Catholic Commentary: Culture and Politics

Deal Hudson: "Put Out Into the Deep" and Vote!
"It is inconceivable to me how Catholics could support such policies."

Deal Hudson: Abp. Chaput Says 'Be a Catholic First'
Should be more serious about being Catholic than Republican or Democrat.

Deal Hudson: Exposing Biden's Lie About the HHS Mandate
The USCCB shirked its responsibility by leaving out Biden's name.

Deal Hudson: Substance and Smirks
Catholic countdown to the election 2012.

Deal Hudson: Prepare for Catholics for Obama Phone Calls
The scripts are written, their call centers are ready, and they're well-funded.

Deal Hudson: Five Things Every Catholic Politician Needs to Know
Progressives will attempt to paint budget concerns as "anti life."

Deal Hudson: Our Chief Obstacle to Catholic Political Participation
The "clerical frown."

Bud Macfarlane Sr.: The Slaughter of the Innocents by Contraception
Victory can only come through the brave and holy leadership of priests.

Bud Macfarlane Sr.: We Place Our Trust in You, Most Beloved Priests
All priests should ask for St. John Vianney's intercession.

Fr. Roger Landry: Acting on the Lessons of 9/11
Prayerfully ponder these lessons and recommit ourselves to acting on them anew.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Past and the Future of the United States of America
On no issue has he been more candid and challenging than that of immigration.

Fr. Roger Landry: Loving in the Truth Those Involved in the Gay Lifestyle
Three falsehoods that have come to the surface in the St. Cecilia's controversy.

Fr. Roger Landry: True Pastoral Care of Those with Same-Sex Attractions
Ponder the Church's teachings anew, more carefully and more prayerfully.

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding to the Crisis of Fatherhood
Failure to create expectations for fatherhood amounts to disaster.

John Zmirak: Ding Dong, the Warlock's Dead
How we, as Catholics, should greet such news.

George Weigel: Catholic Social Thought and the 2012 Election
What are the measures necessary to cure the disease?

Joanna Bogle: Divine Mercy, a Pope, a Wedding
It was an extraordinary weekend.

Robert Reilly: Five Composers in Three Days
Two contemporary composers whose music has been influenced by Sibelius.

David Warren: Libyan Quagmire
If it is a war, it meets none of the requirements — not even one.

Michael Barone: President Whatever Finds Things Not Going His Way
If Obamacare is so great, why are so many trying to get out from under it?

Ronald Rychlak: Teachers, Tenure, and Labor Unrest
Several interrelated issues that revolve around the nature of a teaching career.

George Weigel: Christians in the Middle East
The fate of ancient Christian communities throughout the Levant.

Danielle Bean: Six Rules for Facebook
It's not just teenagers who need Facebook rules.

George Weigel: Spanish Showdown
Ground Zero in the European contest between Catholicism and relativism.

Fr. James Schall: American Timidity?
Is U.S. Democracy just talk?

Gerald Russello: A Victory for Religious Freedom
A defense of the idea of religious liberty itself.

Stephen Hough: Ecstasy and Solitude - Franz Liszt's Journey of Contemplation
Christian contemplation is meant to be a love affair.

Deal Hudson: The 2012 Dark Horse?
Huntsman has a chance to define himself on the basis of a solid record.

George Weigel: Reforming Caritas International
Determined to reassert identity in global development and health-care efforts.

Ralph McInerny: On the Two Kinds of Writers
Perhaps the line of division is really not that sharp.

Robert Reilly: Lenten Musical Themes
Some of the great classical and contemporary treatments of Lenten themes.

Joseph Susanka: The Future of Film
The rumors of film's death have been greatly exaggerated.

John Zmirak: Visit the Prisoner
Maybe it isn't the smartest thing to take men and break their spirits.

George Weigel: The Church and the Unions
The common good requires sacrifices from all.

Deal Hudson: Ray Flynn - A Real Pro-Life Catholic Democrat
A man who speaks the truth to a society that doesn't want to hear it.

Elizabeth Hanna: It's Time to Get Rid of the Drinking Age
Prohibition turned drunkards into moonshiners, and we still haven't learned.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Courage and Commitment in Embracing the Cross
The type of witness who shows us the way to the fulfillment of the great hope.

Anthony Esolen: Benign Neglect or Calculated Malignity?
What have they done to warrant this treatment?

Deal Hudson: Digital Spirituality and the Pilgrim
The easy access of a digitalized world has created such a glut of choices.

Thomas Howard: Finding the Way In
A thunderous domain where language becomes the very avatar of bliss.

Deal Hudson: Duped by Civility
An apathetic nation allows the media to define the meaning of good and evil.

Ryan Barilleaux: How Catholics Commit Political Suicide
Is there a place for us in our nation's politics?

Robert Reilly: What I Do, and Why
To write about music, one must listen to it.

Brian Saint-Paul: Resisting Obamacare with the Interstate Compact
Member states would replace the intrusive federal law with its own.

Russell Shaw: Recovering a Catholic Subculture
American secular culture grows steadily more hostile to morality and faith.

Anne Husted Burleigh: Community - A Conversation with Wendell Berry
A central contributor to the growing renaissance of Christian culture.

David Warren: Understanding Media
The collapse of standards from within the trade.

Michael Baruzzini: Who Are You Calling "Anti-Science"?
Science is a force for good, but not when used blindly.

Dan Lord: What Is Fight Club?
"Hit me as hard as you can. In Christ, I will never fall."

Elizabeth Hanna: Explaining the Philosophy Major
"What are you going to do with that?"

Pierre Manent: Modern Individualism
Are we bound to accept the task contained in our situation as individuals?

Deal Hudson: Chris Matthews, John Allen, and Odious Comparisons
Trivialize the genuine threat these groups pose to human life and freedom.

John Zmirak: Wire Monkey Mother Nature
Implicit in the attitudes of contemporary Westerners are two fundamental heresies.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Astrophysics and Metaphysics
We are to be down to earth because earth is our home.

Fr. John McCloskey: Toward a More Just Economy
Where true freedom reigns and life is truly celebrated.

Jeffrey Tucker: What Is the New Statism?
Someone in a position to make a difference has at last done so.

John Zmirak: From Pat Buchanan to Rand Paul - What Have We Learned?
How can we avoid repeating the same idiocy?

Patrick Madrid: The Prophet of Hyde Park - Secrets of a Street-Corner Evangelist
Frank Sheed's life continues to be an example and an encouragement.

Robert Reilly: Musical America
Open your ears and give these American Classics the chance they deserve.

Deal Hudson: Egypt and the Loss of U.S. Prestige in the Middle East
A political revolution in its purest form.

Ralph McInerny: On Being a Catholic Writer
Not a falling away from an ideal, but the way to fulfill the ideal completely.

David Warren: Eye of the Fly
I often wonder what is wrong with us.

John Zmirak: Satan - A Tapeworm
The devil deserves no awe and should exert no fascination.

Jeff Gardner: And Now for Some Good News from Haiti...
In attacking the true source of poverty, FFP is onto something.

David Carlin: Long Live Absurdity
Maybe we made a mistake with our initial premise of privacy.

Ralph McInerny: Waiting for Spring
Among the basic metaphors of human life are the seasons.

Fr. Roger Landry: Thinking, Living and Embracing Life on the Digital Continent
An urgent summons not just for bishops but for the whole Church.

Thomas Howard: Newman and Lewis on the Limits of Education
What is the job of the university?

Ronald Rychlak: Remembering Sargent Shriver
One of the dwindling number of prominent pro-life liberals in the United States.

Michael Novak: The Love That Moves the Sun - Caritas and Capitalism
We must be careful to think realistically.

Ronald Rychlak: Natural Law from a Birmingham Jail
The turning point of the civil rights movement.

Deal Hudson: Tucson as an Object Lesson in Political "Reality"
Politics will always be more about the passions than reason.

Ralph McInerny: The Essential Tourist
What we find quaint is only the quotidian for the natives.

Alfred Lagan: Government Debt - Cure or Curse?
There is no longer a place to hide.

John Zmirak: Cain, Where Is Your Brother?
The year 2011 was born with the mark of Cain.

Anne Husted Burleigh: Within the Pale - The Making of Community
True community is in peril today.

Fr. James Schall: Knowledge Is Power
Only when we see its results do we go back and wonder about the principle.

David Carlin: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows
A lifelong Democrat who is now disillusioned with the Democratic Party.

John Zmirak: Frog-Marching Us into Sodom
My grimmest prediction has already come true. And it's only January 5.

Laurance Alvarado: A New Approach to the Social Concerns Ministry
More productive ways to help those in need.

Deal Hudson: Does the USCCB Understand Subsidiarity?
A good moment for all of us to take a fresh look at our founding documents.

Russell Shaw: He's No de Tocqueville
Reaction to Clifford Longley column on America and Catholic social doctrine.

Robert Reilly: 2010 in Music
Here, in brief, are treasures.

Deal Hudson: My New Year's Wish for President Obama
Opportunity to earn respect even from those who abhor his domestic policy.

Fr. James Schall: "A Raging Mirth"
Reflection on Chesterton's "A Child of the Snows."

Joseph Susanka: A Different Kind of Christmas Movie
The Shop around the Corner and The Bishop's Wife.

Terry Teachout: Hollywood Knows Him Not - Christmas Movies You Want to See
How do you evoke the spirit of Christmas without mentioning its source?

Deal Hudson: Bill Donohue Is Accused of Starting the Fight over Christmas
Annual effort to turn the Christmas holiday into a culture war battleground?

Brian Saint-Paul: Catholicism and Distance Education
Is the age of the university nearing its end?

Maria De Las Carreras Kuntz: Transformed by Love - The Films of Frank Borzage
One of the best kept secrets of the American cinema.

Gerald Russello: Back to the Woods
Recognition of Druids raises interesting issues for the future of the West.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Anglican Three Ring Circus
Diverse Anglican communion is bewildering, fascinating, and entertaining.

Maria De Las Carreras Kuntz: John Ford's America
A name that stands out bright in the history of American cinema.

Alfred Lagan: A New Economic Direction
Adoption of pro-growth policies should be a major part of the deficit-reduction.

John Coons: The Religious Rights of Children
The crucial right that society denies to children is that of autonomy.

Marjorie Campbell: My Security Suit
Get through most airport security without being groped, poked, and prodded.

Eve Tushnet: Mary, in the Glass Coffin of the Museum
The encounter with sublimity in art can leave us overwhelmed, speechless.

John Zmirak: A Time to Gloat
We must look for guidance to men who see further and deeper than we.

Robert Reilly: Viva Criminalità, Viva Italia
Another crime spree of reviews of new CDs and an opera, all from Italy.

Chuck Piola: Raising Men - 100 Years of the Boy Scouts of America
Where young men can practice becoming adults.

Deal Hudson: A Tea Party Thanksgiving
A post-racial society better than President Obama in the White House.

Zoe Romanowsky: The Church and the Stage
A conversation with The Storm Theater's Artistic Director Peter Dobbins.

Deal Hudson: Mere Taste
The value of cultivating and encouraging good taste is no "mere" luxury.

Anthony Esolen: The Forgotten Freedom
"I am a human being and am tired of being robbed of my humanity."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Courage to Combat Violence Done in the Name of Islam
It's no longer a time for words, but for decisive action.

John Zmirak: Is the Only Good Muslim a Bad Muslim?
A debate between two of the best writers on religion.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: "Stand Erect and Raise Your Heads"
Come what may, God reigns.

Peter Kreeft: The Cybernetics of Liberalism
You Might Be a Liberal If...

Deal Hudson: Politics, Culture, or the Church?
There is nothing particularly wrong with stating the spiritually obvious...

David Carlin: Having a Frank Conversation About Race
There is almost no significant racism left in the United States.

John Zmirak: A Thumb in Leviathan's Eye
This week's election gives us some hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: Voting a Truly Informed Catholic Conscience
How we vote is sign of what we value most.

Deal Hudson: Will the CCHD Keep Its Promises?
Many Catholics worry that the reform proposals will change nothing.

Dan Lord: The Fun of Fear
Is it good to feel scared?

Robert Reilly: Oktoberfest
An act of musical justice.

Deal Hudson: Understanding "Incivility"
Is the religious right uncivil?

Joop Koopman: Theology of the Corporation
A conversation with Michael Novak.

Armstrong Williams: It's Time to Change the Tone
Civility and respect have lost their way in our nation.

Fr. Roger Landry: Miracle at the Mine
One of the most moving and uplifting moments the world has seen in years.

John Zmirak: Trojan Horsemeat
The "reasonable" proposals made by "reformers" are really a Trojan horse.

Arturo Vasquez: Borders that Unite
People who want to feed their families and find a better life.

David Warren: Re-Inheriting the "Disinherited Mind"
The finest agnostic minds expound the case against their own agnosticism.

Deal Hudson: Obama's Healthcare Bill Contains Abortion Funding
An accounting trick that still violates the Hyde Amendment.

Ronald Rychlak: A New Pledge of Allegiance Controversy
The right to speak or to remain silent.

John Zmirak: Calling Their Bluff
A ready response to ecological alarmists.

Deal Hudson: The False Charge of "Politicizing the Church"
The potential of a Catholic Tea Party is rooted in the commitment to orthodoxy.

Anthony Esolen: Woman of Leisure
What is this life for, after all?

John Zmirak: The Real Seamless Garment
"Don't Tread On Me!"

Michael Novak: Nine Perversions of Multiculturalism
A profound betrayal of the fundamental principles of the new ethnicity.

Robert Reilly: "Inside" Outside for Mahler and Mozart
London: The greatest city for music in the world.

John Zmirak: "Man Is a Featherless Biped"
In defense of G. K. Chesterton.

Russell Shaw: The Problem of Secrecy
Secrecy is an obstacle even to the discussion of secrecy.

Paul Evans: Novels to Keep Satan at Bay
Try them all; each is life-changing.

Deal Hudson: The Catholic Tea Kettle Continues to Boil
The patience of many of the lay faithful is running out.

John Zmirak: First Thing... Let's Kill All the Housecats
The inevitable outcome of Reason deprived of Faith.

David Carlin: Quasi-Religions
How are we to avoid despair in a world in which we have embraced agnosticism?

Fr. Roger Landry: Necessary Distinctions and Conversations
There was something important missing in all the censorious commentary.

Anne Hendershott: Fake Catholic Groups Change Tactics
It will become much harder for the con to continue.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Catholic Resistance to State-Encouraged Atheism
How are we to respond to this attempt to organize societies without God?

Mark Shea: Jesus Loves You; Caesar and Mammon, Not So Much
It's time Catholics began to try thinking outside the box again.

Fr. James Schall: On the Reading of Books
Strange that there should be so little reading in the world and so much writing.

Marjorie Campbell: Take Mother Teresa for Example
A female for other females to consider as they search for role models.

John Zmirak: Say No to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque
If we let them build it, 9/11 will have been the victory that they think it was.

Deal Hudson: The USCCB and Cultural Diversity
A cultural competency standard is now being applied to various ministries.

Jennifer Kimball: Protecting Our Most Basic Right
True freedom is not to be confused with freedom from responsibility.

Thomas Howard: The Other Inkling
It was his novels that gained him a modest measure of fame.

Robin Maas: Caryll Houselander - An Appreciation
Voice of a powerful woman who has come to terms with Holy Mother Church.

Danielle Bean: Why Taylor Swift Matters
The lyrics that are written on every girl's heart.

Ronald Rychlak: The Imam at Ground Zero
Rauf should carefully consider his options at this point.

Mark Shea: We're Out and We're Stout!
"It turns out that we are larger than we realized!"

Robert Reilly: Playing Catch-Up
New CDs that are more than worth a listen.

Deal Hudson: Israel and Palestine Give the Two-State Solution Another Look
Peace talks have become ritualized face-saving gestures for all parties concerned.

Jeffrey Tucker: Why Catholics Don't Understand Economics
It's almost as if the entire subject is outside their field of intellectual vision.

Mark Shea: It's Time You People Confronted Your Obesophobia
"Tolerance is not enough. You must love what I love..."

David Warren: Universities - Who Needs 'Em?
Is the time approaching to start over from the monastery again?

F. H. Buckley: Where Are the "Guys" of Yesteryear?
The fascination with first names is a way of devaluing last names.

Steve Skojec: Discovery in the Desert
A place rich in Catholic tradition.

Mary Jo Anderson: Can Europe Survive Its Population Plunge?
Each generation is barely half the number of the preceding one.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: What St. Benedict Can Teach You About Business
We'd be wise to imitate the Benedictine way of life.

Brian Saint-Paul: When Islam Abandoned Reason
What happened to Islamic civilization?

John Zmirak: Should We Tolerate Intolerance?
"The only good Muslim is a bad Muslim..."

Robert Reilly: This Just In - Civilization Ends
Why this is a Weimar moment.

Fr. Bruno Shah: We Have to Drill More Deeply
There's a much greater question at stake.

Cord Hamrick: On Guns and Government Authority
Rights come from intrinsic human dignity, which comes from God.

John Zmirak: Let's Admit the Worst about Each Other
Clear away the nonsense that takes up most of the time in political arguments.

Alfred Lagan: The Right Stuff
Confidence is needed for the economy to achieve its potential.

Deal Hudson: A Common Friend to Both - A Visit with Archbishop Chacour
"We don't need anyone else to become the enemy of the Jews or the Arabs."

Robert Reilly: Summer Potpourri
There is much to catch up on for your summer listening pleasure.

Marjorie Campbell: The New Sexual Predator
Girls suffer no consequence for bullying their male peers.

John Zmirak: A Pink Cloud Hangs Over Britain
Why should the pope wear protective breathing gear?

David Warren: Decline and Fall
Some things are never entirely lost, even in this world.

Ronald Rychlak: On Handguns and the Constitution
One has to wonder about the impact of the McDonald decision.

Peter Wolfgang: Reverend Kevin Gray and Me
Managed to fool me, my friend, and scores of other serious, faithful laypeople.

Deal Hudson: A Catholic Governor Embraces Subsidiarity
An opportunity to reflect on the longer view of a Catholic in politics.

Anne Hendershott: Another Betrayal in Connecticut
Another opportunity to weaken our Church.

Gerald Russello: What's Right with the World
As important to know what is right with the world as it is to know what is wrong.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Reckless Gamble
The lure of big casino jackpots can blind individuals to reality.

Dana Gioia: Brother Beat
A legacy still too little known, even by Catholics.

John Zmirak: From Europe to Eurabia
Shaping immigration policy for the Church around the world.

Deal Hudson: Are We at a Moment Before the Deluge?
An apt description of where our nation stands on its 234th birthday.

Thomas Howard: Real and Imagined Stories
What is this weight that seems to attach itself to that merely imaginary world?

Wolfgang Grassl: Loss of Language, Loss of Thought
Words have long lost their meaning and have become arbitrary sounds or icons.

Jason Boffetti: Tolkien's Catholic Imagination
Readers will find a "Catholic Middle-earth" by looking at his motivations.

Benjamin Wiker: The Anti-Federalists, the Oil Spill, and the Catholic Church
The most important political lesson is both conservative and Catholic.

John Zmirak: Creator Red in Tooth and Claw?
Really outrageous ideas that once threatened the Christian world.

Fr. Roger Landry: Ending Anonymous Fatherhood
Issues flow from this confusion and anxiety about their origins.

Ronald Rychlak: Tweeting about an Execution
The impact the death penalty has on the executed and the executioner.

Robert Reilly: Hidden Melodies
A hidden history of classical music.

Armstrong Williams: Building the Perfect Terrorist
An adversary must be understood before he can be overcome.

Benjamin Wiker: Why You Must Vote
Restore the moral, pre-political foundations of this nation

John Rossomando: The Founders and the Separation of Church and State
What that separation means and how it should be interpreted and applied.

Jeffrey Tucker: What Are Just Prices?
We all have strange and contradictory wishes concerning what prices should be.

Jeffrey Tucker: Cooperation - How a Free Market Benefits Everyone
The most important idea in the history of social analysis.

Jeffrey Tucker: The Trouble with Child Labor Laws
Forbidden by law from earning wages from their expertise.

Jeffrey Tucker: How Free Is the "Free Market"?
The ideal we should seek, even if it has a name that is wildly unpopular.

Joe Hargrave: Catholics and the Tea Party Movement
The fight against moral corruption as a matter of preserving liberty.

Jeffrey Tucker: Hollywood's Workers and Peasants
Threatening to withhold their talents pending an end to exploitation.

Mark Stricherz: The Democrat who Created Catholic Republicans
Turned millions of them into Reagan Democrats.

Fr. Roger Landry: Repairing the Wounds
Focus on needed revisions to the Health Care Reform.

Raymond Wray: Rousing Spirits - Inside Haitian Voodoo
The role it plays in this traditionally Catholic country.

Mark Stricherz: The Death of the Bobby Kennedy Coalition
Represented the future of the Democratic Party.

Mark Stricherz: A Terrible Misunderstanding - How the Polls Distort Roe v. Wade
The vast majority of media polling is deeply flawed.

Mark Stricherz: Should Catholics Like Mike?
The most "Catholic" candidate since Bobby Kennedy.

Mark Shea: Technological Messianism
The single most influential member of the New Media.

Mark Shea: The New York Times' Latest Double Standard
While Christians impose their religion, scientists have no agenda at all.

Mark Shea: Some Advice for Moderate Muslims
"We must deal with the violence in our tradition, or it will destroy us."

Benjamin Wiker and Jonathan Witt: Pope Benedict and Nature's Genius
The glory of God shows through His creation.

Mark Shea: The Traditions of Men
This is when things got weird.

Robert Reilly: Merry May Music
These works are full of exquisite moments.

Mark Shea: The Future Isn't What It Used to Be
Only the Church progresses, because only the Church is going somewhere.

Mark Shea: The Gospel of Ann Coulter
Ann, Ann, Ann. Stick to politics.

Mark Shea: Our Crybaby Culture
Every couple of days it seems somebody falls apart due to "insensitivity."

Russell Shaw: The Weathercock and the Mystic
The prophetic friendship of Orestes Brownson and Isaac Hecker.

George Pieler and Jens Laurson: More Biebls in the Classroom
Secular sanitization of so much modern schooling falsifies history.

Alice Von Hildebrand: Civilization and Culture at War
True culture can only blossom in a world steeped in reverence...

Brian Saint-Paul: A Conversation with "The Skeptical Environmentalist"
A statistician's look at the environment.

Brian Saint-Paul: The Crescent and the Gun - Islam and Violence
The problem is not in the Koran itself but in those who are free to twist it.

Deal Hudson: Can the Bishops Fix the Health Care Bill?
The Protect Life Act prevents federal funding for abortion or abortion coverage.

Ronald Rychlak: Boston College Versus the U.S. Military
The Catholic Church is frequently targeted by gay-rights activists.

Michael Dougherty: Justice for the Abused?
The Church in Connecticut is right to oppose this bill.

Robert Griffin: Theocracy U.S.A.
Salt Lake has two sides to every story.

Gerald Russello: The Next Battle for Religious Freedom
There is not, and was never intended to be, a "wall" between church and state.

Benedict Rogers: Untouchable - The Human Face of India's Caste System
Caste discrimination has dominated India.

Benedict Rogers: Faith Unbroken - The Christians of Burma
Among the six worst violators of religious freedom.

Robert Reilly: New American Classical Music
All this music needs to succeed is an audience; it will do the rest.

Robert Reilly: More on American Classical Music
The struggle is over; tonality has triumphed, and with it melody.

Robert Reilly: The Mess in Kosovo
Its consequences will be far-reaching and harmful.

Robert Reilly: What You Need to Know About Modern American Music
Why so much modern music is unknown.

Jeff Walton: Episcopal/Catholic Conversion Is a Two-Way Street
The Episcopal Church is pleased to welcome anyone -- and their baggage, too.

Robert Reilly: Christmas Stocking
All I want for Christmas is more CDs.

Robert Reilly: Thanksgiving Bounty
It is still fall, and there is a lot to harvest.

Robert Reilly: International Treasures
Did you ever hear a dream?

Fr. Roger Landry: Remember, O America!
We need to recall our own history of being indigent in other lands.

Robert Reilly: Fall Harvest
The golden age for classical music lovers.

Robert Reilly: Faith in Music
Musicians are as close to God as men can be.

Robert Reilly: Iraq - The Stakes
Some background to help assess the fallout from the forces that are at play.

Eric Pavlat: Tolkien and the Silver Age of Comics
True escapism won't work unless there's a destination one wants to escape to.

Eric Pavlat: The Dignity of Man and the Indignity of Torture
Torture violates the dignity of the tortured as well as the torturer.

Eric Pavlat: Superhuman - The Uncharted Territory of Transhumanism
New technologies always bring new ethical dilemmas.

Michael Novak: Crumbling Foundations - Why the Family Is Crucial to Civilization
If it is allowed to fade into eclipse, it may well prove fatal to our civilization.

Alia Nardini: Who Are the Neoconservatives?
An interview with Michael Novak.

Bishop John Nienstedt: The Family Planning Agenda of the United Nations' Millenial Goals
Questions regarding overpopulation have concerned the UN since its inception.

Maureen Martin: News You Might Believe
"Priest with Annulment Charism Starts Lay Movement"

Deal Hudson: Toning Down the Immigration Debate among Catholics
Pelosi wants help from the bishops.

Ellen Lukas: How the UN Is Exploiting the Population Issue
The doomsayers were at least partially right.

Sheila Liaugminas: Media Bias - The State of the Problem
We need to claim what we are and what we believe.

Irene Lagan: Today's Abolitionists
The modern day Good Samaritans.

Deal Hudson: Nation's Top Pro-Life Judicial Activist Speaks Out on John McCain
In light of criticism from prominent conservatives and radio show hosts.

Deal Hudson: Why I Don't Trust Mitt Romney
His record on the campaign trail only corroborates my concerns.

Deal Hudson: Senator Brownback on the Case for John McCain
His surprising choice and endorsement.

Deal Hudson: Campaign 2008 - A Conversation with John McCain
Immigration, the Baptist church, and the role of faith in the voting booth.

Anthony Esolen: Sewage Detox
We are the hypocrites, flooding our own homes and schools with filth.

Deal Hudson: University of St. Thomas Snubs Archbishop
It's puzzling that Archbishop Flynn went along with it.

Deal Hudson: Bishops Say Immigrants' Needs Come Before Border Security
The bishops' "Justice for Immigrants" program.

Deal Hudson: Muzzling the Bishops With "Civility"
It must not come at the expense of our bishops speaking the truth.

Deal Hudson: Why the Democrats Are Blue - A Conversation with Mark Stricherz
"The greatest untold story in American politics."

Deal Hudson: Love Where There Could Have Been Hate
We all find it hard to forgive.

Deal Hudson: Can Fred Thompson Win Over Religious Conservatives?
Religious conservatives are not the type of voters disposed toward compromise.

Tom Hoopes: Seven Mistakes Movies Make
The mistakes of a post-religious culture.

Anne Hendershott: The Politics of Higher Education
Limiting the influence of orthodox Catholic leaders on its campus.

Ronald Rychlak: Responding to the Oil Spill
People need power, and people need a clean environment.

Benjamin Wiker: Gentleman's Astronomy
What men need is a good deal more gentling, in the best manly sense.

Michael Foley: Four and a Half Kinds of Catholic Film
Good film can even tell the truths proclaimed by the Catholic Church.

Harold Fickett: Three Pastors - Life, Death, and Religion in Muslim Iran
The sacrifice has not been in vain, despite the church's underground status.

Anthony Esolen: Culture of Divorce, Culture of Death
Divorce destroys a world; it smothers an echo of Eden.

Joan Frawley Desmond: Weighing Doubt
One playwright's measured look at the crisis in the Catholic church.

John Burger: Funding the Jesus Seminar
Effective in spreading its Bad News and in undermining the faith of believers.

Sue Ellin Browder: Why Condoms Will Never Stop AIDS in Africa
There's no cure for this killer, and no end in sight.

Louis Bolce and Gerald De Maio: Have the Democrats Lost Their Faith?
Belief that the Democratic Party is a friend of religion is sharply eroding.

Joanna Bogle: Do Catholic Schools Have a Future in Britain?
Help renew them while there is still time.

Joanna Bogle: Will There Always Be an England?
Its people are not quite sure anymore of what they represent as a nation.

Joanna Bogle: Anti-Catholic Nastiness in England
It has become routine to hear crass and vulgar attacks on the Church.

Deal Hudson: Sr. Carol Keehan Misrepresents Her Support of the Health-Care Bill
Her denial of the abortion funding is either incredibly naïve or disingenuous.

William Cardinal Keeler: Remembering Johnny Unitas
He lived that belief and hope in a life full of love for his family.

Robert Barker: Judging the United States by Foreign Law
One of the most important controversies in constitutional law today.

Mary Jo Anderson: Suffer the Children - The Disaster of "Talking about Touching"
A controversial safety education program designed for children.

John Zmirak: Welcome the Stranger
What would it mean to take this biblical mandate seriously?

Todd Aglialoro: The Mormon's Postmortem - Five Reasons Why Romney Lost
What those reasons might tell us about the future of Republican conservatism.

Deal Hudson: Remember the Palestinians
Slowly, little by little, the fabric of life is being torn apart.

Armstrong Williams: Why Evangelicals Support Israel
Israel is not just necessary to the return of Christ, it is essential to it.

Robert Reilly: Signs of Spring
Focusing mostly on delightful music this month.

Paul Voss: How Catholic Was Shakespeare?
Catholic imagination allows for great art, music, and literature to flourish.

Joe Hargrave: Catholic Anti-Americanism
Is America incompatible with the Catholic Church?

Arturo Vasquez: The Menace of Botanicas
Remedy that would benefit the entire Church - stronger dose of Catholicism.

Maria De Las Carreras Kuntz: The Catholic Vision of Frank Capra
Capra's cinema reminds us that life is a gift to be treasured.

Michael Dougherty: Hans Kung's Long Goodbye
Between now and his obituary, he has only the op-ed pages.

John Zmirak: The Rigorist Menace to Faith
The threats to the Church don't always arise where you expect them.

David House: A Magnificent Restoration
Those who care about real higher education should not give up in despair.

Robert Reilly: This Just In......
The end is near, as the signs used to say.

Mark Shea: Media Distractions
Can we rely on the MSM for total accuracy and defense of the truth?

Anthony Esolen: The State Scores Again
The transformation of the relationship between the individual and the state.

Deal Hudson: Too Many Catholics on the Supreme Court?
The media starts noting religious affiliation now that Catholics predominate.

Jennifer Roche: Green Asceticism
Involvement in today's ecological solutions may present a positive force.

Alfred Lagan: Milestones in a Declining Economy
It helps to revisit past events, especially in the financial industry.

Mark Shea: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Catholics must not complain about this.

Richard Bastien: Why Attack the Pope?
The media attack has nothing to do with moral outrage.

Deal Hudson: Are the Bishops 'Advancing the Republican Agenda'?
Many regard the bishops' pro-life effort as partisan, rather than Christian.

Robert Reilly: Music for the Via Dolorosa
Our Partner is waiting; He wants to dance.

Deal Hudson: Why Do the Media Hate the Church?
What's the source of the animus?

Mark Shea: Wielding Our Little Tridents
Just some unsettling Holy Week musings.

Deal Hudson: Why Catholics Should Work to Repeal the Health Care Bill
A pledge has already been signed by 64 members of Congress.

Mark Tooley: My Evening with Bishop John Shelby Spong
And so he builds his own legend.

Deal Hudson: Father Groeschel Reflects on the Healthcare Vote
When the anger wanes, hope will remain. Therein lies our future.

John Zmirak: Pass the Soylent Green
We're combining socialist coercion with corporate greed and price-fixing.

Deal Hudson: Bart Stupak Failed Us
Another example of why our young people view politics cynically.

Fr. Roger Landry: Too High a Cost, Too Great a Loss
The opposition of the U.S. bishops to the present plan for health care reform.

Armstrong Williams: How Not to Imitate Detroit
America must adapt to the changing economic environment.

Deal Hudson: Fifty-Nine Thousand Nuns Oppose the Bishops on Health Care
"Don't mess with nuns!"

Deal Hudson: The Failure of the Bishops' Healthcare Bill Strategy
The USCCB is running out of time to get tough.

Fr. Roger Landry: Denial and Deception
Why the Catholic bishops of our country are insisting that revisions be made.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Bishops Must Change Health Care Strategy
It should be clear that there is no good will toward their concerns.

David Carlin: Same-Sex Marriage and the Voice of Nature
A similar voice stood in the way of universal acceptance of abortion.

Deal Hudson: Why There Is No Church Teaching on the Health Care Bill
But there is a position being taken by the bishops' conference.

Fr. Roger Landry: Repairing the Damage, 50 Years Later
Let's hope that Archbishop Chaput's Houston speech has an impact for good.

Deal Hudson: Portrait of a Pro-Life Catholic from Down Under
Cory Bernardi, a pro-life Catholic senator from South Australia.

Robert Reilly: From Classical to No-Later-than-Late Romantic
Music spanning the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Deal Hudson: Catholics Organize to Promote Gay Marriage
Catholic doctrine is not defined by polling -- not yet, anyway.

David Warren: Virtues of Restraint
A time to consider the many things that we could live without.

Deal Hudson: Why Tom Golisano Believes in Ave Maria University
Generous philanthropist donated $4 million to pro-life university.

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding to the Crisis of Faith and Truth on Catholic Campuses
More students on Catholic campuses changing for the worse than for the better.

Deal Hudson: Will the Government Take Over the Internet?
Obama administration wants control with its support of "net neutrality."

Joanna Bogle: Runnymede and Freedom
Authentic freedom is not about slogans but is rooted in truth.

Deal Hudson: Why I Signed the CCHD Petition
Enough questionable grantees in recent years to raise a red flag.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Vindication of Abstinence-Only Sex Education
Sexual education without an abstinence message simply doesn't work.

Deal Hudson: Is It Time for a Catholic Tea Party?
There are some matters where they can speak out without acting in disobedience.

Jennifer Pierce: Chesterton Was Fat
Was he a glutton?

David Carlin: Debating 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Should Congress go along with the request to repeal the policy?

Robert Reilly: Music Redivivus
The next time you hear American culture reviled, reach for these CDs.

David Warren: The Need for Dialogue
It is not always easy to live under Islamic rule or influence.

Fr. Roger Landry: Taking Back the People's Seats from Monopoly Rule
Brown's victory has even more pronounced statewide implications.

Deal Hudson: Obama Fails to Seize the Opportunity of His Big Night
Obama needed his speech to rekindle the enthusiasm for his leadership.

John Zmirak: The Generosity of Tolkien
The generosity of artists may yet work our redemption.

Mark Shea: Another Pyrrhic Victory for the Pro-Life Movement
Elect pro-aborts — as long as they're also pro-torture.

Deal Hudson: Why Is the Obama Administration Going Soft on Iran Sanctions?
The human cost could far exceed that of any sanctions on petroleum.

Michael Foley: Catholics and the Law
Catholics have more reasons than ever to worry about the future of the law.

Deal Hudson: Virginia Catholics Take Up Arms against Obamacare
Leading the resistance against the encroaching power of the Obama White House.

Ronald Rychlak: Of Security and Human Institutions
Missed clues are all too common.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Politicians Supporting Same-Sex Marriage Legislation
Citizens appear to be on the side of the bishops, not the dissenters in Congress.

Mark Shea: Spike and Hitch
Christians who think he is somehow on "their side" are fooling themselves.

Deal Hudson: Catholics Lead Abortion Funding Effort in Congress
Health-care reform is the opportunity they have been hoping for.

Deal Hudson: U.S. Catholic Editor Chides My 'Clumsy Argument'
It's not a question of balance but of priorities.

Robert Reilly: 2009 - A Good Year for Music
The best recordings I have heard in the past several months.

Deal Hudson: Interpreting Bart Stupak
Stupak is the Catholic Politician Who "Gets It."

Deal Hudson: An Anti-Nativity Scene in the Bleak Midwinter
Senators will vote to provide funding for abortion in the name of "preventive care."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Solution, Not the Problem
Others are not our "competition," or the problem, but the solution.

David Warren: Spilt Religion
The "meaning of Christmas" needs to be recovered in our time.

Deal Hudson: To Bart Stupak, On the Eve of Battle
"Your resolve and leadership is going to be tested..."

Russell Shaw: Coercive Measures
A powerful force in the media and politics in today's United States.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Noble Nobel Address
There are five reasons Catholic Americans should appreciate his discourse.

Mark Shea: Celebrating Advent in a Culture of Fear
The penitential psalms of Advent are God's way of saying there is hope for us.

Deal Hudson: Fake Catholic Groups Working Overtime for Healthcare Bill
Warning Catholics not to get too hung up on things like federal funding of abortion.

Gerald Russello: 'Chickens Have No Myths'
The Catholic writers of this period engaged the modern world through faith.

Deal Hudson: The Bishops Have a Second Reason for Opposing the Healthcare Bill
The bishops have two good reasons for turning from "allies into adversaries."

Danielle Bean: Bunkers and Boundaries
Is it any of my business?

Ronald Rychlak: Trying Terrorists in Civilian Courtrooms
Trials are about deciding guilt and innocence, not sending a message.

Mark Shea: Israel and Judah
I am not on anybody's side, because nobody is on my side.

Robert Reilly: Carl Rütti's Requiem
A major contribution to the repertory with his new Requiem.

David Carlin: Our Society's Common Values
If a society is going to hold together, it needs a values consensus.

Fr. Roger Landry: "Completely Unacceptable" and "An Enormous Disappointment"
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's health care reform bill.

Armstrong Williams: Finding Gratitude in Difficult Times
It is our faith that brings us true happiness and peace.

Mark Shea: Rush Limbaugh and the Right's Tortured Conscience
Limbaugh has done nothing but cheerlead for torture.

David Warren: Charities
The welfare state is at a dead end, and soon the Church must resume her labors.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic in Practice and Not Just in Name
They can no longer support the destruction of innocent human life in the womb.

Deal Hudson: CCHD Responds to Its Critics and Chicago Responds to Its Own
Fighting back against the effort encouraging Catholics to ignore the collection.

Deal Hudson: Abortion, Healthcare, and the President's Priorities
The "status quo" argument continues to be used by Obama.

Marjorie Campbell: No Freaking Way
We need education within the Catholic community in Theology of the Body 101.

Fr. Roger Landry: Naming and Shaming Anti-Catholicism
The Archbishop's article is noteworthy for several reasons.

Deal Hudson: How the Stupak-Pitts Amendment May Change Our Politics
May have altered the direction of the Obama presidency and Democratic Party.

John Zmirak: Andy Warhol's Art of Sloth
No man in history could equal Andy Warhol for turning crap into cash.

Mark Shea: See No Evil
A spectacular display of deliberate willed stupidity by media culture.

Barbara Nauer: Boomer Religion
Rich in irony and vaguely distressing.

Archbishop Raymond Burke: Reflections on the Struggle to Advance the Culture of Life
The struggle is fierce and the contrary forces are many and clever.

Thomas Howard: Rethinking the Global Village
What, exactly, is the footing on which we will raise the new world?

Deal Hudson: Another 'John Paul II' Catholic Runs for Congress
Brian Rooney is not afraid to defend unborn life and the family.

Deal Hudson: A New Grassroots Political Organization Makes Its Mark
Ralph Reed and the Faith & Freedom Coalition

Mark Shea: Our Culture's Sacred Stories
We are tempted to elevate them to the altar and confuse them with Word of God.

Deal Hudson: Bethlehem University Student Deported to Gaza
She has not been accused of being a security threat and has committed no crime.

Joseph Susanka: Beyond 'Happily Ever After'
A quick sampling of those films that are particularly noteworthy.

Deal Hudson: USCCB Clarifies Its Position on the Regulation of Hate Speech
Will the "So We Might See" coalition drop their allegations against Limbaugh?

Robert Reilly: Fall Amble
One cannot listen without exclaiming: Hail Britannia!

Deal Hudson: USCCB Partners an Effort to Investigate Rush Limbaugh's "Hate Speech"
An obvious attempt to undermine the influence of conservative talk radio.

John Zmirak: The Vanity of Ayn Rand
An Olympic-level practitioner of the Deadly Sin.

Fr. Roger Landry: Holding the President and the Reformers Accountable
This is a critical time for Catholics to work together to formulate solutions.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Public Line in the Sand
They will have "no choice" but to "oppose the health care bill vigorously."

Deal Hudson: The Stupid Party May Learn a Lesson in Upstate New York
The more voters know Scozzafava, the less they support her.

Deal Hudson: Obama's Nominee for EEOC Promotes Polygamy and Homosexuality
A powerful perch from which to pursue her "new strategic vision."

David Warren: The Horrors
Why then should we be surprised to discover that this is the truth?

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: The Task of the Catholic Medical Professional
A struggle that will shape the character of our society in the decades to come.

Deal Hudson: Why Catholics Should Take a Position on the Hate-Crimes Bill
Could religious leaders be subject to prosecution based on their preaching?

Deal Hudson: Why A "Public Option" Will Lead to Abortion Coverage
Let's hope and pray the bishops can prevail in eliminating abortion coverage.

Fr. Roger Landry: Change for the Better, Part II
Principles of Catholic social teaching and health care reform.

Fr. Roger Landry: Change for the Better, Part I
Principles for an authentic health care reform.

Patrick Reilly: The State of Catholic Higher Education
Each of the new colleges is unique and offers something special to families.

Fr. James Schall: The Absurdity of War
War is not simply "absurd." Not thinking about it surely is.

Sandra Miesel: Mothering God
There can never be too much reverence for Mary's call to mother God.

Ronald Rychlak: Legal Lessons from the Polanski Case
Justice should be blind. The Polanski case may reveal whether it is.

Peter Freeman: Civic Engagement 101
Civic engagement can be anything but civil or impartial.

Deal Hudson: Newt Gingrich and the Pope
His forthcoming documentary, Nine Days That Changed the World.

Fr. Roger Landry: Goal Posts of Acceptable Health Care Reform
It is to look at the proposed reforms through the light of the Catholic faith.

Deal Hudson: A University of Dallas Alumnus Sets His Sights on Congress
May well be joining the new wave of pro-life Catholic members of Congress.

Robert Reilly: Autumn Treats
A catch-up effort on months of new releases that beg for attention.

John Zmirak: Baptism Is Not an Economics Degree
Let's keep in mind that part of loving our neighbor...

Anthony Esolen: A Village Called Wakefield
An expression of Catholic culture you would remember till the day you died.

David Carlin: Health Care and Resentment
The great national controversy is about something more than health care.

Deal Hudson: Charity, Civility, and Speaking the Truth
"The courage to look truth in the eye and call things by their common names."

Russell Shaw: Polarization and the Church
For this we largely have Barack Obama to thank.

Fr. Roger Landry: Lessons To Be Learned
The funeral and the controversies it engendered.

Deal Hudson: Playing the Race Card and the Sin of Slander
Charges of racism against critics of the Obama administration.

Deal Hudson: Canadian Priest Accuses Pro-Lifers of Hatred and Bullying
Calls them agents of "division, destruction, vitriol, judgment, and violence."

Alice von Hildebrand: Debating Beauty - Jacques Maritain and Dietrich von Hildebrand
Their approach to aesthetics was vastly different.

Ronald Rychlak: The Health-Care Debate from Overseas
British do not like having their system held up as an example of what not to do.

Deal Hudson: Obama Tries to Save Healthcare Reform... and His Presidency
Failed to clear the air about the moral issue at the heart of health care.

Anthony Esolen: A Lot of Sound, No Music
The reasons why such a movie could not now be made.

Fr. James Schall: On Never Being Correct
It reminds us that we do not ourselves make all the rules of our living.

Deal Hudson: When Should Catholics "Call a Spade a Spade"?
This question has arisen over the reactions to the funeral of Sen. Kennedy.

Fr. George Rutler: Speaking Well of the Dead
If eulogies are not sensibly stopped, I do hope they will be more precise.

Fr. Roger Landry: Senator Kennedy's Legacy
"The cowardly lion of the Senate."

Joe Hargrave: Practical Distributism - Looking at the CRA
A challenge to overcome the "market-plus-State" model.

Deal Hudson: The Problems with Government-Run Healthcare
Hopeful that Congress will consider keeping medical care private.

William Park: The Fifty Best Catholic Movies of All Time
The best religious films convey the great truths of Christianity implicitly.

Ronald Rychlak: Socialist Propaganda against the Church
A frontal assault heard on British radio.

Fr. Roger Landry: Health Care, Fabrications and Religious Freedom
Concern with respect to the health care reforms being proposed in Washington.

David Carlin: The Racism Myth
People still contend that the United States remains a terribly racist country.

Deal Hudson: "People Don't Know What Insurance Is"
The key to a workable alternative to government-run health care...

Deal Hudson: A Prince of Darkness Heads Toward the Light
The Church lost one of its most powerful voices in American culture and media.

Fr. Roger Landry: Champion of the Dignity of All God's Children
A testimony to how much of a difference one person can make.

Deal Hudson: A Workable Alternative to Government-Run Healthcare
More than one way to achieve the goal of universal access to health care.

Robert Reilly: Is Music Sacred?
There is something special about music...

Deal Hudson: Why Are the Bishops Forcing the Issue of Healthcare?
Now is the time when Catholics should not trust the United States government.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Environmentalism
Essential for the integral development of the human person and society.

Deal Hudson: The Risks of a "Right" to Healthcare
Health care as a human right is muddled and, therefore, dangerous.

Robert Reilly: The BBC Proms
A series of summer concerts held at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Ronald Rychlak: Burqas in Britain
One of the big issues under debate in the United Kingdom this summer.

David Carlin: The Inevitability of Legislating from the Bench
My chief grievance against today's political liberals: They cheat.

Ted Gioia: Cursing, Catholic Style
I suggest that they revive some of the curses from antiquity.

Fr. Roger Landry: Genuine Health Care Reform
Fix what's broken, rather than break the parts that are in no need of repair.

Mark Shea: Tribalism Is Unhealthy
What will they do if they get their claws into the health care system?

Deal Hudson: Why Catholics Will Not Get Abortion Out of the Health Care Bill
A test of the bishops' ability to educate Congress and the White House.

Deal Hudson: Reading Into the Church
The novels that helped to convert me and continue to do so.

Anthony Esolen: Victims Unseen
Is there a single program anywhere designed to address the issue?

Deal Hudson: Building a Farm Team of New Conservative Leadership
We should educate them in how to go from protesting to implementing.

Deal Hudson: An Open Letter to Tiger Woods, Asking for More
It will take courage to admit to yourself that your manners need improving.

Kate Wicker: Beautiful Girls
The mantra "age before beauty" no longer makes any sense at all.

Sue Ellin Browder: Kinsey's Secret - The Phony Science of the Sexual Revolution
Culture's attitudes about sex are not just wrong morally but scientifically too.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Schools Are Saving New Orleans' Children
Revitalizing Catholic schools with teaching sisters.

John Zmirak: Magicians Trapped Inside Monkeys
University of Chicago to accommodate "transgender" students.

Deal Hudson: Did President Obama Mislead the Holy Father?
Not just about the abortion issue anymore, about basic respect and honesty.

Alfred Lagan: The Coming Storm
U.S. will be threatened by the economic equivalent of a violent summer storm.

Tom Hoopes: When Abortion Kills Twice - The Abortion/ Breast Cancer Link
Many doubt that the statistical evidence, however strong, justifies the conclusions.

Benjamin Wiker: Don't Wear that Mini to Mass
Don't we have a very serious moral obligation not to draw others away?

Joe Hargrave: A New Conservatism
Low priority assigned to moral issues may end up working to our advantage.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Foundations of Our Freedom
Much to consider for all Catholics who in general share the President's ideas.

Thomas Howard: Dr. Oz and the Fountain of Youth
Ad te omnis caro venit. Unto Thee shall all flesh come.

Deal Hudson: Why Catholics Should Oppose Sotomayor
A mistake to allow such a nominee to take a seat without a serious debate.

Anthony Esolen: Over the Rails America
A tourist attraction called Roadside America.

Deal Hudson: President Obama Meets with Catholic Journalists
Preferred to consider his Catholic glass half full.

Robert Reilly: Long Live Haydn
Accessible in an almost daily way, without overwhelming us.

Benjamin Wiker: Drawing a Hemline - Sexual Modesty and the Pursuit of Wisdom
Concerned that women be treated as intellectual equals: Try sexual modesty.

Deal Hudson: The Great Philosopher Who Became Catholic
Mortimer Adler helped bring so many into the Church.

David Warren: Thinking as a Catholic on Iran
A great pity we have no genuinely Catholic horse in the mainstream media.

Benjamin Wiker: The Death of Morality
The greatest moral crisis is now upon us.

Deal Hudson: Vatican Newspaper Editor Digs Deeper Hole
Vian: "He didn't seem a pro-abortion president."

Ronald Rychlak: Anti-Catholic Free Speech
The ability to allow others not to hear my opinion on every little matter.

Deal Hudson: When Did David Letterman Stop Being Funny?
Letterman's "joke" about Governor Sarah Palin's 14-year-old daughter.

Deal Hudson: The Basement of the Culture of Death
The argument over abortion is about what is intolerable.

Deal Hudson: Is the Future of the Christian Vote in Doubt?
"The truth wins out when it is given effective voice."

Michael Waldstein: Translator of John Paul II's Work Defends Christopher West
"He has a deep and faithful understanding of the late pope."

Russell Shaw: The 'Rhetoric of Rant' and Religious Controversy
Name-calling among Catholics has gotten out of hand.

John Zmirak: Death's Hand on the Tiller
The soul is more significant than the body...

Fr. Roger Landry: Triple Reparation
Acts of penance and reparation to remedy the evil done also against God.

David Carlin: The Dangerous Politics of the Sotomayor Nomination
It will be perceptions that count more than facts.

Fr. James Schall: The Actual Constitution
The Constitution "evidently binds nobody. Actually, nothing binds anyone."

David Warren: Catholic Judges
Peacefully defying those who don't believe words mean what they say.

Danielle Bean: The Real Miss USA Scandal
The most effective lesson I will ever teach...will come from the example I set.

Howard Kainz: When Religion Gets Violent
The issue is how much their religion itself is responsible for the bad things they do.

Irene Lagan: What to Expect from the Pope's Visit
The long-term success of the pope's visit will depend on the local Church.

Robert Reilly: Summer Listening List
Unassailable enjoyment for the lazy, sunny season.

Deal Hudson: Vatican Newspaper Provides Obama's 2012 Campaign Message
A dream come true for President Obama's Catholic outreach effort.

Fr. Roger Landry: Integral Catholic Education
Form people to pass the final exam of life summa cum laude.

Deal Hudson: Michael Sean Winters of America Magazine Implies that I'm an Anti-Semite
Is this the kind of voice and tone we should expect from America?

Deal Hudson: Is the "Jewish State" Another Obstacle to the Peace Process?
They fear the immediate impact on refugees, borders, and their identity.

Fr. Roger Landry: Doubt, Dialogue and Demonization
With some offenses dialogue is not only not enough but counterproductive.

John Zmirak: President David Duke's Appearance at Howard University
Satirical comments on commencement.

Fr. George Rutler: 'Manners Makyth Man'
We are not in a golden age, or even a reduced gilded age, of manners.

Deal Hudson: Catholics in Congress - The Ongoing Scandal
The pro-life voting records of Catholics in the 111th Congress.

Ronald Rychlak: Man vs. the Environment
Is "being green" truly making the world a better place for others?

John Zmirak: Smash the Secular State
Catholics serious about the defense of life are a variety of ways.

Fr. Roger Landry: Lessons from the Father Alberto Affair
A scandal has ripped through the heart of Spanish-speaking Catholicism.

Fr. Roger Landry: More Than Dining Room Conversation
Notre Dame is teaching that it's more important to listen to the President.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Passion Continues
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"

Fr. Roger Landry: The First Step Toward Despotism
...none of our rights is safe.

Fr. Roger Landry: Change That Kills
A disgraceful victory of the culture of death over both ethics and science.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Pandora's Box That Begat Octomom
Enough even to make moral relativists rediscover moral absolutes.

Fr. Roger Landry: Going Deep
The story of Kurt Warner.

Fr. Roger Landry: Making Room to Welcome María, José and Jesús
We need to open our hearts now when they come knocking on our borders.

Fr. Roger Landry: Blagojevich, Conscience and the Redemption of Politics
Character matters much more than some want to admit.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Economic Crisis - Roots and Remedy
We must make sure that our free-market economic system is built on rock.

Fr. Roger Landry: Terrorism in India
The Pope has tried to raise international attention to the anti-Christian terrorism.

Fr. Roger Landry: Black Fridays
The antithesis of the Christmas spirit.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Catholic Response to Obama's Election
Horrified by Obama's fervent support for a far greater evil.

Fr. Roger Landry: High-Tech Home-Wreckers for Hire
No one will ever find true happiness by betraying one's family.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Sleeping Giant Awakes
Banning the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

Deal Hudson: The Bishops Who Speak... and Those Who Don't
Do the majority of U.S. bishops agree with Notre Dame?

Thomas Woods, Jr.: None So Blind
How Secularists Ignore the Value of Religion

Benjamin Wiker: Susan Boyle, the Whimsy of God, and Heaven
Every heart was entirely directed to her, as if she were a living miracle.

Deal Hudson: Will Benedict XVI Challenge Palestinian and Israeli Extremism?
The only solution is one that recognizes the legitimate rights of both communities.

Deal Hudson: Notre Dame Fumbles Its Obama Offensive
"Notre Dame... has forgotten what it means to be Catholic."

David Carlin: Cicero, Catiline, and the American Left
Well-intentioned American patriots...

Danielle Bean: All a-Twitter
A simple and yet powerful means of communication.

Fr. James Schall: What Is a Leader?
The most difficult of all the human occupations of this world.

Robert Reilly: Spring Symphonies
Several outstanding 20th-century symphonic cycles.

David Warren: Church and State
The question of Church and State will not go away.

Deal Hudson: Christian Zionism, Evangelicals, and Israel
Why Evangelicals have become such a strong political lobby for Israel.

John Zmirak: Anybody Need A Used Laetare Medal?
Accepting can only be seen as an endorsement of Notre Dame's decision.

Mark Shea: What Would Jack Bauer Do?
Absolutely no room for debate on the question of whether we should torture.

David Carlin: The Mind of Father Jenkins
In our current historical situation, abortion is about the destruction of Christianity.

Deal Hudson: Will New Jersey Elect a Pro-Life Catholic Governor?
As of a few days ago, a pro-life Catholic held the lead.

Russell Shaw: Americanist Universities
The Notre Dame-Obama flap will in the future be seen as a turning-point...

Deal Hudson: Ten Hard Facts Confronting Benedict XVI in the Holy Land
The Church must offer a universal message of hope.

Deal Hudson: The Pope Should Go to Gaza
Imagine the power of the Holy Father the midst of the devastation.

Deal Hudson: Pro-Lifers on the Post Office Wall?
The Obama administration's attempt to label Christians as potential terrorists.

William Esser: Lament for Notre Dame
"Thirty pieces of silver is no price for the souls of the unborn."

Deal Hudson: Palestinian Christians Look Toward the Papal Visit
The pope's desire to make a "personal pilgrimage" to the holy sites.

John Zmirak: A Very Long Lent
...and more to come.

Ronald Rychlak: A Catholic Thought on the Bailout Power Grab
Someone has to determine what is "unreasonable or excessive."

Fr. Robert Sirico: My Letter to Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins
What once evoked a pleasant memory now evokes shame and sorrow.

Deal Hudson: Benedict XVI and the Future of the Holy Land
"When it starts dying, we know all of us are going to die."

Deal Hudson: 'The Right Is Mean, and the Left Is Foul'
An interesting difference between how conservatives and liberals are impolite.

Robert Reilly: New American Classics
Vivid imagination, sophisticated ear...soaring lyricism and passion.

Thomas Colyandro: Lessons Written in Stone and Sand
A Holy Land without a Christian presence is simply no Holy Land at all.

Richard Bastien: Condoms and the Pope - The Facts
Ample evidence to suggest the pope has a point.

Deal Hudson: Closing Ranks on Canon 915
Not news coverage that the Obama administration would want to deal with.

Tom Hoopes: Turning the Tables - On Winning the Public Relations War
Rules of contemporary rhetoric that just happen to have a resonance for Christians.

Gene Zurlo: A Language They'll Understand
What can the lay faithful do to move our bishops to action?

Deal Hudson: Notre Dame's President at a Crossroads
Father Jenkins has radically altered the perception of his leadership.

Joe Hargrave: Catholic Social Teaching and the Welfare State
Distributism in the Aristotelian and Catholic tradition is the answer...

Brian Saint-Paul: The Money Meltdown - A Conversation with Thomas Woods Jr.
"We've had the worst of all possible worlds."

Thomas West: The Theology of the United States
Government can't afford to be indifferent to the religious convictions of the people.

Peter Kreeft: How to Win the Culture War
The continuation of Christ's work...can never happen without the Cross.

Deal Hudson: So Much For the "Mythical" Freedom of Choice Act
No such bill has been introduced in the current Congress.

Alfred Lagan: The Bust - How It Happened, and Where We're Heading
Wall Street: "Dispensing the equivalent of high-octane financial steroids."

David Carlin: Dealing Cynically with the U.S. Constitution
Powerful people are playing fast and loose with the American social contract.

Deal Hudson: Obama's Choice of Sebelius Heats Up the Pro-life Battle
Removing, one by one, all the restrictions set up against abortion.

Deal Hudson: Do the Nebraska Bishops Want Open Borders?
Presents spiritual enrichment and strengthening of faith in God's divine plan for all.

Peter Freeman: Marx and Augustine Find Common Ground
Marx's view uncannily echoes St. Augustine's On Christian Doctrine.

Robert Reilly: Music and Meaning
The goal of great to make the transcendent perceptible.

David Warren: Shrove Tuesday
The whole Church must be tested through each penitential season.

Joanna Bogle: Royals and Catholics... Again
What we really need is simply the live and pray and teach as Catholics.

Mary Jo Anderson: The Name Game
Refuse to participate in the fictions fed to the public.

Robert Reilly: The Politics of Porn
Nothing so undermines the marital sexual bond as does pornography.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Practical Power of Public Prayer
Confirms an underlying shared belief system that binds society together.

Deal Hudson: What the Pope Should Know about Nancy Pelosi
One can never underestimate the impact of being in his presence.

Eve Tushnet: Sublimity Now!
Our culture pays too little attention to the beautiful.

Kathryn Lopez: How Birth Control Changed America for the Worst
Modesty is important. Marriage is a sacrament. All life is sacred.

Ronald Rychlak: Crime, Sin, and Politics
A tough case for the prosecution to make.

Mark Judge: The God of Rock
The most important book about rock music of the young 21st century.

Eve Tushnet: Outside Narnia - Children's Fantasy and Christianity
A witch helped me become a Christian.

Mike Shaw: Unintended Consequences
This term is now little more than an all-purpose excuse.

Deal Hudson: New FCC Regulations Threaten Catholic Radio
Regulates the range of opinions that should be heard on a radio station.

Robert Reilly: Music, Right Through the Bone
"Unforgettable. This is a major discovery -- not to be missed."

Steve Skojec: The Difference Two Days Makes
Thursday marks the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

David Carlin: Feelings of Inferiority
Will Obama finish King's work of equality?

Mark Shea: Staying Balanced on Israel and Gaza
"They have a right to a homeland as does any civil nation..."

Arturo Vasquez: Babies, Bandits, and Other Questionable Saints
The two-sided reality that Catholics of Latin-American origin bring to this country.

Deal Hudson: Will History Repeat Itself in Gaza?
It has been tried before, and it failed.

David Carlin: Catholic Feelings of Inferiority
Why do so many wish to push their religion in a theologically liberal direction?

John Zmirak: My Non-Binding Resolutions for the New Year
In the same spirit as the brave acts of our legislative branch.

Robert Reilly: Ring Out the Old, Bring In the New
Reflection of classical music discoveries.

Deal Hudson: Bombing Gaza Won't Make Israel Safer
Until Gaza is allowed some measure of freedom and access to external markets.

Mark Shea: Grace Is Dark Matter
Grace conquers the hearts of even his bitterest enemies.

Ronald Rychlak: The Christmas Classic that Almost Wasn't
God works in mysterious ways -- and sometimes the law does, too.

Thomas Howard: Ex Aegypto
Poems of Christian meditation addressed to Egypt.

Deal Hudson: Obama Refuses to Buckle Under Pressure From Gay Activists
I must admit, I certainly didn't expect it.

Jeffrey Tucker: Is Capitalism Ruining Christmas?
Catholics are annoyed at the way the holiday season is changing.

Joanna Bogle: Christmas in Britain
It's Christmas without God, without deeper meaning.

Mark Shea: What A Useful Word 'Taboo' Is!
It's about power...Tolerance is not enough.

Christopher Scalia: The Voice of Twentieth-Century Catholicism
The finest American Catholic writer of the twentieth century.

Deal Hudson: Change is Coming to the Nation's Abortion Laws
The imperial, determined, and uncompromising.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Politicians Funded by Abortion Lobby the tune of more than $9 million.

Brian Rooney: The Failure of Our Pro-Life Leadership
Reconsider the failed "incremental only steps" strategy.

Mark Shea: Why I Wrote 'Charity vs. Dhimmitude'
To keep reaction...from devolving into nonsense.

Deal Hudson: Another Faithful Catholic Jumps into the Political Ring
Some new faces have begun to emerge in the GOP.

Danielle Bean: Glamour Moms
Perfect motherhood might be a myth, but happy motherhood is real.

David Carlin: Gay Marriage and Natural Kinds
What does Aristotle have to do with same-sex marriage?

Mark Shea: Charity vs. Dhimmitude
Bishops provide for Muslim students to observe prayer rituals in Catholic schools.

Peter Freeman: Claiming Shakespeare
More powerful as a timeless question than as a determined fact.

Ronald Rychlak: Life Issues in the New Administration
The election is over, and the changes are already beginning.

Robert Reilly: Musique d'Automne
Reviews of new CD releases.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: American Anti-Catholicism
We need to be open-minded and work together in the fight for a culture of life.

John Zmirak: Thank You, Lord, May We Have Another?
Tough times will test spoiled souls like mine. We've all got to pray for each other.

Anthony Esolen: The Last Embers of the Fire
It is the Catholic Church that can fan the last glowing embers of culture.

Deal Hudson: A Warning to the GOP
Will the Republican Party wave goodbye to religious conservatives?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Newman in the Lion's Den
Statistics show us that defiant Catholics sealed Obama's victory.

Deal Hudson: The Jesuits Produce A Great Political Candidate
Joseph Cao represents a new generation of Catholics in politics.

David Carlin: A 'Culture First' Strategy
Now that the reversal of Roe is probably off the table for many years to come.

Brian Potts: The Progress of Justice for All
America has progressed in its march toward justice for all.

Deal Hudson: Finding Perspective on Obama in Ireland
The message of the Christ should lighten the heart and soften the tongue.

Robert Reilly: The Ten Greatest Musical Recordings
A somewhat ridiculous exercise, but I hope it provokes in readers a response.

Todd Aglialoro: The World Loves Its Own
How long will the international love affair with Obama last?

David Carlin: Can President Obama Unite the United States?
Is he pragmatic and treacherous enough to dump his liberal friends?

Fr. Roger Landry: Morally Exhausted Arguments
...of Catholic politicians with respect to abortion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Moral Responsibility as Catholic Citizens
"Every Catholic should be concerned about a wide range of issues."

Fr. Roger Landry: Sexual Drunk Driving
Sometimes teenagers simply don't listen to the best of advice

Fr. Roger Landry: The World's Most Precious and Promising Ingredient
Our country urgently needs those who acknowledge and prioritize...our future.

Fr. Roger Landry: Just Salary Expectations for Our Leaders
A cagy political diversion to beguile people about these politicians' true character.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Real Issue
How far many in our culture will go to avoid confronting the real evil he did.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Spokesman Not Just For The President
A sign of hope for all who struggle to align the love of family with the love of God.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Heroine On and Off the Court
Agata Mroz learned the lessons of sports and applied them in life.

Fr. Roger Landry: Celebrating and Safeguaring Our Freedom
True liberty requires us to live our freedom not just for ourselves...

Fr. Roger Landry: Timothy John Russert, R.I.P.
A unique and transcendent figure in the media business.

Fr. Roger Landry: Bringing an End to a 35-year Scandal
The choice is "either-or," not "both-and."

Fr. Roger Landry: Upping the Ante on Eucharistic Integrity
U.S. Bishops are beginning to lose patience with Catholic politicians.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Prudent Fold
Holy Week turned out to be a very good week on Beacon Hill.

Fr. Roger Landry: Voting and Salvation
To help us to choose morally, God has given us a conscience.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Ethics of Aesthetics
Not only is such deprecation not art; it's iconoclasm.

Fr. Roger Landry: Informational Ethics
The media today is spawning a truly scary situation.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Educational Emergency
Good Catholic schools are more important now than ever.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Conscience and Identity
Guiding a properly formed conscience with respect to political responsibility.

Fr. Roger Landry: Restoring the Balance
Abuse in public schools does not minimize the evil of the abuse within the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: Trampling or Upholding the Conscience of Pharmacists
Pharmacists are now among the chief targets of the pro-abortion movement.

Fr. Roger Landry: Teaching the Right Lessons
Becoming more concerned over the lessons that some schools are trying to teach.

Fr. Roger Landry: S-Chip and the Catholic Church
The bill will also be promoting the death of the most vulnerable.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Bad Bet
With gambling, the house always wins.

Fr. Roger Landry: Sports and Cheating
A huge cultural concern.

Fr. Roger Landry: Religion and Politics
What a person deeply believes says something about his or her character.

Fr. Roger Landry: Woman in the Transformation of Culture
In this battle for the future of our culture, the front lines will be occupied by women.

Fr. Roger Landry: Cutting Through the Spin
Giuliani's public proclamations on abortion addressed head on.

Fr. Roger Landry: Troublesome Trends
The media focused its attention mostly on his various gaffes.

Fr. Roger Landry: Not Worth the Gamble
There are many reasons against a casino.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Connection Between the Commandments
Breaking the sixth commandment greases the slide toward breaking the fifth.

Fr. Roger Landry: Being In and Receiving Holy Communion
Should Catholic politicians who promote intrinsic evils be denied Communion?

Fr. Roger Landry: The Stakes of January 2nd
The recess is just a charade to try to kill the petition without voting on it.

Fr. Roger Landry: Political Cooperation in Evil
What would lead to a Catholic voter's incapacity to receive holy Communion?

Fr. Roger Landry: How Should Catholics Vote?
Catholics should not be fooled.

Fr. Roger Landry: Voting is a Moral Act
Not to vote is to neglect one's responsibility for others and for society.

Fr. Roger Landry: Overcoming Evil with Good
Act on the lessons that infamous day has taught us.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Apostolic Collection
A chance to show ourselves true Christians and worthy of that praise once again.

Fr. Roger Landry: Counter-Terrorism
The properly Catholic response to the terrorist menace.

Fr. Roger Landry: Following Up the Veto
Past failures give clues on how to prevent future ones.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Catholic Fatwa
Should they heed calls from a senior Vatican archbishop to boycott the flick?

Fr. Roger Landry: Christ and Hefner
The choice between the heavenly mansion and the playboy mansion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Democrats and Principles
...a lie unless they are grounded on the right to life.

Fr. Roger Landry: Time To Rise Up Together
Keep houses of worship free from governmental interference and burdens.

Fr. Roger Landry: Tearing Down A False Wall
The mere recognition of religion isn't tantamount to forcing others to follow it.

Fr. Roger Landry: Intelligent Design
The Church is not opposed to the theory of evolution...

Fr. Roger Landry: America's Pastime and Future
The role of the judge and of the courts in our nation.

Fr. Roger Landry: Let's Roll Again
A serious moral problem needs to be confronted.

Fr. Roger Landry: Winning the War on Terrorism
To fulfill our mission, we must continue to go on with life as usual.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Legacy of Lost Liberty
Freedom is not the ability to do whatever we want, but to do what we should.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Gospel of Life
The war between life and death has become more intense.

Dale Price: Responding Like Catholics
Our marching orders are clear: Pray for Obama and our country.

Fr. Robert Johansen: Our Faustian Bargain - Catholics Caught Between Parties
We have divided along the lines that the parties give us.

John Zmirak: It Can Happen Here
Choices matter. In this election, they matter desperately. I wish they didn't.

Deal Hudson: Why I Will Vote for John McCain
All of my reasons in one place.

Mike Shaw: Where Was God in the Tsunamis
There's a book that you can find on the subject... it's called Job.

Mike Shaw: See No Evil
"The walls looked like there had been a chain saw massacre in there."

Mike Shaw: Elijah's Take on Diversity
Draw whatever analogies you like to our current situation with the Islamo-fascists.

Mike Shaw: Whatever You Did for the Least of My Brethren
The Schiavo case and steroids in baseball paint a picture of America in 2005.

Mike Shaw: Stop! In the Name of Love...of Country
The Supreme Court's progression of meta-constitutional overreaching.

Mike Shaw: Discrimination, Tolerance, and Other Misunderstandings
Eviscerating one's own Godless culture is not tolerance.

Deal Hudson: Is a Split in the GOP Inevitable?
Those who control the RNC would do well to study the Palin phenomenon.

Jim Bemis: One Year Later
Has America really changed?

Jim Bemis: The Founder's Wisdom
California legislators attempt to make abortion a fundamental human right.

Dan Coyne: Another Souper Candidate?
Politicians abandoning their pro-life positions in their quest for power.

Dan Coyne: Would They Vote for Barabbas Again?
Bad ideas never seem to go out of style.

Carol Kennedy: Niceness Kills
Embracing the culture of life is more than having a bumper sticker on your car.

Carol Kennedy: Both Sides Are Wrong
Those fighting for and against Terri Schiavo just don't get it.

Carol Kennedy: What Girls Want
A woman's view on what it means to be a woman.

Deal Hudson: A Little Hard to Believe
Senator John Kerry's inconsistencies on abortion.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Opinion By the Numbers
Eye-opening summary of the landmark study conducted by Crisis Magazine.

Deal Hudson: Passion, Not Prejudice
"...would it were that more men had such courage."

Deal Hudson: The Dissenter's Secret Meeting
Liberals meet with bishops to discuss the future Church.

Deal Hudson: Rick Santorum Is Right
Devout Catholic falsely accused of "gay-bashing."

Deal Hudson: Making Our Own Decisions
Trusting political leadership in a time of war.

Deal Hudson: War for Oil?
A few things that the "No Blood For Oil" folks seem to be missing.

Deal Hudson: "Voice of the Faithful" Shows Its Stripes
"There's something vaguely satisfying about seeing VOTF discredit itself."

Deal Hudson: Remembering September 11th
May we all find hope in our hearts today.

Deal Hudson: Another Look At Voice of the Faithful
Comments about a recent letter defending VOTF.

Deal Hudson: A Close Look at Voice of the Faithful
"VOTF is simply another group of dissenters, plain and simple."

Deal Hudson: The Alternative World Youth Day
Challenge the Church's pathetic attempt to lure away young people.

Deal Hudson: Liberals Planning for Vatican III?
The National Catholic Reporter's latest ridiculous cover story.

Deal Hudson: Stop the Cheering
To be Catholic means recognizing the authority of a position, not a person.

Deal Hudson: A Time for Caution
We must avoid a witch-hunt for homosexual priests.

Deal Hudson: Public Lynching of the Priesthood
Celibacy is "unnatural" because "we are just animals."

Deal Hudson: Harvard's Catholic Voice
Closet Catholics cast the first stone.

Deal Hudson: Government Cannot Love
Jim Towey learned his lessons from the man in Bed #46.

Deal Hudson: Postmodern Buchanan
My thoughts about Pat Buchanan.

Deal Hudson: Will "Faithful Citizenship" Win the Catholic Vote For Obama?
Did the bishops realize how it could be used in upcoming elections?

Anthony Esolen: Liberty Forgotten
When did liberals in my country cease to be liberal?

Kate Wicker: The Moral Case Against High Taxation
Income should not be distributed; it should be earned.

David Carlin: Obama's Ambition
Put yourself in his shoes.

Alfred Lagan: Free Trade and the Common Good
An open trade system is a more effective anti-poverty program.

David Warren: Bishops, North of the Border
Catholic ethnicity, so long as you do not publicly support any Church teaching.

Bill Powell: Capitalist? Socialist? Distributist.
"The just wage, the distribution of land, and worker associations."

Deal Hudson: How Will History Judge Catholics in the 2008 Election?
"Human life is sacred – all men must recognize that fact."

Deal Hudson: What Are We Doing?
The Catholic community should not honor those who act in defiance of our morals.

Deal Hudson: Last Safe Haven for Iraqi Christians Taken by Al-Qaeda
Justice is growing more remote, despite Iraqi and U.S. promises.

David Carlin: Chris Matthews on Metaphysics
"The question of when human life begins is a 'metaphysical' question."

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Fall of the Wall
Government bailout is a stalling tactic that has little more than a cosmetic effect.

Deal Hudson: Will the Church Split Along Red and Blue Lines?
What impact could an Obama administration have on the Catholic Church?

Deal Hudson: Selling Obama as a Pro-Life Candidate
"It's exactly contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church."

David Carlin: Obama's Military Judgment
Hillary's judgment was better.

Robert Reilly: Musical Diary
Music dominates my life as it is my love.

Deal Hudson: A Jesuit's Case for Barack Obama
So why not wish for the elimination of abortion?

Ronald Rychlak: The Presidential Debate
Answers reveal the positions that are likely to shape the next administration.

David Mills: This Old World's Tawdry Voices
There's only so much a parent can do to keep out the world.

Mark Shea: Caesar and Mammon - Together Forever
Here's what I can make of the latest fraud to emanate from our Ruling Classes.

Deal Hudson: Obama Campaign Calls Abortion Survivor Story a "Despicable Lie"
Criticizing his four votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Why Abortion and the Iraq War Are Not Equivalent
The sheer number deaths...are not morally equivalent.

David Warren: Voting with the Tribe
Do you vote with your conscience, or do you vote with your tribe?

Deal Hudson: Obama's Faltering Religious Outreach Revs Up
"People of faith will judge the candidates on the basis of their voting record."

David Carlin: Racial Prejudice in the 2008 Campaign
Talk about racism has raised its ugly head.

Sean Salai, S.J.: Leftist Electoral Coup Looms in El Salvador
Archbishop Romero, to whom both parties pay homage.

Jeffrey Tucker: The Rich He Hath Sent Away
Even under the best conditions, wealth and power in this world is not permanent.

David Bonagura Jr.: Dear Bishops, Now Is the Time clear up the chaos and confusion that have overrun Catholic politics.

Deal Hudson: Taking the Time to Act Like Christians
One of the most remarkable moments of Christian reconciliation...

Gerald Russello: The Fall of Secularism
The world leaves the illusions of secularism behind.

Mark Shea: How the Enemies of the Normal Are Destroying Obama
Sin does indeed make you stupid.

John Zmirak: In Case of Rapture, This Executive Office Will Be Vacant
The Palin pick says good things about the balance of power within the GOP.

Fr. James Schall: Liberating Theology from Politics
The duty of the to leave this world a better man."

Deal Hudson: Obama's Political "Cloud of Unknowing"
Ignoring the scientific evidence establishing the fact that life begins at conception.

David Carlin: Why I'm Not a Republican
Why many old Democrats...remain unwilling to cross the aisle.

Deal Hudson: The McCain-Palin Ticket Renews the Culture Wars
The rejection of the feminist movement and all the promises made in its name.

Ronald Rychlak: Church and State in Presidential Elections
Father Pfleger's brand of Catholicism has likely driven some people from the Faith

Mark Shea: Palin Hits a Nerve
Obama's worshipers may not be able to help themselves.

Danielle Bean: Mom for VP
For the first time ever, a politician who is one of us.

Mary Jo Anderson: The Other Side of Change - Obama and Saul Alinsky
Pick up Rules for Radicals and read it as Obama's playbook.

John Zmirak: The Importance of Borders - Fixing the Immigration Crisis in 9 Steps
The bare minimum required to maintain our national security...

Thomas Howard: Isabella and Angelo
A succinct summary of the human situation and the grace of Christ.

Deal Hudson: Governor Palin Solves John McCain's Religion Problem
The foot soldiers of the Republican Party are back on the field.

Robert Reilly: The Supremacy of Classical Music
It is the farthest from noise.

Deal Hudson: A Grand Night for Singing - Why I Love Showtunes
"A joy that cannot, and will not, be contained..."

Patrick O'Hannigan: Still Rock and Roll to Me
We learned more from a three-minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school.

Jeffrey Tucker: Government Gone Wild! The Problem with a Central Bank
What does it really mean that the debt is $5 trillion or $10 trillion?

Mark Shea: The Speech Hillary Longed to Give
"Most noble Hillary! – We'll revenge her campaign."

David Carlin: Joe Biden and the Bishops
A golden opportunity to give heart to these faithful and orthodox Catholics.

Anthony Esolen: Thrift and the Just Social Order
Some old social virtues, not yet erased from the Catechism.

John Zmirak: Render Unto Caesar - The Church and Immigration
"If you love your country so much, why did you leave it instead of fixing it?"

David Warren: The Gold
"Wait! Is that a rosary?!"

Deal Hudson: Saving the Christians of Iraq
Iraq and the United States have to collaborate to maintain their safety.

David Carlin: Bill-and-Hill vs. Obama
The Clintons will have to "help" him lose.

William Donohue: Abortion, Human Trafficking, and the Left's Double Standard
That will be the day the Democrats win back Catholics.

John Zmirak: Blood in August - On Avoiding World War III
A War about Nothing.

Deal Hudson: Obama Flunks Rick Warren's Abortion Question
"That's above my pay grade."

Deal Hudson: Can Charity Prevail on the Internet?
That a relationship is virtual is no excuse for incivility.

Ronald Rychlak: Interpreting the Constitution and Voting for President
The words don't change.

Joanna Bogle: A Buckingham Palace Garden Party
Can we go on dressing up and pretending everything is still functioning normally?

Deal Hudson: You've Gotta Have Heart? How Obama Chooses Judges
His criteria for picking judges is troubling.

Armstrong Williams: Fighting the New Tyranny
The loss of community and the resulting decline in moral values.

Deal Hudson: Is It Fair to Say Barack Obama Supports Infanticide?
It's a dramatic charge, but here are the facts.

William Donohue: 'Peace and Justice' Catholics
Is there a cause they think is worth fighting for?

Deal Hudson: The Trenton Times Gets It Wrong on Catholics and Voting
Did I miss an encyclical or a change in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

Steve Skojec: Face to Face with the Death Penalty
They should face justice in this life, with the hope of God's mercy in the next.

Robert Reilly: More Summer Sounds
We are indeed in a golden age of recording.

David Warren: Catholic Art
We must restore the beautiful first in the Mass and then in our world.

Deal Hudson: McCain's Opportunity, Obama's Challenge
Voters will know more about the candidates' positions on social issues.

Steve Skojec: The Well-Sheltered Catholic
Art is both an inspiration for and a reflection of the culture it derives from.

Deal Hudson: Brideshead Reinvented
Will Waugh's masterpiece be desecrated or resuscitated?

Mark Shea: Concerning Eucharistic Desecration
Show them, by your actions... The world is watching.

Mary Jo Anderson: Sins of Omission - Catholics, Marriage, and Politics
Catholics wrestle key moral issues each time an election cycle is upon us.

Deal Hudson: Will the Iraqi Constitution Protect Christians?
In the short term, legal remedies are not the answer.

Thomas Howard: What about Din?
My own curiosity about the general genre "rock."

David Carlin: Obama, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism
The softness is found in the patriotism of many of his supporters, his contributors.

Mark Shea: The Latest Historical Attack on Jesus Falls Flat
Jesus was Jewish? Golly, my Christian world is toppling!

Deal Hudson: The Catholic Left Meets in Philadelphia
The Catholic Left is "boxed in by abortion."

Gerald Russello: Orestes Brownson and Territorial Democracy
One of the few true political thinkers America has produced.

Eric Pavlat: If Only He Were Pro-Life...
Ten ways an Obama Administration could improve America.

Mark Shea: Down the Memory Hole
Those who don't know bogus history are doomed to repeat it.

Anthony Esolen: Real Social Justice
Why I cannot accept Catholic leftism.

Fr. James Schall: The Young Tyrant
"We know that the requests of tyrants are mingled with compulsion."

Joanna Bogle: Meet the Charity Commission
The issue at stake is "public benefit."

Deal Hudson: Obama Responds to the Infanticide Charge
Obama calls the charge of infanticide an "unfair characterization."

Deal Hudson: Iraqi Bishops Ask for Help Protecting their Flock
It is up to the United States to help find a solution.

Peter Freeman: Teaching Marxism
Unlike Truth, Marxism's strength lies not in itself, but in its adherents' worship of it.

Ronald Rychlak: The Children of the Texas Ranch
Interesting constitutional issues that touch on matters of great importance.

Deal Hudson: Infanticide?
May raise larger questions about moral judgment.

David Carlin: Christianity and the Politicians
They should at least take the trouble to become religiously informed.

Robert Reilly: Summer Sounds
Storms are not the only things that have been flooding the U.S. this summer.

Christopher Scalia: Reawakening the Catholic Literary Scene
How do we renew Catholic literature?

Deal Hudson: The Case Against Barack Obama
Voters should be reminded of what Archbishop Chaput said to Obama's Catholics.

Joanna Bogle: For God and Queen - The Quandary of the English Catholic
Are most Catholics now calling for a change in the law?

William Donohue: How the Catholic Left Is Boxed in by Abortion
And there's no way out.

Mark Stricherz: August 1968 - The Roots of the Liberal Coup
How antiwar liberals overthrew what Lyndon Johnson called "the Catholic bosses."

Joe Hargrave: The Case for the Workers' Cooperative
The Church calls us to build a culture of life and serve the common good.

Irene Lagan: The Meaning of No - Why Ireland Sank the Lisbon Treaty
Ireland's rejection of the treaty does not sit well with many of the European elite.

Deal Hudson: Survey Takes a Revealing New Look at Religious Voters
Future campaigns may focus on the newer categories like "traditionalists."

David Warren: Oh Canada
The time to fight anti-Christian activists is now, not later.

Joanna Bogle: For Fathers
The best gift you can have is good parents.

Danny DeBruin: Sins of Omission - Making School Textbooks Politically Correct
Why is omission sanctioned when plagiarism is condemned?

Deal Hudson: John McCain Meets With Catholic Leaders in Philadelphia
"They are still His sons and daughters when they are in the voting booth."

Mark Shea: The Coming of the Obamessiah
In the beginning was Obama...

Ronald Rychlak: Fathers and Families
The importance of fathers in our society.

Fr. James Schall: Peace Research
It remains the principal problem of our time.

Deal Hudson: Receiving Messages from God in Ireland?
A message the world needs to hear.

Anthony Esolen: Crossing the Wires
It is a matter of defending what it is to be human.

Patrick Reilly: How Catholics Gave Governor Paterson Cover
Paterson has taken a significant step toward dismantling American society.

Deal Hudson: John McCain Is Losing the Religious Right
Will not have the backing of voters who have provided the difference for the GOP.

Robert Reilly: Spring Floods
Take comfort from the recently reported rehabilitative powers of listening to music.

Deal Hudson: A City Divided - How Israel's Wall Is Splitting the Holy Land
It has met with success thus far, but has come at a price for Christians.

Deal Hudson: Are Religious Conservatives and the GOP Heading for Divorce?
McCain will need religiously active voters over the next five months.

Fr. James Schall: The Pleasure of Learning
Knowing, being sensible is its own pleasure.

Elizabeth Scalia: The Crucible of Ted Kennedy
"What we have done, and what we have failed to do."

Maureen Martin: Woman Who Left Church Over Sex Scandal Just Wanted to Sleep In
"She's no activist. She's just tired and vain."

Marjorie Campbell: The Slow Death of Radical Feminism
Grows ever less relevant to the real world in which young women live.

Deal Hudson: A Catholic Composer to Watch...
Worries that young people are damaged by popular music.

Ronald Rychlak: Sexual Freedom and Its Discontents
Some find this view harsh, but it is both logical and constant.

William Donohue: Catholic Left Hangs Itself
In a debate with three separate archbishops, with no end in sight.

David Carlin: Pro-Gay, Anti-Christianity
It is about the de-legitimizing of Christianity itself.

Armstrong Williams: The Ecology of Truth
Truth exists within a context.

Deal Hudson: Why the Media Rejected John Hagee's Apology
Accused Donohue of lying to help John McCain's candidacy.

David Carlin: A Psychological Impossibility
We should never underestimate the human capacity for self-deception.

Mark Stricherz: On Race and Class, Liberals Need a History Lesson
Fred Dutton, the campaign manager in 1968 for Bobby Kennedy.

Deal Hudson: How Obama's Catholics Will Dodge the Infanticide Question
The most extreme pro-abortion advocate ever to be nominated for president.

David Carlin: Four Degrees of Feminism
Each one of a somewhat more radical variety of feminism than the one preceding.

Mark Shea: "Vatican Cracks Down as Devout Catholic Bus Plunges!"
Is everybody (or at least every Catholic) devout?

Mary Jo Anderson: How the UN's Global Poverty Plan Robs the Poor
A recipe for a web of greed, graft, bribes, kickbacks, cronyism, and abuse.

Joanna Bogle: Boris and London
The biggest worry in the rising crime rate is the age of the criminals.

Elizabeth Scalia: Wrong Target? A Different Look at the Cardinal and the Mayor
We forget a great mystery of our creed: "He descended into hell… He rose again."

Ronald Rychlak: The Unintended Consequences of Gay Marriage
Courts and legislatures need to consider these consequences...

Mark Shea: Benedict and the Scandal Redux
We're simply arguing with a phantom pope about phantom motivations.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Epidemic of School Sex Abuse
School districts regularly sweep the problem under the carpet.

Deal Hudson: Why Are the Christians Leaving the Holy Land?
Arab Christian communities are slowly dwindling.

Maureen Martin: Chesterton's Ghost Appears, Suggests Fans Find "Other Interests"
"I'd prefer you not be inspired and do anything."

Mark Shea: Benedict and the Scandal
I much prefer a Church that is about mercy.

David Carlin: Obama's Out-of-Date Categories
The first thing he ought to change is these outmoded anti-conservative categories.

Robert Reilly: The Roots of Terrorism and the Source of Freedom
Freedom without faith does not work.

Deal Hudson: Birthday at the White House
President Bush once again spoke out in defense of the sanctity of life.

David Warren: The Pope Versus the Media
It is naive to expect the media to present, fairly, what the pope has said or done.

Mark Shea: Evangelizing the Hiltonized
My prayer is that Benedict will wake us up.

Deal Hudson: Who Are Obama's Catholic Supporters?
Give the Obama Catholic outreach tremendous credibility in the eyes of the media.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Our Moral Morass
What is an ordinary Christian supposed to do?

Marjorie Campbell: Defending Feminism - A Response to Dawn Eden
Feminism has offered progress, promise, and potential to men and women alike.

Mark Shea: Not So Bright
Not every atheist is a humorless geek out of touch with elementary social skills.

Deal Hudson: Can Obama Use Iraq to Win the Catholic Vote?
Obama can "invoke the foresight of John Paul II."

Dawn Eden: Eve of Deconstruction - Feminism and John Paul II
The word feminism: it cannot save, and should not be saved.

William Donohue: Spinning the Pope's Visit
They will have to give Hillary and Barack a back seat, at least for a few days.

Joanna Bogle: Our Lady of Ransom
Should we not see something tender, merciful, and important for today?

Deal Hudson: Catholics Organize to Elect Barack Obama
"To move politics beyond selfishness and division to the common good."

Mark Shea: Science Fiction and the Areopagus
Science fiction and fantasy are absolutely awash in theological speculation.

Christopher Tyrrell: Last Chance for California Homeschooling?
The danger posed to homeschooling families is still very real.

Deal Hudson: Meeting Reverend John Hagee
Why he was considered anti-Catholic and how he thought he was misunderstood.

Ronald Rychlak: Global Warming and the Pope
We must preserve the earth for future generations.

Deal Hudson: A Memo to the Obama Campaign
To help understand the Catholic vote.

Robert Reilly: McCain and the Pope
Senator McCain not only needs Catholics who will vote for him...

Steve Skojec: Guilt by Association?
Any merit beyond the emotional response it so easily brings?

David Warren: Defining Marriage
Laws criminalizing open discussion of the institution of marriage.

Andrew Cusack: Rethinking Russia
"The madness of tomorrow comes not from Moscow, but Manhattan."

David Carlin: Theocracy and Atheocracy
They are trying to avert the destruction of their religion.

David Wise: Let's Be Strict with Strict Construction
From the First Amendment to the Second...

Deal Hudson: Barack Obama's Problematic Religious Outreach
Appeal to religious voters will be limited by the content of his own convictions.

Kevin Jones: The Frustrated Constitution
The Constitution's function seems almost ceremonial.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Left Beats McCain with Hagee Stick
Politicians who wants to win the Catholic vote will have to avoid anti-Catholicism.

Sam Brownback: Serving God, Saving Humanity
In serving others, the life you end up saving may be our own.

Mark Shea: The Stupid Prime Directive
Why is this stupid rule at the heart of the New Secular Jerusalem?

Eric Pavlat: A Public School Teacher Speaks Out On Homeschooling
Why the California ruling is so egregious.

Deal Hudson: Did California Really Ban Homeschooling?
It's understandable why the language of the ruling caused consternation.

Mark Shea: Dispatches from Post-Christian America
Believing a person's innermost being is knowable from his or her physical features.

Robert Reilly: This Just In...
Some items you may have missed from early 2008.

Jeffrey Tucker: Politicians Promise; Enterprise Delivers
We need to curb the activities of politicians so that free enterprise can do its job.

Irene Lagan: The Archbishop Vanishes
We're called to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

David Carlin: The UL Takeover of the Democratic Party
The key ideas of today's ultra-liberalism.

Deal Hudson: When There Is Too Much Religion In Politics
Even a sympathetic observer might be thinking enough is enough.

David L. Alexander: Pierce Pettis - His Life of Crime
Tenderness both in his voice and the themes of his works.

Deal Hudson: Barack Obama's Catholic Problem
McCain may end up solving Obama's problem himself.

Mark Shea: The Gospel of Barack Obama
For lo, all that was written by the pundits must be fulfilled...

Ronald Rychlak: Those Government Checks
Trying to stimulate the economy with an infusion of cash is not a new idea.

Patrick Reilly: Pro-Abortion Politics Not Welcome Here
Catholic institutions need to get their priorities straight.

Deal Hudson: Douglas Kmiec and the Lure of Obama
Has made it easier for them to make that mistake.

Ronald Rychlak: Baseball, Steroids, and Personal Reputations
It doesn't take much to smear a reputation.

Fr. James Schall: In the Company of Good Men
To know and practice many of the highest virtues we need others...

Deal Hudson: Preacher Man - Barack Obama and the Gospel of Liberalism
There will be those who think they see a winner and want to hop on board.

Patrick Reilly: When Catholic Education Gets 'Ludacris'
Insist that extracurricular activities remain within the realm of standard decency.

John Jakubczyk: Sorry, Doug Kmiec, But This Catholic Isn't Buying Obama
Catholics will find it "natural" to vote for the candidate who chooses life.

Deal Hudson: A John Paul II Catholic Runs for Office in Florida
Difficulties face a pro-life, pro-family Catholic running for public office.

Brian Saint-Paul: Are Conservatives Turning People Off?
Becoming, for lack of a better word, unfriendly.

Christopher Rose: The New Attack on Christian Charities
Every effort must be made to protect the right of Catholic ministries to be Catholic.

Deal Hudson: McCain Scores with Catholics on Super Tuesday
Time will tell which of the two McCains will win out in the minds of voters.

Todd Aglialoro: What Do You Call Us?
"Catholic" alone isn't specific enough.

Deal Hudson: Are U.S. Dollars Supporting Abortion in China?
At the cost of HIV/AIDS victims whose suffering could be prevented.

T. Joseph Marier: Those "Mindless" Videogames
The best games out there may actually be good for the soul.

Deal Hudson: Is the Catholic Vote Giving John McCain the GOP Lead?
Brownback's role in the McCain campaign may be the pivotal event.

Mark Shea: Compensating Cowards
Cowards don't like the knowledge that they are cowards.

Sam Brownback: The Place of Religion in Public Life
Christians should not be forced to leave their faith at the doorstep of public life.

Ronald Rychlak: Cigarettes, Bribes, and Personal Responsibility
Law is greatly dependant upon issues of free will and personal responsibility.

Mark Shea: Divine Hatred, Divine Love
Some acts are so depraved and inhuman...

Francis Maier: The Videogame Filmmaker
A growing media subculture and a child of the personal computer revolution.

Todd Aglialoro: Why Mitt Romney Is the Best Choice for Catholic Conservatives
An articulate advocate for life and traditional morality.

Ronald Rychlak: Should the United Nations Control the Internet?
Would likely end up as a new and unrecognizable entity.

Deal Hudson: Anti-Catholic Bias in Georgetown AIDS Report
Georgetown authors are uncomfortable with faith-based approaches to prevention.

Mark Shea: The War On Liquids
For if we do not fear Everything, then Terror will already have won.

Deal Hudson: Huckabee Fails to Attract Catholic Voters
Catholics, thus far, have not been charmed by Mike Huckabee.

Christopher Manion: Bring the Troops Home
Three fundamental reasons suggest withdrawal from Iraq.

Robert Sharp: Holding the Wolf by the Ears - Why We Must Stay in Iraq
Where is the right leader to move us forward?

David Wise: Why the Democrats Will Fail without Catholic Support
Key for the reemergence of the Democratic Party as a competitive force.

Deal Hudson: Why Barack Obama Will Not Win the Catholic Vote
Obama will be no JFK.

Todd Aglialoro: My Big Fat Italian Christmas - Notes from the Overfed
Not all idols come from the mall.

Robert Reilly: This Just In...
Some items you may have missed from late 2007.

Deal Hudson: Mike Huckabee's Anti-Catholic Problem
Some of his biggest supporters think the Church is the source of anti-Semitism.

Deal Hudson: Some Favorites from 2007
Cultural finds from 2007.

Deal Hudson: The Trouble With Mitt Romney's Pro-Life Conversion
Romney's thoughts on this issue are still far from coherent and consistent.

Mark Shea: The Culture of Fear
The signs of it are everywhere.

Deal Hudson: Bishop Says Catholic Schools Are Not the First Priority
Parish life itself must be reinvigorated.

Deal Hudson: Why The Republicans Won't Nominate Rudy Giuliani
Would break its promise to the religious and social conservatives.

Russell Shaw: The Iraq Debate - Russell Shaw's Closing Statement
This will remain an unjust, ill-considered war.

Robert Reilly: The Iraq Debate - Robert Reilly's Closing Statement
"We know that our efforts are appreciated by millions of Iraqis..."

Russell Shaw: The Iraq Debate - Russell Shaw's First Response
Is this what rescuing people from an oppressor is all about?

Robert Reilly: The Iraq Debate - Robert Reilly's First Response
Did the United States act unilaterally?

Mark Shea: Philip Pullman's Useful Idiots
The task of the bishop is to teach, govern, and sanctify, not review movies.

Russell Shaw: The Iraq Debate - The War Was Unjust
A duty to work for the reform and strengthening of the UN, not its undermining.

Robert Reilly: The Iraq Debate - The War Was Just
"We love you guys, you freed us."

Deal Hudson: Obama Advisor is Well Known Dissenting Catholic
What is Obama's attitude toward Catholics?

Mark Shea: The Acoustic Candidate
A Christian who consciously flaunts his faith should really have some clue...

Joan Frawley Desmond: Losing Our Religion - The Crisis in Catholic Education
The newest threat to his urban schools: the charter school movement.

Deal Hudson: God Goes on Trial in San Francisco
Public school students who want to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mary Schneidau: Talking Immigration with the Maryland Bishops - A Response
To read the statement as a policy paper, however, is to misunderstand it.

Deal Hudson: Giuliani Adviser is an Accused Pedophile Priest?
Will not help him to convince Catholics to trust his judgment.

Deal Hudson: Did the Bishops Punish Archbishop Burke?
Distancing themselves from a fellow bishop who kept controversy in the air.

Kevin Jones: The Neighborhood Pornucopia
This is not a question of censorship but one of patron and staff safety.

Deal Hudson: Boston Cardinal Rebukes Democrats on Abortion
Support of pro-abortion candidates from Catholics "borders on scandal."

Francis Maier: Shakedown - How Catholics Are Getting Ripped Off in the Name of Justice
Financial and legal violence that will continue until the money's gone.

Deal Hudson: Time Editor Calls Hillary Clinton a 'Moral Conservative'
Senator Clinton has a 100% pro-abortion voting record in Congress.

Mark Shea: Disgust Is Not Enough
Catholics are far closer to Muslims than we are to secular postmodernists.

Deal Hudson: An Evangelical Ponders the Presidency
More than the "guy who lost all that weight."

Deal Hudson: Will Homosexuality Soon Be Promoted By Law?
Will give gay and lesbian groups a very sharp sword to wage in the culture wars.

Deal Hudson: High Noon at College of the Holy Cross
The official Catholic status of Holy Cross at risk.

Brian Saint-Paul: "Hillary Clinton Will Win the Catholic Vote in 2008"
She "will present a vigorous social justice agenda."

Mark Shea: Rudy's Tricks
"The only thing we have to offer is… fear itself!"

Deal Hudson: Has James Dobson Created an Opening for Mitt Romney?
Positioning himself as the GOP candidate of choice for religious conservatives.

Mark Shea: Capitalism, Colossians, and the Miller Brewing Company
Seek first the earth and you lose not just Heaven but earthly things as well.

Deal Hudson: Will Dr. James Dobson Damage the Christian Vote?
Easily the most important Evangelical leader in the country.

Gerald Russello: A Double Standard for Catholic Judges?
Only the Court's Catholic judges are treated to this kind of bigotry.

Ramesh Ponnuru: The Zeal of a Convert
We don't choose what is true.

Mark Stricherz: A Pro-Choice President Will Never End Abortion
The argument that a pro-choice president will end abortion is far-fetched.

Elizabeth Scalia: A Pro-Choice President Can End Abortion
Depends on what motivates the "choice" part of a candidate's position.

Deal Hudson: 16 Catholic Senators Vote to Fund Abortion
A reversal of U.S. policy regarding aid to pro-abortion groups overseas.

Thomas Woods Jr.: Why I Am a Catholic Libertarian
So much of my political evolution involves my disillusionment with the GOP.

Deal Hudson: Why I Am a Catholic Republican
Not because Republicans are fun or especially good company.

Deal Hudson: Refuting the Attacks on Mother Teresa
Will make her "accessible" to more people.

Mark Stricherz: Why I am a Catholic Democrat
The basic test of any civilization is how it treats its least citizens.

Francis Maier: Biting the Bullet - Military Conscription and the Price of Citizenship
America is an empire in denial.

Margaret Cabaniss: Six Years - On Revisiting 9/11
Maybe that's the most fitting tribute we can give.

Deal Hudson: Ten Questions with Senator Sam Brownback
An uncompromising emphasis on the defense of life.

Patrick Reilly: Catholic Colleges and the Political Left
The scandal of Catholic institutions coddling pro-abortion politicians.

Deal Hudson: Ten Things Republicans Must Do To Keep the Religious Vote
To reinvigorate its religious base.

Deal Hudson: Pavarotti, a Voice That Will Never Die
The greatest voice of our generation.

Thomas Howard: Notes Upon Hearing Mozart's Bassoon Concerto
The saints seem to speak of something like this.

Thomas Howard: 'But, Monseigneur...'
This is when the good lady's advice to the archbishop may be apt.

Thomas Howard: 'She Knows Who I Am'
What my soul most yearns for is that the Sovereign know me.

Thomas Howard: King Michael
The dignity of this king points to something.

Fr. James Schall: On Murder and War
"If Murder Is a Crime, What Is War?"

Jim Towey: Pursuing the Truth - On Catholic Higher Education
A culture in desperate need of renewal.

Deal Hudson: Pro-Life Physicians Have Fewer Malpractice Claims
The impact of religious belief on medical practices.

Mark Shea: Evangelicalese 101
"Isn't he implying that Catholics are not Christian?"

Armstrong Williams: Finding the Balance Between Church and State
Religion plays a role in sustaining all great civilizations.

Benjamin Wiker: The Unsure Revival of Estonia
May Your grace remain with me, may my heart be Your temple.

Fr. Robert Johansen: The Minimum Wage and Catholic Social Teaching
The a just, family wage for every head of household.

Brian Saint-Paul: Knowing the Enemy - Dinesh D'Souza on Islam and the West
Contemporary liberalism and its role in Islamic anti-Americanism.

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