Commentary by Deal Hudson

How to Vote Catholic
A guide to voting based on Catholic moral and social teaching.

"Put Out Into the Deep" and Vote!
"It is inconceivable to me how Catholics could support such policies."

Abp. Chaput Says 'Be a Catholic First'
Should be more serious about being Catholic than Republican or Democrat.

Exposing Biden's Lie About the HHS Mandate
The USCCB shirked its responsibility by leaving out Biden's name.

Substance and Smirks
Catholic countdown to the election 2012.

Prepare for Catholics for Obama Phone Calls
The scripts are written, their call centers are ready, and they're well-funded.

Five Things Every Catholic Politician Needs to Know
Progressives will attempt to paint budget concerns as "anti life."

Our Chief Obstacle to Catholic Political Participation
The "clerical frown."

The 2012 Dark Horse?
Huntsman has a chance to define himself on the basis of a solid record.

Ray Flynn - A Real Pro-Life Catholic Democrat
A man who speaks the truth to a society that doesn't want to hear it.

Digital Spirituality and the Pilgrim
The easy access of a digitalized world has created such a glut of choices.

Duped by Civility
An apathetic nation allows the media to define the meaning of good and evil.

An iPhone App to Take to Confession
An aid to confession that does not distort or cheapen it.

Chris Matthews, John Allen, and Odious Comparisons
Trivialize the genuine threat these groups pose to human life and freedom.

Egypt and the Loss of U.S. Prestige in the Middle East
A political revolution in its purest form.

From Philly, a Grisly Reminder of Obama's Past
Support for infanticide as an Illinois state senator.

Tucson as an Object Lesson in Political "Reality"
Politics will always be more about the passions than reason.

Subsidiarity and Human Dignity
If subsidiarity is forgotten, then tyranny is inevitable.

Does the USCCB Understand Subsidiarity?
A good moment for all of us to take a fresh look at our founding documents.

My New Year's Wish for President Obama
Opportunity to earn respect even from those who abhor his domestic policy.

Bill Donohue Is Accused of Starting the Fight over Christmas
Annual effort to turn the Christmas holiday into a culture war battleground?

The Last Institution
The Church continues to bear witness to the truth about human life.

Not Your Usual Christmas Gift Recommendations
The things you grab running out of a burning house.

On Being "Divisive"
Now is the time to distinguish in order to unite.

On Condoms - More Dostoevsky, Less Catechesis
A message of hope to those involved in degrading and dehumanizing actions.

A Tea Party Thanksgiving
A post-racial society better than President Obama in the White House.

Mere Taste
The value of cultivating and encouraging good taste is no "mere" luxury.

The Kicanas Problem
The subject of a growing debate over his fitness for the job of leading the USCCB.

UPDATE: The Catholic Campaign's New Problem with Coalitions
Response from the USCCB.

The Catholic Campaign's New Problem with Coalitions
Grant recipient in violation of one of the "ethical guidelines for CCHD."

Politics, Culture, or the Church?
There is nothing particularly wrong with stating the spiritually obvious...

Will the CCHD Keep Its Promises?
Many Catholics worry that the reform proposals will change nothing.

Understanding "Incivility"
Is the religious right uncivil?

The Worst Book I Ever Read
Annoyed and exhausted from the effort of reading so much nonsense.

Obama's Healthcare Bill Contains Abortion Funding
An accounting trick that still violates the Hyde Amendment.

The False Charge of "Politicizing the Church"
The potential of a Catholic Tea Party is rooted in the commitment to orthodoxy.

The Truth about Virtue and Happiness
Virtues don't tell the whole story about human life.

The Catholic Press Warily Enters the Digital Age
Join in the process of Internet evangelization rather than stand aloof.

If We Become Like Them, Will They Like Us?
Wondering how to win back some credibility in the eyes of the media.

The Catholic Tea Kettle Continues to Boil
The patience of many of the lay faithful is running out.

The Whole Story
We need once again to begin talking about happiness.

The USCCB and Cultural Diversity
A cultural competency standard is now being applied to various ministries.

Unicorns in the Toybox
We hunger for vision, even if it keeps us awake at night.

What Nietzsche Can Teach America
I have often learned my most valuable lessons from my worst enemies.

Israel and Palestine Give the Two-State Solution Another Look
Peace talks have become ritualized face-saving gestures for all parties concerned.

More Problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Less due diligence and transparency in selecting grantees.

How Universities Fool Their Donors
Alumni complaining about the latest anti-Catholic outbreak.

Honoring a Bishop from the Northwest
"We need more like him!"

Catholics and the Politics of the Death Penalty
Arguments about the death penalty are going to play a role in the pro-life debate.

A Common Friend to Both - A Visit with Archbishop Chacour
"We don't need anyone else to become the enemy of the Jews or the Arabs."

The Pro-Life Leader Who Is Also an Exorcist
The occult is not innocent entertainment.

A Catholic Governor Embraces Subsidiarity
An opportunity to reflect on the longer view of a Catholic in politics.

Are We at a Moment Before the Deluge?
An apt description of where our nation stands on its 234th birthday.

How My First Catholic Mentors Taught Me Spirituality
More than just intellectually curious about the Catholic tradition.

To Be Adopted and To Adopt
Such sacrificial love is found in God.

The Coming Anti-Catholic Storm
Another opportunity to denigrate the Church.

Glee and the Search for Postmodern Innocence
The ability to keep three generations of viewers in front of the TV together.

Can the Bishops Fix the Health Care Bill?
The Protect Life Act prevents federal funding for abortion or abortion coverage.

Toning Down the Immigration Debate among Catholics
Pelosi wants help from the bishops.

Sr. Carol Keehan Misrepresents Her Support of the Health-Care Bill
Her denial of the abortion funding is either incredibly naïve or disingenuous.

Remember the Palestinians
Slowly, little by little, the fabric of life is being torn apart.

On Beauty - A Message to Its Religious Despisers
Beauty plays a role in the salvation of us all.

The Ongoing Saga of the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal
It's going to be kept open for a long time if the Vatican does not act decisively.

Seven Ways the Bishops Should Respond to Sex Abuse
To rebuild the trust of Catholics and to make reparations to the victims.

Too Many Catholics on the Supreme Court?
The media starts noting religious affiliation now that Catholics predominate.

Are the Bishops 'Advancing the Republican Agenda'?
Many regard the bishops' pro-life effort as partisan, rather than Christian.

Why Do the Media Hate the Church?
What's the source of the animus?

Why Catholics Should Work to Repeal the Health Care Bill
A pledge has already been signed by 64 members of Congress.

Father Groeschel Reflects on the Healthcare Vote
When the anger wanes, hope will remain. Therein lies our future.

Bart Stupak Failed Us
Another example of why our young people view politics cynically.

Fifty-Nine Thousand Nuns Oppose the Bishops on Health Care
"Don't mess with nuns!"

The Failure of the Bishops' Healthcare Bill Strategy
The USCCB is running out of time to get tough.

Catholic Bishops Must Change Health Care Strategy
It should be clear that there is no good will toward their concerns.

Why There Is No Church Teaching on the Health Care Bill
But there is a position being taken by the bishops' conference.

Portrait of a Pro-Life Catholic from Down Under
Cory Bernardi, a pro-life Catholic senator from South Australia.

Abortion Is Devastating the African American Community
...Is Anyone Noticing?

Catholics Organize to Promote Gay Marriage
Catholic doctrine is not defined by polling -- not yet, anyway.

Why Tom Golisano Believes in Ave Maria University
Generous philanthropist donated $4 million to pro-life university.

Will the Government Take Over the Internet?
Obama administration wants control with its support of "net neutrality."

Why I Signed the CCHD Petition
Enough questionable grantees in recent years to raise a red flag.

Is It Time for a Catholic Tea Party?
There are some matters where they can speak out without acting in disobedience.

Why Did the USCCB Join This Civil Rights Organization?
Commitments of LCCHR include promotion of abortion and same-sex marriage.

More Disturbing News about the CCHD
Overwhelming evidence about CCC's positions on abortion, same-sex marriage.

Obama Fails to Seize the Opportunity of His Big Night
Obama needed his speech to rekindle the enthusiasm for his leadership.

Why Is the Obama Administration Going Soft on Iran Sanctions?
The human cost could far exceed that of any sanctions on petroleum.

An Evening with Justice Blackmun on the Anniversary of Roe
The fear I felt that evening did not compare to the fright I have experienced.

Catholics and the Personhood Initiative
Thousands of Catholic pro-lifers remain puzzled by the decision of their bishops.

Virginia Catholics Take Up Arms against Obamacare
Leading the resistance against the encroaching power of the Obama White House.

CCHD Still Funding Abortion Promoter
Grant given to clinic offering both birth control and emergency contraception.

Catholic Politicians Supporting Same-Sex Marriage Legislation
Citizens appear to be on the side of the bishops, not the dissenters in Congress.

Catholics Lead Abortion Funding Effort in Congress
Health-care reform is the opportunity they have been hoping for.

U.S. Catholic Editor Chides My 'Clumsy Argument'
It's not a question of balance but of priorities.

Interpreting Bart Stupak
Stupak is the Catholic Politician Who "Gets It."

An Anti-Nativity Scene in the Bleak Midwinter
Senators will vote to provide funding for abortion in the name of "preventive care."

To Bart Stupak, On the Eve of Battle
"Your resolve and leadership is going to be tested..."

Fake Catholic Groups Working Overtime for Healthcare Bill
Warning Catholics not to get too hung up on things like federal funding of abortion.

The Bishops Have a Second Reason for Opposing the Healthcare Bill
The bishops have two good reasons for turning from "allies into adversaries."

The Wounded Irish Church
"Now there's so much disrespect."

The Laughter That Binds Us All
Feminism of life does everything in support of life from the perspective of love.

CCHD Responds to Its Critics and Chicago Responds to Its Own
Fighting back against the effort encouraging Catholics to ignore the collection.

Abortion, Healthcare, and the President's Priorities
The "status quo" argument continues to be used by Obama.

How the Stupak-Pitts Amendment May Change Our Politics
May have altered the direction of the Obama presidency and Democratic Party.

Another 'John Paul II' Catholic Runs for Congress
Brian Rooney is not afraid to defend unborn life and the family.

A New Grassroots Political Organization Makes Its Mark
Ralph Reed and the Faith & Freedom Coalition

Bethlehem University Student Deported to Gaza
She has not been accused of being a security threat and has committed no crime.

USCCB Clarifies Its Position on the Regulation of Hate Speech
Will the "So We Might See" coalition drop their allegations against Limbaugh?

USCCB Partners an Effort to Investigate Rush Limbaugh's "Hate Speech"
An obvious attempt to undermine the influence of conservative talk radio.

The Stupid Party May Learn a Lesson in Upstate New York
The more voters know Scozzafava, the less they support her.

Obama's Nominee for EEOC Promotes Polygamy and Homosexuality
A powerful perch from which to pursue her "new strategic vision."

Why Catholics Should Take a Position on the Hate-Crimes Bill
Could religious leaders be subject to prosecution based on their preaching?

Why A "Public Option" Will Lead to Abortion Coverage
Let's hope and pray the bishops can prevail in eliminating abortion coverage.

Divine Mercy Care
The largest pro-life OB/GYN practice of its kind in the nation.

Newt Gingrich and the Pope
His forthcoming documentary, Nine Days That Changed the World.

A University of Dallas Alumnus Sets His Sights on Congress
May well be joining the new wave of pro-life Catholic members of Congress.

Charity, Civility, and Speaking the Truth
"The courage to look truth in the eye and call things by their common names."

Playing the Race Card and the Sin of Slander
Charges of racism against critics of the Obama administration.

Canadian Priest Accuses Pro-Lifers of Hatred and Bullying
Calls them agents of "division, destruction, vitriol, judgment, and violence."

Obama Tries to Save Healthcare Reform... and His Presidency
Failed to clear the air about the moral issue at the heart of health care.

When Should Catholics "Call a Spade a Spade"?
This question has arisen over the reactions to the funeral of Sen. Kennedy.

The Problems with Government-Run Healthcare
Hopeful that Congress will consider keeping medical care private.

Bill Donohue Takes Aim at the Secular Left
Secular Sabotage could not arrive at a more opportune moment.

"People Don't Know What Insurance Is"
The key to a workable alternative to government-run health care...

A Prince of Darkness Heads Toward the Light
The Church lost one of its most powerful voices in American culture and media.

A Workable Alternative to Government-Run Healthcare
More than one way to achieve the goal of universal access to health care.

Why Are the Bishops Forcing the Issue of Healthcare?
Now is the time when Catholics should not trust the United States government.

The Risks of a "Right" to Healthcare
Health care as a human right is muddled and, therefore, dangerous.

Why Catholics Will Not Get Abortion Out of the Health Care Bill
A test of the bishops' ability to educate Congress and the White House.

Reading Into the Church
The novels that helped to convert me and continue to do so.

Building a Farm Team of New Conservative Leadership
We should educate them in how to go from protesting to implementing.

An Open Letter to Tiger Woods, Asking for More
It will take courage to admit to yourself that your manners need improving.

Catholic Schools Are Saving New Orleans' Children
Revitalizing Catholic schools with teaching sisters.

Three Misreadings of Caritas in Veritate
Will miss Benedict's contribution to the Church's tradition of social teaching.

Did President Obama Mislead the Holy Father?
Not just about the abortion issue anymore, about basic respect and honesty.

Benedict XVI Tightens Up the Church's Social Teaching
"Love in Truth" will be a work of lasting significance.

Why Catholics Should Oppose Sotomayor
A mistake to allow such a nominee to take a seat without a serious debate.

President Obama Meets with Catholic Journalists
Preferred to consider his Catholic glass half full.

The Great Philosopher Who Became Catholic
Mortimer Adler helped bring so many into the Church.

The Good News about Our Bishops
More strong leadership in the future.

Catholic Writer Tells a Pro-Life Horror Story
Fighting to live in the face of a creator who wants to murder him.

Vatican Newspaper Editor Digs Deeper Hole
Vian: "He didn't seem a pro-abortion president."

When Did David Letterman Stop Being Funny?
Letterman's "joke" about Governor Sarah Palin's 14-year-old daughter.

The Basement of the Culture of Death
The argument over abortion is about what is intolerable.

Is the Future of the Christian Vote in Doubt?
"The truth wins out when it is given effective voice."

Evil, In the Name of God
Will leave you changed and forever on guard against the abuse of divine law.

Vatican Newspaper Provides Obama's 2012 Campaign Message
A dream come true for President Obama's Catholic outreach effort.

Will Rev. Federico Lombardi Resign from the Vatican Press Office?
Six major gaffs that have occurred during Father Lombardi's directorship.

Michael Sean Winters of America Magazine Implies that I'm an Anti-Semite
Is this the kind of voice and tone we should expect from America?

Is the "Jewish State" Another Obstacle to the Peace Process?
They fear the immediate impact on refugees, borders, and their identity.

Catholics in Congress - The Ongoing Scandal
The pro-life voting records of Catholics in the 111th Congress.

The Bishops Who Speak... and Those Who Don't
Do the majority of U.S. bishops agree with Notre Dame?

Will Benedict XVI Challenge Palestinian and Israeli Extremism?
The only solution is one that recognizes the legitimate rights of both communities.

Notre Dame Fumbles Its Obama Offensive
"Notre Dame... has forgotten what it means to be Catholic."

Christian Zionism, Evangelicals, and Israel
Why Evangelicals have become such a strong political lobby for Israel.

Will New Jersey Elect a Pro-Life Catholic Governor?
As of a few days ago, a pro-life Catholic held the lead.

Are Canadian Bishops Helping to Support Abortion in Mexico?
The evidence necessary for a serious and thorough investigation.

A Catholic Writer Who Does Not Turn Away
The Body of This: Stories by Andrew McNabb

Ten Hard Facts Confronting Benedict XVI in the Holy Land
The Church must offer a universal message of hope.

The Pope Should Go to Gaza
Imagine the power of the Holy Father the midst of the devastation.

Pro-Lifers on the Post Office Wall?
The Obama administration's attempt to label Christians as potential terrorists.

Palestinian Christians Look Toward the Papal Visit
The pope's desire to make a "personal pilgrimage" to the holy sites.

Benedict XVI and the Future of the Holy Land
"When it starts dying, we know all of us are going to die."

'The Right Is Mean, and the Left Is Foul'
An interesting difference between how conservatives and liberals are impolite.

Closing Ranks on Canon 915
Not news coverage that the Obama administration would want to deal with.

Taking on Goliath
If you think the pro-life movement has run out of energy and new ideas...

Notre Dame's President at a Crossroads
Father Jenkins has radically altered the perception of his leadership.

The Trial of Kathleen Sebelius
Illuminating her support for, and protection of, the late-term abortion procedure.

So Much For the "Mythical" Freedom of Choice Act
No such bill has been introduced in the current Congress.

Obama's Choice of Sebelius Heats Up the Pro-life Battle
Removing, one by one, all the restrictions set up against abortion.

Do the Nebraska Bishops Want Open Borders?
Presents spiritual enrichment and strengthening of faith in God's divine plan for all.

A Catholic College Where the Students Sing (In Latin)
Magdalen College: A place where students encounter Jesus Christ and His love.

What the Pope Should Know about Nancy Pelosi
One can never underestimate the impact of being in his presence.

Some Advice for Apostolates in a Time of Recession
Make sure donors know that your apostolate's mission is making a difference.

A Bishop in the Tradition of Cardinal O'Connor
Scranton's Bishop Joseph Francis Martino.

Bishop Dismisses FOCA Threat to Catholic Hospitals
USCCB: Impact of FOCA would go "far beyond even Roe."

New FCC Regulations Threaten Catholic Radio
Regulates the range of opinions that should be heard on a radio station.

Exposing the 'Abortion Reduction' Scam
Education, health care, counseling -- that effort cannot be reduced to just these.

How Beauty Can Renew the Catholic Church
The key is found at the heart of what it means to practice the Faith.

Joy, Golf, and a Life Well Lived
Joy lifted him beyond the obstacles that discourage most men.

Adoption - A Love Story
"I was smiling so hard my face hurt."

The Political Future of the Pro-Life Movement
"...encourage and support pro-life candidates in both parties."

Will History Repeat Itself in Gaza?
It has been tried before, and it failed.

My New Year's Wish for the Church
So great a gift demands to be shared.

Bombing Gaza Won't Make Israel Safer
Until Gaza is allowed some measure of freedom and access to external markets.

Christmas Morning - The Rules
The feast...seemed even sweeter then because we followed the rules.

Obama Refuses to Buckle Under Pressure From Gay Activists
I must admit, I certainly didn't expect it.

Change is Coming to the Nation's Abortion Laws
The imperial, determined, and uncompromising.

Catholic Politicians Funded by Abortion Lobby the tune of more than $9 million.

Another Faithful Catholic Jumps into the Political Ring
Some new faces have begun to emerge in the GOP.

The Power of a Bold Bishop
Nothing stirs the pot like a bishop declaring his independence.

Ten Things for Which I'm Grateful This Thanksgiving
Offer thanks for the many blessings God has given us.

A Warning to the GOP
Will the Republican Party wave goodbye to religious conservatives?

The Jesuits Produce A Great Political Candidate
Joseph Cao represents a new generation of Catholics in politics.

Why Hitler Stole the Art of Europe
He sought total domination of the culture, especially its art and architecture.

Finding Perspective on Obama in Ireland
The message of the Christ should lighten the heart and soften the tongue.

Why I Will Vote for John McCain
All of my reasons in one place.

Is a Split in the GOP Inevitable?
Those who control the RNC would do well to study the Palin phenomenon.

Will "Faithful Citizenship" Win the Catholic Vote For Obama?
Did the bishops realize how it could be used in upcoming elections?

What Are We Doing?
The Catholic community should not honor those who act in defiance of our morals.

Texas Bishops Face Protests from Pro-Abortion Catholics
Too many...seminars on 'Faithful Citizenship' that don't put the life issues first.

Money - Making It, Spending It, And Giving It Away
An interview with Frank J. Hanna III...

How Will History Judge Catholics in the 2008 Election?
"Human life is sacred all men must recognize that fact."

Last Safe Haven for Iraqi Christians Taken by Al-Qaeda
Justice is growing more remote, despite Iraqi and U.S. promises.

Will the Church Split Along Red and Blue Lines?
What impact could an Obama administration have on the Catholic Church?

Praying the Rosary for the Election
"A 'spiritual weapon' that 'batters the gates of hell.'"

Selling Obama as a Pro-Life Candidate
"It's exactly contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church."

A Jesuit's Case for Barack Obama
So why not wish for the elimination of abortion?

Obama Campaign Calls Abortion Survivor Story a "Despicable Lie"
Criticizing his four votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Obama's Faltering Religious Outreach Revs Up
"People of faith will judge the candidates on the basis of their voting record."

Creating a New Mt. Carmel... in America
Pilgrims can come on retreat and hear the preaching and conferences.

Taking the Time to Act Like Christians
One of the most remarkable moments of Christian reconciliation...

Obama's Political "Cloud of Unknowing"
Ignoring the scientific evidence establishing the fact that life begins at conception.

The McCain-Palin Ticket Renews the Culture Wars
The rejection of the feminist movement and all the promises made in its name.

Governor Palin Solves John McCain's Religion Problem
The foot soldiers of the Republican Party are back on the field.

A Grand Night for Singing - Why I Love Showtunes
"A joy that cannot, and will not, be contained..."

Saving the Christians of Iraq
Iraq and the United States have to collaborate to maintain their safety.

Obama Flunks Rick Warren's Abortion Question
"That's above my pay grade."

Can Charity Prevail on the Internet?
That a relationship is virtual is no excuse for incivility.

You've Gotta Have Heart? How Obama Chooses Judges
His criteria for picking judges is troubling.

Is It Fair to Say Barack Obama Supports Infanticide?
It's a dramatic charge, but here are the facts.

The Trenton Times Gets It Wrong on Catholics and Voting
Did I miss an encyclical or a change in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

McCain's Opportunity, Obama's Challenge
Voters will know more about the candidates' positions on social issues.

Brideshead Reinvented
Will Waugh's masterpiece be desecrated or resuscitated?

Will the Iraqi Constitution Protect Christians?
In the short term, legal remedies are not the answer.

The Catholic Left Meets in Philadelphia
The Catholic Left is "boxed in by abortion."

An Irish Mystic Comes to Chicago
There may be something afoot in Christendom.

Obama Responds to the Infanticide Charge
Obama calls the charge of infanticide an "unfair characterization."

Iraqi Bishops Ask for Help Protecting their Flock
It is up to the United States to help find a solution.

May raise larger questions about moral judgment.

The Case Against Barack Obama
Voters should be reminded of what Archbishop Chaput said to Obama's Catholics.

Ralph Reed Writes a Novel?
To recreate an election in the imaginary world of fiction.

Survey Takes a Revealing New Look at Religious Voters
Future campaigns may focus on the newer categories like "traditionalists."

John McCain Meets With Catholic Leaders in Philadelphia
"They are still His sons and daughters when they are in the voting booth."

Receiving Messages from God in Ireland?
A message the world needs to hear.

John McCain Is Losing the Religious Right
Will not have the backing of voters who have provided the difference for the GOP.

Targeting the Bishops?
Catholic journalists can unknowingly strengthen the hand of anti-Catholic writers.

May Faithful Catholics Criticize Bishops Publicly?
Just how to treat the bishops.

Are Religious Conservatives and the GOP Heading for Divorce?
McCain will need religiously active voters over the next five months.

A Catholic Composer to Watch...
Worries that young people are damaged by popular music.

Why the Media Rejected John Hagee's Apology
Accused Donohue of lying to help John McCain's candidacy.

How Obama's Catholics Will Dodge the Infanticide Question
The most extreme pro-abortion advocate ever to be nominated for president.

Catholics Come Home
Many cradle Catholics leave the Church never to return.

Why Are the Christians Leaving the Holy Land?
Arab Christian communities are slowly dwindling.

The Face of Pope Benedict XVI
Gave us peace in spite of his admonishments.

Birthday at the White House
President Bush once again spoke out in defense of the sanctity of life.

Who Are Obama's Catholic Supporters?
Give the Obama Catholic outreach tremendous credibility in the eyes of the media.

Institutionalized Dissent Greets the Holy Father
"Dissent woven into the fabric of Catholic institutions."

Can Obama Use Iraq to Win the Catholic Vote?
Obama can "invoke the foresight of John Paul II."

Catholics Organize to Elect Barack Obama
"To move politics beyond selfishness and division to the common good."

Meeting Reverend John Hagee
Why he was considered anti-Catholic and how he thought he was misunderstood.

A Memo to the Obama Campaign
To help understand the Catholic vote.

Pope Receives Muslim Critic of Osama bin Laden
I cannot imagine Benedict changing his plans on account of any threat.

Jesuit University President Attacks George Weigel
Privett's outraged response surprises the Catholic residents of San Francisco.

Barack Obama's Problematic Religious Outreach
Appeal to religious voters will be limited by the content of his own convictions.

Catholic Left Beats McCain with Hagee Stick
Politicians who wants to win the Catholic vote will have to avoid anti-Catholicism.

Did California Really Ban Homeschooling?
It's understandable why the language of the ruling caused consternation.

San Francisco Pro-Lifers Start a Film Festival
Exploring life's deep significance.

When There Is Too Much Religion In Politics
Even a sympathetic observer might be thinking enough is enough.

Barack Obama's Catholic Problem
McCain may end up solving Obama's problem himself.

Georgia Bishops Oppose State Human Life Amendment
Concern about the impact of the bishops' opposition.

Douglas Kmiec and the Lure of Obama
Has made it easier for them to make that mistake.

Preacher Man - Barack Obama and the Gospel of Liberalism
There will be those who think they see a winner and want to hop on board.

A Catholic College Stands Up for the Faith
Currently embroiled in a defense of the college's Catholic identity.

A John Paul II Catholic Runs for Office in Florida
Difficulties face a pro-life, pro-family Catholic running for public office.

McCain Scores with Catholics on Super Tuesday
Time will tell which of the two McCains will win out in the minds of voters.

Nation's Top Pro-Life Judicial Activist Speaks Out on John McCain
In light of criticism from prominent conservatives and radio show hosts.

Are U.S. Dollars Supporting Abortion in China?
At the cost of HIV/AIDS victims whose suffering could be prevented.

Is the Catholic Vote Giving John McCain the GOP Lead?
Brownback's role in the McCain campaign may be the pivotal event.

Why I Don't Trust Mitt Romney
His record on the campaign trail only corroborates my concerns.

Senator Brownback on the Case for John McCain
His surprising choice and endorsement.

Anti-Catholic Bias in Georgetown AIDS Report
Georgetown authors are uncomfortable with faith-based approaches to prevention.

Huckabee Fails to Attract Catholic Voters
Catholics, thus far, have not been charmed by Mike Huckabee.

Why Barack Obama Will Not Win the Catholic Vote
Obama will be no JFK.

Mike Huckabee's Anti-Catholic Problem
Some of his biggest supporters think the Church is the source of anti-Semitism.

Some Favorites from 2007
Cultural finds from 2007.

The Trouble With Mitt Romney's Pro-Life Conversion
Romney's thoughts on this issue are still far from coherent and consistent.

Bishop Says Catholic Schools Are Not the First Priority
Parish life itself must be reinvigorated.

Why The Republicans Won't Nominate Rudy Giuliani
Would break its promise to the religious and social conservatives.

Campaign 2008 - A Conversation with John McCain
Immigration, the Baptist church, and the role of faith in the voting booth.

Obama Advisor is Well Known Dissenting Catholic
What is Obama's attitude toward Catholics?

God Goes on Trial in San Francisco
Public school students who want to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

University of St. Thomas Snubs Archbishop
It's puzzling that Archbishop Flynn went along with it.

Giuliani Adviser is an Accused Pedophile Priest?
Will not help him to convince Catholics to trust his judgment.

Bishops Say Immigrants' Needs Come Before Border Security
The bishops' "Justice for Immigrants" program.

Did the Bishops Punish Archbishop Burke?
Distancing themselves from a fellow bishop who kept controversy in the air.

Boston Cardinal Rebukes Democrats on Abortion
Support of pro-abortion candidates from Catholics "borders on scandal."

Time Editor Calls Hillary Clinton a 'Moral Conservative'
Senator Clinton has a 100% pro-abortion voting record in Congress.

Muzzling the Bishops With "Civility"
It must not come at the expense of our bishops speaking the truth.

Rebellion Against the Pope Over the Latin Mass
"Disobedient" and being used as "instruments of the devil."

Over Eighty American Catholic Leaders Urge Support of Humanae Vitae
An extraordinary teaching moment for the universal Church.

Why the Democrats Are Blue - A Conversation with Mark Stricherz
"The greatest untold story in American politics."

Will Homosexuality Soon Be Promoted By Law?
Will give gay and lesbian groups a very sharp sword to wage in the culture wars.

Birth Control Pills to Be Distributed to 6th Graders
Families have to give up medical services in order to protect their children.

High Noon at College of the Holy Cross
The official Catholic status of Holy Cross at risk.

Has James Dobson Created an Opening for Mitt Romney?
Positioning himself as the GOP candidate of choice for religious conservatives.

Will Dr. James Dobson Damage the Christian Vote?
Easily the most important Evangelical leader in the country.

The Last Carmelite Monks in America?
"It was just meant to be."

16 Catholic Senators Vote to Fund Abortion
A reversal of U.S. policy regarding aid to pro-abortion groups overseas.

Why I Am a Catholic Republican
Not because Republicans are fun or especially good company.

Ten Questions with Senator Sam Brownback
An uncompromising emphasis on the defense of life.

Refuting the Attacks on Mother Teresa
Will make her "accessible" to more people.

Can Fred Thompson Win Over Religious Conservatives?
Religious conservatives are not the type of voters disposed toward compromise.

Pavarotti, a Voice That Will Never Die
The greatest voice of our generation.

A Debate Out of Season
Before following our conscience, we must form it in accord with the voice of God.

Pro-Life Physicians Have Fewer Malpractice Claims
The impact of religious belief on medical practices.

An Evangelical Ponders the Presidency
More than the "guy who lost all that weight."

Ten Things Republicans Must Do To Keep the Religious Vote
To reinvigorate its religious base.

Love Where There Could Have Been Hate
We all find it hard to forgive.

Reaction to the State of the Church in America
I hope Church leaders will find these rankings interesting and helpful.

John Paul the Great
Pope John Paul II understood modernity from the inside out.

Saint Malachi Predicts the Election of Pope Benedict XVI
Could it mean that the end is near?

The Marriage Amendment Fails... For Now
A look at how the Catholic senators voted.

A Little Hard to Believe
Senator John Kerry's inconsistencies on abortion.

Lobbying For The Bishops
Statement says "Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental

Dominant-Issue Voters
The "right to life is a moral principle that sits at the foundation of morality itself."

Catholic Opinion By the Numbers
Eye-opening summary of the landmark study conducted by Crisis Magazine.

Passion, Not Prejudice
"...would it were that more men had such courage."

The Dissenter's Secret Meeting
Liberals meet with bishops to discuss the future Church.

12 Myths Every Catholic Should Be Able To Answer
Study them. Memorize them. Be prepared.

Rick Santorum Is Right
Devout Catholic falsely accused of "gay-bashing."

Making Our Own Decisions
Trusting political leadership in a time of war.

Are Your Kids Safe in a Catholic College?
Arm your children with a solid foundation BEFORE they go to college.

War for Oil?
A few things that the "No Blood For Oil" folks seem to be missing.

A Dark Day for Pro-Abortionists
Voters choose life during recent election.

"Voice of the Faithful" Shows Its Stripes
"There's something vaguely satisfying about seeing VOTF discredit itself."

Remembering September 11th
May we all find hope in our hearts today.

Another Look At Voice of the Faithful
Comments about a recent letter defending VOTF.

Rome Rejects While the Bishops "Reflect"
The flaws of the Dallas policy and the recent statement on Jews.

A Close Look at Voice of the Faithful
"VOTF is simply another group of dissenters, plain and simple."

The Bishop's Secret Letter
Eight American bishops call for a Plenary Council.

The Alternative World Youth Day
Challenge the Church's pathetic attempt to lure away young people.

How To Make Sure "Catholic" Colleges Really Are
It's time to "start expecting them to live up to their name."

After Dallas - Disappointment and Hope
Two bright spots that give us hope for the future.

How to Refute Arguments Against Priestly Celibacy
How to respond when people challenge your faith.

Liberals Planning for Vatican III?
The National Catholic Reporter's latest ridiculous cover story.

10 Myths About Priestly Pedophilia
The truth about the scandals in the Church.

Stop the Cheering
To be Catholic means recognizing the authority of a position, not a person.

A Time for Caution
We must avoid a witch-hunt for homosexual priests.

Public Lynching of the Priesthood
Celibacy is "unnatural" because "we are just animals."

Harvard's Catholic Voice
Closet Catholics cast the first stone.

It's Not About Celibacy
Celibacy is not the cause of priestly pedophilia.

Government Cannot Love
Jim Towey learned his lessons from the man in Bed #46.

Postmodern Buchanan
My thoughts about Pat Buchanan.

A City Divided - How Israel's Wall Is Splitting the Holy Land
It has met with success thus far, but has come at a price for Christians.

M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable Success
Unbreakable may be too much of a mental stretch for most people.