
"They have put me back in my corner. I am happy there and stop there."

Fr. Roger Landry: Transforming Hard-to-Reach Young People
Don Bosco shows us a method of how to treat them that will work in every age.

Fr. Roger Landry: Precocious Sanctity
Holiness is for all ages.

Fr. Roger Landry: Apostle of Church Unity
He incarnates the fully Christian response.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Difference One Mother Can Make
Our Lady of Vocations.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Eagle Has Landed
Captured for us in his Gospel the divine and human natures of the infant we adore.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Just Man Who Named the Savior
Humble enough to sacrifice his own plans to fulfill God's plans.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Right Man for the Job
One of the most lovable examples of this divine pattern.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Great Introducer
A time to redouble our efforts to bring others into a closer relationship with God.

Fr. Roger Landry: The True Servant of the Crucified King
A dramatic illustration of why this feast was so needed.

Fr. Roger Landry: The First American in the Eternal Hall of Fame
Demonstrates for her fellow American citizens how to be true citizens of heaven.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Courageous Lion
The ability to defend and promote the faith in the midst of great challenges.

Fr. Roger Landry: God's Response to Scandal
Perhaps the greatest counter-reformation saint of them all.

Fr. Roger Landry: Saint of Hope in Desperate Situations
St. Jude not only intercedes for us, but gives us hope and shows us the way.

Fr. Roger Landry: Missionary Zeal Close to Home
The blood of the martyrs is indeed the seed of Christians.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Christian in Fact and Not Just in Name
One of the most heroic, influential and important saints of all time.

Fr. Roger Landry: Devoted Heralds of the Lord's Mercy
St. Faustina and St. Margaret Mary both not only spread this devotion but lived it.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Childlike Path to Christian Maturity
One of the Church's most treasured blossoms.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Living Image of Christ, Suffering and Risen
Of all recent saints, the one who has inspired the most devotion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Five Loaves, Two Fish… and God
May his example of giving the Lord the best he could inspire all of us.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Saint of Our Times and for Our Times
Take seriously her example and seek to imitate it in our personal circumstances.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Stages of Conversion and Sanctity
One of the greatest converts in the history of the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Tears That Made Two Saints
The greatest example of hagiographical hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Path of Greatest Love
"No one has greater love than to lay down his life for his friends."

Fr. Roger Landry: A Bride on the Cross
An occasion to become scientists of the Cross and its full redemptive power.

Fr. Roger Landry: Thinking Outside the Box… And Working Inside
The patron saint of parish priests, St. Jean-Marie Vianney.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Year of St. Paul
A grace-filled occasion for Catholics to get to know him much more deeply.

Fr. Roger Landry: Mission Accomplished
May she whose heart was like unto Mary's now rejoice among Mary in heaven.

Fr. Roger Landry: Following the Pilgrims
They didn't give up hope.

Mike Shaw: Peg Entwistle - Making an Impact in Hollywood
Tinseltown's most compelling stories are always off-screen.

Mike Shaw: First, They Came For The Truth
Just one more deception brought to you by the usual suspects.

Deal Hudson: Saint Malachi Predicts the Election of Pope Benedict XVI
Could it mean that the end is near?

Alfred Lagan: Free Trade and the Common Good
An open trade system is a more effective anti-poverty program.

John Zmirak: Blood in August - On Avoiding World War III
A War about Nothing.

Fr. George Rutler: Bent Juel-Jensen
None could have been more curious than his own.

John Zmirak: Bastille Day - Baptism by Blood
Explosion onto the world of ideologies that would poison the next two centuries.

Fr. George Rutler: Eric Lionel Mascall
The greatest living 13th-century theologian.

Mark Stricherz: August 1968 - The Roots of the Liberal Coup
How antiwar liberals overthrew what Lyndon Johnson called "the Catholic bosses."

Fr. George Rutler: Richmond Lattimore
"Always in the sight of all mankind your fame shall be great..."

Mark Stricherz: On Race and Class, Liberals Need a History Lesson
Fred Dutton, the campaign manager in 1968 for Bobby Kennedy.

Fr. George Rutler: William F. Buckley Jr.
God, family, and beauty are the core of life.

John Burger: Growing Up with Dietrich - A Conversation with John Henry Crosby
Dietrich von Hildebrand's work is enjoying something of a revival.

Fr. George Rutler: Dennis Clinton Graham Heiner
Expected to hear nothing but hate...but only heard love.

Joanna Bogle: London, 1947
The crowds exude, somehow, a sense of normality.

Gerald Russello: Waiting for Christmas With Hilaire Belloc
The Catholic apologist without apology.

Fr. George Rutler: Henry Hyde
"A powerful defender of life, a leading advocate for a strong national defense..."

Fr. George Rutler: Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
The 1930s were testing times for faithful Catholics in Austria.

Deal Hudson: Refuting the Attacks on Mother Teresa
Will make her "accessible" to more people.

Fr. George Rutler: James Charles Risk
Threw off the Calvinism that had shackled his youth and became a Catholic.

Fr. George Rutler: Maria Cristina Marconi
"So run that ye may obtain."

Fr. George Rutler: Robert Francis Wilberforce
Inherited much of that spark from the most religious and wittiest man in England.

Fr. George Rutler: Jerome Hines
Mentioned Christ to the Soviet secret police and smuggled Bibles into the Kremlin.

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