Catholic Commentary: Pro Life Issues

Bud Macfarlane Sr.: The Slaughter of the Innocents by Contraception
Victory can only come through the brave and holy leadership of priests.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Commonwealth of Kevorkians or Good Samaritans?
It's a choice between life or death.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Trampling of Conscience
There are several grave issues in the new regulations.

Fr. Roger Landry: Living and Dying with Dignity
Get together to "build a world in which love is stronger than death."

Fr. Roger Landry: Defund Maria Talks
Taxpayers should never be paying for a website that promotes abortions.

Elise Ehrhard: Overprescribing the Pill
Young women must question the gynecological community and trust themselves.

Patrick Reilly: Is Planned Parenthood in the 'Jesuit Tradition'?
Seattle University's connections to abortion and contraceptive peddlers.

Robert Reilly: A Safe Place
May his work to end what he called "this barbaric age" of abortion prosper.

Danielle Bean: Giving Gifts, Counting Costs
What is the best gift you can give your children?

Carol Kennedy: The Problem with the Quality of Life Argument
To change our culture to a Culture of Life we need to make the right arguments.

John Zmirak: Arrest That Protestant Banker!
No prudent reason for Catholics to publicly question Live Action's tactics.

George Weigel: Clarifying "Double Effect"
Recent controversy over the termination of a pregnancy in Phoenix.

Monica Migliorino Miller: Inside the Abortion Machine
Conversion from abortion facilitator to abortion protester is a compelling narrative.

John Zmirak: Cancel My Mental Reservations
Reaction to the recent expose of Planned Parenthood.

Ronald Rychlak: IVF - Money over Morality?
Should infertility treatments be included in health-care policies?

Laura Garcia: Liberating Motherhood
Children are priceless; they are precious beyond measure.

Russell Shaw: The Elephant in the Living Room
Contraception and contemporary Catholicism.

Deal Hudson: From Philly, a Grisly Reminder of Obama's Past
Support for infanticide as an Illinois state senator.

Fr. Roger Landry: When Catholic Hospitals Lose Their Identity and Way, Part II
Worrisome trends about which faithful Catholics need to be concerned.

Fr. Roger Landry: When Catholic Hospitals Lose Their Identity and Way
What should have occurred in this tragic situation?

Deal Hudson: On Condoms - More Dostoevsky, Less Catechesis
A message of hope to those involved in degrading and dehumanizing actions.

John Zmirak: The Ghetto Is the Future
Groups that reject the childless norms of modern life will populate the world.

Candace DeRussy: Sex Ed in the Era of Roe v. Wade
Cannot coexist with faith in Christ.

Deal Hudson: Obama's Healthcare Bill Contains Abortion Funding
An accounting trick that still violates the Hyde Amendment.

Fr. Roger Landry: An Ignoble Prize for Medicine
In-vitro fertilization violates the dignity of parents, children, and others.

Eve Tushnet: The Great Unweaving
The connection between abortion and gay marriage.

Paul Vitz: Cognitive Dissonance
Catholic politicians have reduced the conflict between faith and their positions.

Carol Kennedy: The Hospice Chute
Our culture has a general fear of death and dying.

Joe Hargrave: Man vs. Nature?
A tendency to view human beings as a chief threat to the environment.

William May: The False "Cure" of Embryonic Stem Cells
Good arguments fail to persuade people in today's culture of death.

Deal Hudson: What Nietzsche Can Teach America
I have often learned my most valuable lessons from my worst enemies.

Fr. Roger Landry: Driving the Pro-Life Message Home
A message that many in our culture need to see and hear.

Mark Stricherz: Why George Orwell Was Pro-Life
If only the pro-abortion elites could see the truth as clearly as Orwell.

Deal Hudson: More Problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Less due diligence and transparency in selecting grantees.

Deal Hudson: Catholics and the Politics of the Death Penalty
Arguments about the death penalty are going to play a role in the pro-life debate.

Marjorie Campbell: Chosen Child
Women must not be robbed of their authentic femininity.

Mark Stricherz: Blood on Their Hands - Exposing Pro-abortion Catholic Politicians
The U.S. bishops say this is unacceptable. So why do they accept it?

Alice von Hildebrand: The Victory of Factum over Genitum
Unless modern man turns back to God, the horizon is dark indeed.

Mark Stricherz: Bonding with Baby - Why Ultrasound Is Turning Women against Abortion
Psychologists say the reason for this is maternal-fetal bonding.

Mark Stricherz: A Terrible Misunderstanding - How the Polls Distort Roe v. Wade
The vast majority of media polling is deeply flawed.

John Zmirak: Adventures in Double Effect
The secondary implications of this case raise real questions worth debating.

Eric Pavlat: Pulling the Plug - 5 Strategies for Talking to Democrats About Euthanasia
Surely, the truly compassionate Democrat must agree.

Eric Pavlat: How to Talk to Democrats About Abortion
Five strategies for making the pro-life case.

Rita Marker: Prescription Death - Suicide as a Medical Treatment
Advocates claim that reports on law demonstrate that it is free of problems.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Jubilee of False Gold
The fiftieth anniversary of what is the very antithesis of motherhood.

Deal Hudson: Birth Control Pills to Be Distributed to 6th Graders
Families have to give up medical services in order to protect their children.

Sue Ellin Browder: Why Condoms Will Never Stop AIDS in Africa
There's no cure for this killer, and no end in sight.

Erika Bachiochi: How Abortion Hurts Women - The Hard Evidence
Abortion harms women physically, psychologically, relationally, and culturally.

Brian Clowes: The Guttmacher Institute Redefines "Violence Against Women"
The pro-choice mindset is blind to inequality committed against men.

Todd Aglialoro: Meet the New Condom Policy (Same as the Old Condom Policy)
"Will Vatican Review Stand on Condoms?"

Todd Aglialoro: Eight Questions About the Stem Cell Debate
The building blocks of the body, the simplest and most basic units of life.

Todd Aglialoro: "Personally Opposed, But..." Five Pro-Abortion Dodges
History's most insidious pro-abortion arguments.

Deal Hudson: Abortion Is Devastating the African American Community
...Is Anyone Noticing?

Danielle Bean: Fake Reality
The most effective way to inspire more people to learn the facts about abortion?

Deal Hudson: Why Did the USCCB Join This Civil Rights Organization?
Commitments of LCCHR include promotion of abortion and same-sex marriage.

Deal Hudson: More Disturbing News about the CCHD
Overwhelming evidence about CCC's positions on abortion, same-sex marriage.

Mark Shea: Another Pyrrhic Victory for the Pro-Life Movement
Elect pro-aborts — as long as they're also pro-torture.

Jennifer Fulwiler: The Two Lists
Nothing less than women's freedom is at stake.

Fr. Roger Landry: Seeing Their Faces and Responding
A transition still needs to occur for most of us with respect to abortion.

Deal Hudson: An Evening with Justice Blackmun on the Anniversary of Roe
The fear I felt that evening did not compare to the fright I have experienced.

Deal Hudson: Catholics and the Personhood Initiative
Thousands of Catholic pro-lifers remain puzzled by the decision of their bishops.

Deal Hudson: CCHD Still Funding Abortion Promoter
Grant given to clinic offering both birth control and emergency contraception.

Howard Kainz: Natural Law and Abortion
Natural-law precepts relate differentially to the abortion issue.

Deal Hudson: Catholics Lead Abortion Funding Effort in Congress
Health-care reform is the opportunity they have been hoping for.

Deal Hudson: U.S. Catholic Editor Chides My 'Clumsy Argument'
It's not a question of balance but of priorities.

Deal Hudson: Interpreting Bart Stupak
Stupak is the Catholic Politician Who "Gets It."

Deal Hudson: An Anti-Nativity Scene in the Bleak Midwinter
Senators will vote to provide funding for abortion in the name of "preventive care."

Deal Hudson: To Bart Stupak, On the Eve of Battle
"Your resolve and leadership is going to be tested..."

Jennifer Pierce: Perfect Work
Life is always possible.

Mauricio Roman: The Bad Business of Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is facing serious financial difficulties.

Fr. Roger Landry: "Completely Unacceptable" and "An Enormous Disappointment"
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's health care reform bill.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic in Practice and Not Just in Name
They can no longer support the destruction of innocent human life in the womb.

Joseph Meaney: Laying the Netherlands to Sleep
This beacon of liberalism worldwide is rotting from the inside out.

Deal Hudson: Why A "Public Option" Will Lead to Abortion Coverage
Let's hope and pray the bishops can prevail in eliminating abortion coverage.

Deal Hudson: Divine Mercy Care
The largest pro-life OB/GYN practice of its kind in the nation.

Fr. Roger Landry: Learning From Our Mistakes
Why has the education-alone strategy been such a colossal failure?

John Zmirak: Rescue Me?
I can't decide if my old friend is crazy or a saint.

Peter Kreeft: The Apple Argument Against Abortion
The simple, common-sensical reasonableness of the pro-life case.

Tom Hoopes: When Abortion Kills Twice - The Abortion/ Breast Cancer Link
Many doubt that the statistical evidence, however strong, justifies the conclusions.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Foundations of Our Freedom
Much to consider for all Catholics who in general share the President's ideas.

Marjorie Campbell and Kate Wicker: Is NFP Misogynous?
An IC Point/Counterpoint

Deal Hudson: Catholic Writer Tells a Pro-Life Horror Story
Fighting to live in the face of a creator who wants to murder him.

Deal Hudson: The Basement of the Culture of Death
The argument over abortion is about what is intolerable.

John Zmirak: Death's Hand on the Tiller
The soul is more significant than the body...

Mark Shea: Cooperating with the Creator - The Church and Birth Control
Obeying the will of the Creator of human life.

Deal Hudson: Catholics in Congress - The Ongoing Scandal
The pro-life voting records of Catholics in the 111th Congress.

Fr. Roger Landry: Reading and Responding to the Signs of the Times
Prevent sacrilege and...further grave sin through unworthy reception.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Dignity of the Person and the Evil of In Vitro Fertilization
Catholics are called to raise up an "evangelical cry."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Urgent Need to Mobilize Consciences in Favor of Life
Just as we all were, Jesus was once an embryo.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Starting Point of the Turnaround
No one is truly beyond the reach of God's grace.

John Zmirak: Bless Your Heart, Tramp!
The prevalence of abortion and its root causes in modern sexual behavior.

Deal Hudson: Will New Jersey Elect a Pro-Life Catholic Governor?
As of a few days ago, a pro-life Catholic held the lead.

Deal Hudson: Are Canadian Bishops Helping to Support Abortion in Mexico?
The evidence necessary for a serious and thorough investigation.

Joe Hargrave: Abortion and the Consumer Society
Abortion will go away when the majority of Americans wants it to go away.

Kate Wicker: Is NFP Catholic Contraception?
Isn't birth control if you cooperate with the way God made you.

Deal Hudson: Pro-Lifers on the Post Office Wall?
The Obama administration's attempt to label Christians as potential terrorists.

William Esser: Lament for Notre Dame
"Thirty pieces of silver is no price for the souls of the unborn."

Lewis Lehrmann: Slavery and Abortion
Unprecedented threat of destruction to innocent human life in America.

Marjorie Campbell: An Invitation to Agree
We can all work cooperatively in several areas that are proven to reduce abortions.

Deal Hudson: Taking on Goliath
If you think the pro-life movement has run out of energy and new ideas...

Joanna Bogle: Humanae Vitae and Me
I find Paul VI's words extraordinarily wise, prophetic, honest, and realistic.

George Sim Johnston: Contraception - The Bitter Pill
"The more my opponents practice Birth Control, the fewer there will be to fight us."

Deal Hudson: Notre Dame's President at a Crossroads
Father Jenkins has radically altered the perception of his leadership.

Deal Hudson: The Trial of Kathleen Sebelius
Illuminating her support for, and protection of, the late-term abortion procedure.

Kate Wicker: Life -- A Baby's Best Start
Babies do deserve better. They deserve life.

Angela Franz: The Ethic of Control - Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, and Planned Parenthood
Imposed on our country and on much of the developing world.

Deal Hudson: Obama's Choice of Sebelius Heats Up the Pro-life Battle
Removing, one by one, all the restrictions set up against abortion.

Kathryn Lopez: How Birth Control Changed America for the Worst
Modesty is important. Marriage is a sacrament. All life is sacred.

Deal Hudson: Bishop Dismisses FOCA Threat to Catholic Hospitals
USCCB: Impact of FOCA would go "far beyond even Roe."

Marjorie Campbell: Putting Our Money on the Truth
The abortion scandal has hit the United States Catholic Church full force.

Deal Hudson: Exposing the 'Abortion Reduction' Scam
Education, health care, counseling -- that effort cannot be reduced to just these.

Eric Pavlat: A New Game - Shifting the Pro-Life Strategy
Five ways we can face the new challenges ahead.

Steve Skojec: The Difference Two Days Makes
Thursday marks the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Deal Hudson: The Political Future of the Pro-Life Movement
"...encourage and support pro-life candidates in both parties."

Jennifer Fulwiler: Eight Responses to the Pro-Choice Mindset
We must respect and fully understand the act that creates those unborn lives.

David Mills: Contraception and Conversion
It changed our marriage as the articles had promised.

Michael Baruzzini: Why Conception?
A matter of objective fact.

Deal Hudson: Change is Coming to the Nation's Abortion Laws
The imperial, determined, and uncompromising.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Politicians Funded by Abortion Lobby the tune of more than $9 million.

Brian Rooney: The Failure of Our Pro-Life Leadership
Reconsider the failed "incremental only steps" strategy.

Armstrong Williams: Abortion and the Rights of Fathers
Widen the consideration of abortion to the rights of fathers and the unborn child.

Ronald Rychlak: Life Issues in the New Administration
The election is over, and the changes are already beginning.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: American Anti-Catholicism
We need to be open-minded and work together in the fight for a culture of life.

David Carlin: A 'Culture First' Strategy
Now that the reversal of Roe is probably off the table for many years to come.

Fr. Roger Landry: Looking Carefully
Time to stop pretending that we do not know what this nation of ours is allowing.

Fr. Roger Landry: Judgment Day
It is not too late to admit our sinfulness and turn to the Lord.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Freedom of Choice Act and the Informed Catholic Voter
FOCA would eliminate all...restriction.

Fr. Roger Landry: Freedom and Authority
It is the truth that sets us free.

Fr. Roger Landry: Morally Exhausted Arguments
...of Catholic politicians with respect to abortion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Sexual Drunk Driving
Sometimes teenagers simply don't listen to the best of advice

Fr. Roger Landry: The World's Most Precious and Promising Ingredient
Our country urgently needs those who acknowledge and prioritize...our future.

Fr. Roger Landry: Just Salary Expectations for Our Leaders
A cagy political diversion to beguile people about these politicians' true character.

Fr. Roger Landry: Finding Cures We All Can Live With
Scientific progress must proceed along an ethically responsible path.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pro-Abortion Tyrrany and the Church's Response
Facing the issue of forced compliance with immoral laws.

Fr. Roger Landry: Amnesty International and Abortion Promotion
Many have already begun to resign from Amnesty International as a result.

Fr. Roger Landry: Cutting Through the Spin
Giuliani's public proclamations on abortion addressed head on.

Fr. Roger Landry: Abstinence-only Education
Government-sponsored study shows only four of 900 abstinence programs.

Fr. Roger Landry: Stopping the Violence
Ten reasons why the Supreme Court's decision has given pro-lifers hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: Donum Vitae
A good occasion for us to revisit and assimilate its core teachings.

Fr. Roger Landry: Plan B
Plan B was approved precisely for political reasons, not scientific ones.

Fr. Roger Landry: AIDS, Condoms and Church Teaching
Is the Church about to revise her teaching in order to prevent HIV and AIDS?

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Democrats and Principles
...a lie unless they are grounded on the right to life.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Truth about Roe
The culture of lying and brainwashing that has undermined peace.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Assault Against Conscience and Religious Freedom
Those with political power using their might to violate another's conscience.

Fr. Roger Landry: Fruits of the Same Evil Tree
Now is the time for Catholics to produce similar fruit from their pro-life tree.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Children in the Road
The Church couldn't be silent on abortion.

Natalie Hudson: What's Wrong with In Vitro Fertilization?
Discarded embryos equals mass abortions.

Natalie Hudson: Embrace Those Who Suffer
Human life, no matter what... is sacred.

Natalie Hudson: World Youth for Life Day Report
The Worst of Days and the Best of Days

Mike Shaw: 35 Years Later - Roe Still Misunderstood
"Oh God, have mercy on our souls."

Mike Shaw: The Fight Over "Abortion Rights"
Rights come from Natural Law, not the government.

H. Crocker III: Why Jefferson Davis Opposed Roe v. Wade
In fact, he might have even threatened secession over it.

Jim Bemis: The Winning Side
We've witnessed the abortion culture's high water mark.

Jim Bemis: The Founder's Wisdom
California legislators attempt to make abortion a fundamental human right.

Jim Bemis: A Good Week for Life
The Pope and the President on divorce and the unborn.

Dan Coyne: Martha Burk, Margaret Sanger and the neo-Nazi
The heroes of feminism are not so different from the KKK.

Carol Kennedy: Niceness Kills
Embracing the culture of life is more than having a bumper sticker on your car.

Carol Kennedy: Both Sides Are Wrong
Those fighting for and against Terri Schiavo just don't get it.

Carol Kennedy: Housing Prices, Kevin Bacon and Contraception
The unusual problems of a contraceptive society.

Deal Hudson: A Little Hard to Believe
Senator John Kerry's inconsistencies on abortion.

Deal Hudson: Dominant-Issue Voters
The "right to life is a moral principle that sits at the foundation of morality itself."

Deal Hudson: A Dark Day for Pro-Abortionists
Voters choose life during recent election.

Russell Shaw: Human Dignity
Freedom is the handmaid of human dignity.

Deal Hudson: How Will History Judge Catholics in the 2008 Election?
"Human life is sacred – all men must recognize that fact."

Deal Hudson: What Are We Doing?
The Catholic community should not honor those who act in defiance of our morals.

Deal Hudson: Texas Bishops Face Protests from Pro-Abortion Catholics
Too many...seminars on 'Faithful Citizenship' that don't put the life issues first.

Steve Skojec: Acting Pro-Life
Can involve simply living out the marital, parental vocation.

Deal Hudson: Praying the Rosary for the Election
"A 'spiritual weapon' that 'batters the gates of hell.'"

Deal Hudson: Obama Campaign Calls Abortion Survivor Story a "Despicable Lie"
Criticizing his four votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Why Abortion and the Iraq War Are Not Equivalent
The sheer number deaths...are not morally equivalent.

David Bonagura Jr.: Dear Bishops, Now Is the Time clear up the chaos and confusion that have overrun Catholic politics.

William Donohue: Abortion, Human Trafficking, and the Left's Double Standard
That will be the day the Democrats win back Catholics.

Deal Hudson: Obama Flunks Rick Warren's Abortion Question
"That's above my pay grade."

Danielle Bean: Are We a Pro-Life People?
Will we abandon pregnant mothers in their time of need?

Deal Hudson: Is It Fair to Say Barack Obama Supports Infanticide?
It's a dramatic charge, but here are the facts.

Simcha Fisher: It's Time to Talk Honestly about Natural Family Planning
The truth is, sometimes NFP stinks.

Russell Shaw: Message Refused - Humanae Vitae, 40 Years Later
The truth expressed in Humanae Vitae does not change…

Deal Hudson: A Debate Out of Season
Before following our conscience, we must form it in accord with the voice of God.

Eric Pavlat: If Only He Were Pro-Life...
Ten ways an Obama Administration could improve America.

William Donohue: How the Catholic Left Is Boxed in by Abortion
And there's no way out.

Dawn Eden: Friendly Fire - The Rough and Tumble World of the Stem Cell Debate
Support of some notable pro-life academics and maybe even the next president.

David Carlin: A Psychological Impossibility
We should never underestimate the human capacity for self-deception.

Eric Pavlat: The Unintended Consequences of Contraception
If you support contraception, I invite you to rethink your position.

Fr. Frank Pavone: Is This What You Mean?
They refuse to talk about what the "choice" actually is.

Mark Stricherz: Exposing Culture of Death, Inc.
Review: Embryo: A Defense of Human Life

Deborah Sturm: The Duty to Die - Scouting the Next Pro-Life Battlefield
Important to work for legal reform so that your choice for life will be honored.

Deal Hudson: San Francisco Pro-Lifers Start a Film Festival
Exploring life's deep significance.

John Mallon: The Truth is Harsh... and Charitable
Using strong language to wake up the coach, and those who follow his example.

Marjorie Campbell: Archbishop Burke, Father Euteneuer, and Catholic Charity
"It's not possible to be a Catholic and hold those positions."

Deal Hudson: Georgia Bishops Oppose State Human Life Amendment
Concern about the impact of the bishops' opposition.

Deal Hudson: A Catholic College Stands Up for the Faith
Currently embroiled in a defense of the college's Catholic identity.

Zoe Romanowsky: The Portrait of a Proud Abortionist
A fine example of evil masked as good.

Mary Jo Anderson: Abortion Judo - Using the United Nations Against Itself
A human matter...Not only for people of religious faith.

Steve Skojec: Why I Didn't Attend the March For Life
Reform of abortion law in this country can come about in one of three ways.

Thomas Peters: At The March
May this March be the last one.

Deal Hudson: The Trouble With Mitt Romney's Pro-Life Conversion
Romney's thoughts on this issue are still far from coherent and consistent.

Deal Hudson: Boston Cardinal Rebukes Democrats on Abortion
Support of pro-abortion candidates from Catholics "borders on scandal."

Margaret Cabaniss: Up the Creek of Fire
A demonstration of the pro-choice culture's discomfort with the realities of abortion.

Mark Stricherz: A Pro-Choice President Will Never End Abortion
The argument that a pro-choice president will end abortion is far-fetched.

Deal Hudson: 16 Catholic Senators Vote to Fund Abortion
A reversal of U.S. policy regarding aid to pro-abortion groups overseas.

Todd Aglialoro: Don't Tread on (My Womb)
A brief analysis of a phenomenon that I think bears on the debate.

Eric Pavlat: How to Talk to Democrats About Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Some people may not realize what an urgent issue it is.

Joan Frawley Desmond: Anti-Science? Pro-Life Dream Team Confronts Embryonic Stem-Cell Juggernaut
An informed, effective, and daring pro-life initiative that cannot be ignored.

Deal Hudson: Pro-Life Physicians Have Fewer Malpractice Claims
The impact of religious belief on medical practices.

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