Catholic Commentary: The Vatican

Fr. Roger Landry: Stopping the Collateral Damage
Time to achieve a balance between the rights of accusers and accused.

Fr. Roger Landry: Preventing Another Class of Victims
Priests unprotected from character assassination by false allegations.

Fr. Roger Landry: Opening Anew the School of Prayer
A new series that may prove to be Pope Benedict's most important of all.

Fr. Roger Landry: Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests, II
We need to candidly state and examine this inconvenient truth.

Fr. Roger Landry: Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests
Controversial aspects of the report that have gotten a lot of attention.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Big Worldwide Step in the Right Direction
Real progress has been occurring in the Church in the last decade.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Vitality of our Faith
Five best practices that have shown remarkable vitality in fostering vocations.

Fr. Michael Orsi: Guidelines for the Protection of Priests
A proposal to rectify their unfair treatment.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: Once in a Century – Remembering John Paul
What will the future make of John Paul II's legacy?

Fr. George Rutler: John Paul II
The early years of his pontificate were an unending round of surprises.

Fr. Roger Landry: Distinguished Student and Teacher in Church's Essential School
The exclamation point on what was John Paul II's most important papal priority.

George Weigel: Remembering Pope John Paul II
Thank God for such a life, in our time.

Fr. Roger Landry: Reconstructing the Courtyard of the Gentiles
A forum for discussion with non-believers.

Joanna Bogle: Servant of the Servants of God
Not just a great man but a great pope, a great man of God.

George Weigel: Reforming Caritas International
Determined to reassert identity in global development and health-care efforts.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Second Part of the Story
The Church's reaction after the revelations came to light.

Russell Shaw: Continuity and Change
Complementary principles in the Catholic Church.

George Weigel: The Church and the Unions
The common good requires sacrifices from all.

George Weigel: Cardinal Baum - A New Record-Holder
His courage gave, and gives, us courage.

Fr. James Schall: The Papal Pencil
"...Not only changing the way we communicate, but communication itself."

George Weigel: Rome and Moscow
A dramatic breakthrough in relations between the Holy See and Russia?

Fr. Thomas Williams, L.C.: The Myth of Religious Tolerance
Respect for religious freedom stands head and shoulders above tolerance.

Theresa Moreau: Outlaw - One Priest in the Underground Chinese Church
Father Guang-Zhong Gu gave 29 years of his life and never surrendered.

Fr. Roger Landry: Education in the Heart of the Church
An opportunity to reflect on the privilege and purpose of Catholic education.

Joseph Atkinson: A Family Manifesto - How to Read Familiaris Consortio
The pope did more than just model strength for us: He called us to it.

George Weigel: A Life of Miracles
His blessedness consisted in no small part of showing us others' blessedness.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Three Wise Men
Leading the people of Israel out of bondage to the Promised Land.

Joanna Bogle: The Future of the Church in England
The predictions in the 1980s were wrong: We haven't disappeared.

Deal Hudson: Subsidiarity and Human Dignity
If subsidiarity is forgotten, then tyranny is inevitable.

Deal Hudson: The Last Institution
The Church continues to bear witness to the truth about human life.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Consistent Ethic of Christ's Concerns for All His People
The urgent task of bishops and all those who share the faith.

Deal Hudson: On Being "Divisive"
Now is the time to distinguish in order to unite.

Deal Hudson: On Condoms - More Dostoevsky, Less Catechesis
A message of hope to those involved in degrading and dehumanizing actions.

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR: Our Priesthood on the Couch
What he thinks about the process of vocational testing.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church and Condoms
That teaching needs to be better known, lived and proclaimed.

Russell Shaw: The End of an Era
The USCCB has chosen a new path.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Word of God in the Life and Mission of The Church
The most expansive papal document on Sacred Scripture in the Church's history.

Deal Hudson: The Kicanas Problem
The subject of a growing debate over his fitness for the job of leading the USCCB.

Deal Hudson: UPDATE: The Catholic Campaign's New Problem with Coalitions
Response from the USCCB.

Deal Hudson: The Catholic Campaign's New Problem with Coalitions
Grant recipient in violation of one of the "ethical guidelines for CCHD."

Deal Hudson: Will the CCHD Keep Its Promises?
Many Catholics worry that the reform proposals will change nothing.

Deal Hudson: The Catholic Press Warily Enters the Digital Age
Join in the process of Internet evangelization rather than stand aloof.

Fr. Roger Landry: No Longer Business as Usual
Can we afford to ignore the crisis of faith that has overtaken our society?

Deal Hudson: If We Become Like Them, Will They Like Us?
Wondering how to win back some credibility in the eyes of the media.

David House: "To Stand Still and to See the Salvation of God"
It is truly a message for all times.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square
Benedict's positive, appealing challenge can only be a good thing.

Joanna Bogle: The Pope in Great Britain
So many extraordinary, magnificent, unforgettable moments.

Bishop Robert Vasa: The Bishop and the Conference
The duties and responsibilities of the individual bishop.

Deal Hudson: The USCCB and Cultural Diversity
A cultural competency standard is now being applied to various ministries.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Long-Awaited Advent
Important things that were lost in translation and needed to be remedied.

Robert Reilly: Fearless - How John Paul II Changed the Political World
Christ shone through him in a way that could be seen by billions of people.

Michael Foley: Getting Active Participation Right
More to do with a soul in devotion than a body in motion.

John Zmirak: What's Your Theological Deal-Killer?
Defying direct papal commands and ignoring the bishops he has appointed.

Deal Hudson: Honoring a Bishop from the Northwest
"We need more like him!"

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church's, and the Media's, Response to the Graviora Delicta
Many in the secular media are prone to distort what the Church says and does.

Marian Crowe: The Good Sisters - An Appreciation
A vanishing breed...

Russell Shaw: A Strange Attack from the New York Times
Ample information to show that Benedict XVI should be praised, not blamed.

John Zmirak: In a State of Grace? Thank a Priest
These men are on the front lines of what can seem like a losing war.

Robert Griffin: The Hook - A Week in the Life of a Catholic Preacher
The last remnants of an ancient tradition that today has all but died out.

Fr. Ray Ryland: The Gift
The Church is totally committed to maintaining priestly celibacy.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Great Scandal of Priestly Celibacy
Priestly celibacy is crucial today.

Joanna Bogle: Preparing for the Pope
Problems rooted in the very modern tensions of the Britain of the 21st century.

John Zmirak: Let's Pretend We're Jesuits in China
Fr. Ricci's mission casts light on preaching the gospel to alien cultures.

Brian Saint-Paul: "Some of us are owed an apology" - Traditionalists and the Latin Mass
Reactions to the motu proprio and whether the liturgical wars are finally over.

Thomas Woods Jr.: Economics As Science - A Catholic Defense of the Free Market
The less heed we pay to propaganda the more attractive the market becomes.

Thomas Woods Jr.: Benedict's Revolution - The Return of the Old Latin Mass
The Church has at last made peace with her own tradition.

Robert Griffin: In the Shoes of a Shepherd - A Week in the Life of a Bishop
One of the best bishops in America, a rising star in the land of the sun.

Fr. Roger Landry: The First Step in the Renewal of the Church
Help each and every priest become the holy priest God intends him to be.

Fr. Roger Landry: Repairing the Wounds
Focus on needed revisions to the Health Care Reform.

Anthony Esolen: She Is Black, but She Is Beautiful
The Church is both pure and spotted.

Deal Hudson: The Coming Anti-Catholic Storm
Another opportunity to denigrate the Church.

Fr. Robert Sirico: The Great Lie - Pope Benedict XVI on Socialism
A wonderful reminder of what socialism was, and why it went wrong.

Mark Shea: The Media and Pope Benedict XVI's "Growth"
Constantly astounded to find that their caricature of him is not true.

Russell Shaw: On Clericalism
We Catholics have suffered from it so long that most of us take it for granted.

Russell Shaw: Can the Jesuits Be Saved?
Can the Jesuits recapture the spiritual heroism of men like these?

Russell Shaw: Shrinking the Bishop's Conference
The USCCB has come to a historic turning point.

Russell Shaw: Under the Ban - Modernism, Then and Now
Did it actually exist? What was it all about? What difference does it make?

Elizabeth Scalia and John-Patrick Mauro: The Students and the Pope
Treated to their first live glimpse of Benedict, most were satisfied.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Pneumatological Path of Ecclesial Renewal
The mystical body is hurting due to so many self-inflicted wounds.

Robert Reilly: The Pope and the Prophet
Is the God of Islam without reason, or above it?

Michael Novak: Memories of Bernard Lonergan
One of the greatest to appear at the Gregorian University in many a generation.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: The Joy of the Priesthood
The Church has been through the fires of adversity before.

Deal Hudson: Over Eighty American Catholic Leaders Urge Support of Humanae Vitae
An extraordinary teaching moment for the universal Church.

Anthony Esolen: An Open Letter to Pope Benedict
Bring the preparatory freedom of the quest for truth.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Reform of the Legionaries of Christ
Something that must concern the whole Church.

Pope Benedict XVI: "My Dear Brother Bishops..."
An opportunity to strengthen further the bonds of communion that unite us.

Mary Jo Anderson: Suffer the Children - The Disaster of "Talking about Touching"
A controversial safety education program designed for children.

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding Compassionately, Truthfully and Thoroughly, Part II
There is a profound need to examine this "crisis within the crisis."

John Zmirak: Can the Theological Virtues Eat the Natural Ones?
What are we to make of inexcusable behavior of men we might broadly admire?

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding Compassionately, Truthfully and Thoroughly, Part I
The Church's response to the abuse of minors by clergy has continued unabated.

Russell Shaw: Hiring and Firing Bishops
Live with it. For faithful Catholics, there's no other choice.

Michael Novak: Reconsidering Vatican II
A great and history-changing outpouring of the Spirit, and just plain fun.

Deal Hudson: The Ongoing Saga of the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal
It's going to be kept open for a long time if the Vatican does not act decisively.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Truth About Benedict and Abuse in the Church
One of the true heroes of the Church's response.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Importance of Priestly Stability
A positive good, for both priest and parishioners.

Deal Hudson: Seven Ways the Bishops Should Respond to Sex Abuse
To rebuild the trust of Catholics and to make reparations to the victims.

Fr. Roger Landry: Memoranda
Several things should be kept in mind on this extended penitential journey.

John Zmirak: Are Patriots Apostates?
Disregard of American sovereignty undermines the principle of public order.

Mark Shea: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Catholics must not complain about this.

Fr. Roger Landry: Recognizing and Resisting the Sifting
An attempt to destroy the Church's moral credibility.

David Warren: Gethsemane
Media doing everything in their power to pin something on Pope Benedict.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pope Benedict's Pastoral Letter
The deepest response yet to the clergy sexual abuse crisis.

Fr. Roger Landry: Too High a Cost, Too Great a Loss
The opposition of the U.S. bishops to the present plan for health care reform.

Deal Hudson: The Failure of the Bishops' Healthcare Bill Strategy
The USCCB is running out of time to get tough.

Deal Hudson: Catholic Bishops Must Change Health Care Strategy
It should be clear that there is no good will toward their concerns.

John Zmirak: You May Kiss the Bridey
The "Bridey Effect" is evident in Hoopes's response to my piece on the liturgy.

Deal Hudson: Why There Is No Church Teaching on the Health Care Bill
But there is a position being taken by the bishops' conference.

Fr. Roger Landry: The True Meaning of Lent
The Pope is calling us all to rediscover this communal dimension of Lent.

George Sim Johnston: Open Windows - Why Vatican II Was Necessary
Issues that needed to be addressed to evangelize the contemporary world.

Joe Hargrave: Reform of the Reform
A development that all Catholics should be eager to participate in.

Deal Hudson: Why I Signed the CCHD Petition
Enough questionable grantees in recent years to raise a red flag.

Deal Hudson: Is It Time for a Catholic Tea Party?
There are some matters where they can speak out without acting in disobedience.

Fr. Roger Landry: Priests' Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World
Helping to harness the "gift" of the new media to preach the Gospel.

Fr. Roger Landry: Two Important Occasions in the Year for Priests
Recognize just how crucial the vocation to the priesthood is to the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: Understanding the Full Context and Causes of the Scandals
It's urgent that we get more leaders like Archbishop Martin.

Deal Hudson: The Bishops Have a Second Reason for Opposing the Healthcare Bill
The bishops have two good reasons for turning from "allies into adversaries."

Joanna Bogle: A Tale of Two Popes
Benedict will speak to people's hearts and minds as John Paul did.

Deal Hudson: The Wounded Irish Church
"Now there's so much disrespect."

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Welcoming the Anglicans
A Conversation with Monsignor William Stetson

Fr. Roger Landry: Naming and Shaming Anti-Catholicism
The Archbishop's article is noteworthy for several reasons.

Archbishop Raymond Burke: Reflections on the Struggle to Advance the Culture of Life
The struggle is fierce and the contrary forces are many and clever.

Fr. Roger Landry: Prayerfully Confronting and Overcoming the Difficulties
Issues that will confront those seeking full Communion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Preaching About Confession Today
The ten-part preaching and catechetical strategy John Paul II recommended.

Fr. Roger Landry: Bridge Over the Tiber
One of the most significant developments in favor of Church unity.

Deal Hudson: USCCB Clarifies Its Position on the Regulation of Hate Speech
Will the "So We Might See" coalition drop their allegations against Limbaugh?

Fr. Roger Landry: A Public Line in the Sand
They will have "no choice" but to "oppose the health care bill vigorously."

Russell Shaw: Listening to the Laity
Bishops and other leaders should take note of other views besides their own.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: A Bridge Across the Tiber
Anglicans will be able to come into full communion with the Holy See.

David Warren: The Horrors
Why then should we be surprised to discover that this is the truth?

Andrew Cusack: Benedict in Bohemia
The ancient land that was once at the very center of Christian civilization.

Arturo Vasquez: The Fall of the Archbishop
The official spokesman of the Catholic Left for more than two decades.

Fr. James Schall: The Absurdity of War
War is not simply "absurd." Not thinking about it surely is.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Anglican Right
Who's in and who's out?

Patrick Madrid: A Man for Our Season
I thank the Lord with all my heart for this good bishop's good example.

Russell Shaw: Rethinking the Seamless Garment
A stirring vision for today's confused, fractured community of believers.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Environmentalism
Essential for the integral development of the human person and society.

Fr. James Schall: A Transcendent Nature
We are loved for our own sakes, however we respond.

Fr. Roger Landry: Charity in Truth
Three concrete helps in order to grasp the whole of the document.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Holy Priest Who Inspired Another
John Vianney's saintly spiritual father and mentor.

David Warren: Understanding Caritas in Veritate
This is the true humanism: a humanism not divorced from God.

Fr. Michael Enright: No Cheap Churches
The experts have been wrong -- it's time to let them know.

Russell Shaw: Roadblocks to Reform
What's the biggest obstacle to positive reform in the Church?

Deal Hudson: Three Misreadings of Caritas in Veritate
Will miss Benedict's contribution to the Church's tradition of social teaching.

James Hitchcock: Off the Rails - Was Vatican II Hijacked?
It was nothing less than a frontal assault on all forms of authority.

Fr. Roger Landry: Becoming Spiritual Grown-Ups
Adult faith that St. Paul had and sought to help the early Christians achieve.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Great Gift of the Priesthood
Love of neighbor that goes beyond the mere alleviation of material needs.

John Zmirak: Your Life Is a Gift
There is only one statement in the encyclical that frankly troubles me.

Deal Hudson: Benedict XVI Tightens Up the Church's Social Teaching
"Love in Truth" will be a work of lasting significance.

Fr. Roger Landry: Priests After Christ's Own Heart
Time for the Church to focus on the positive gift and mystery of the priesthood.

Deal Hudson: The Good News about Our Bishops
More strong leadership in the future.

Fr. Roger Landry: Year of the Priesthood
A couple of things that all Catholics are called to do to live this year well.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Ecclesial Co-Responsiblity of the Laity
Five things that need to be done for the Church to achieve renewal.

Irene Lagan: What to Expect from the Pope's Visit
The long-term success of the pope's visit will depend on the local Church.

Deal Hudson: Will Rev. Federico Lombardi Resign from the Vatican Press Office?
Six major gaffs that have occurred during Father Lombardi's directorship.

Fr. Roger Landry: Man of God Among the Greatest Generation
"No one has greater love than to lay down his life for his friends."

Russell Shaw: Vatican II and the Culture of Dissent
Validated the principle of "endless, unchecked change" in Catholic life.

Joe Hargrave: Why Catholics Should be Communitarians
True human freedom may yet flourish.

Fr. Roger Landry: True Catholic Joy
Archbishop Dolan - Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God within.

Fr. Roger Landry: Calling Catholics to a Higher Standard
If we do not love our neighbor as ourselves, we will be consumed by one another.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Gospel's Appealing Voice and Face
He has the gifts necessary to lead all American Catholics to a renewal of our faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: Unity, Magnanimity and Lunacy
Do everything in his power to promote the fundamental cause of ecumenism.

Fr. Roger Landry: First Things and Last Things
Good disciple, faithful priest, bold apostle and friend...

Fr. Roger Landry: The Apostle of the Family Rosary
Fr. Patrick Peyton: "Honor his memory. Continue his mission."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Voice of Christmas
The thoughtful prelate who gives voice to the Church's Christmas joy.

Mary Jo Anderson: Eight Habits of Highly Effective Bishops
"We need a thorough cleansing in house if we are to battle the culture of death."

Fr. George Rutler: Stanley L. Jaki
A genius...

David Bonagura Jr.: The Pope of Unity
He hopes for "an interior reconciliation in the heart of the Church."

Sandra Miesel: A Quiet Death in Rome - Was Pope John Paul I Murdered?
Did it happen this way...

Richard Bastien: Condoms and the Pope - The Facts
Ample evidence to suggest the pope has a point.

John Zmirak: The Prodigals and the Papa
Il Papa makes us positively long to embrace Big Daddy.

Fr. George Rutler: Avery Cardinal Dulles (1918-2008)
His speechless patience could be heroic...

Fr. George Rutler: Pope Pius XII
"A martyr but 'without the nails.'"

John Zmirak: The Future of the Legion and the SSPX
What will Pope Benedict do?

David Warren: Shrove Tuesday
The whole Church must be tested through each penitential season.

Russell Shaw: Four Men
...who played crucial roles in the shaping of American Catholicism.

Fr. George Rutler: Monsignor William B. Smith (1939-2009)
One of the most distinguished careers of any moral theologian.

Deal Hudson: A Bishop in the Tradition of Cardinal O'Connor
Scranton's Bishop Joseph Francis Martino.

Marc Thiessen: A Tale of Two Bishops
Bishop Fan and Bishop Jin of China.

David Bonagura Jr.: Proportional Ecumenism
"Sweeping reforms" of the council are now being swept out of the Church for good?

Russell Shaw: Why Vatican II?
The extreme left and right of the Church are in basic agreement about Vatican II.

Fr. George Rutler: Patrick Peyton
Hollywood's ultimate un-Hollywood personality.

Deal Hudson: The Power of a Bold Bishop
Nothing stirs the pot like a bishop declaring his independence.

Fr. George Rutler: A Prime Minister and Two Cardinals
Predicted "mass apostasy" due to lack of preparedness in spiritual combat.

Joanna Bogle: British Humor
Can we employ humor without savagery, without nastiness, in a good cause?

Fr. Roger Landry: Another Form of Heroism
"A lonely voice in the silence and darkness enveloping Europe."

Fr. Roger Landry: Living Up To Legitimate Expectations
Desire and need that people have for the pope to speak out in response to evil.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Spiritual Legacy of the Smiling Pope
A new style of the papacy with his joy, his smile, his simplicity and his language.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Real Revolution
An opportunity to "give glory to Christ..."

Fr. Roger Landry: Restoring All Things in Christ
Pope St. Pius X

Fr. Roger Landry: Valid Ordination
We do not have the ability to change the substance of the sacraments.

Fr. Roger Landry: Receptivity Fitting for the Lord
To recover a Eucharistic piety based on our Eucharistic faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: Celebrating and Safeguaring Our Freedom
True liberty requires us to live our freedom not just for ourselves...

Fr. Roger Landry: Pope Benedict's Response to the Sexual Abuse of Minors
Meeting with clergy abuse survivors described as the "most meaningful" moment.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pope Benedict on the United Nations
Human rights are not the "exclusive result of legislative enactments."

Fr. Roger Landry: Pope Benedict on the Fragile Greatness of America
The task of upholding religious freedom is never completed.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Elements of the New American Pentecost
The occasion for the Church in the United States to look to the future.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Time for Spiritual Renewal for All Americans
By sharing our Lord's word of life that in Christ is our hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pope Benedict's Message to the American People
What he hopes to accomplish on his trip to our shores.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Distinctive Nature of Christian Hope
Many in the Church have lost the true sense of what hope means.

Fr. Roger Landry: To All the Catholic Faithful
Hope is a gift that changes the life of those who receive it.

Fr. Roger Landry: Atonement in the City of Angels
Five reasons why the sexual abuse settlements are a welcome development.

Fr. Roger Landry: Opening Wide Our Hearts
Generously opening them to "make room for everything the faith allows."

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholics in China and Two-Fold Communion in the Church
A very confusing situation for Chinese Catholics seeking to be faithful to God.

Fr. Roger Landry: Markets and Morality
Another controversy from Pope Benedict's pilgrimage to Latin America.

Fr. Roger Landry: Christ and Culture
Controversy from Pope Benedict's recent apostolic pilgrimage to Brazil.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pastoral Pillars for a New Pentecost
Five main elements of a pastoral plan.

Fr. Roger Landry: Christ, the Church and the Believer
Global solution provides a Christian response to the challenges we face at home.

Fr. Roger Landry: Jesus of Nazareth
The fruit of a "long interior journey" stretching throughout his adult years.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Drinan Effect
Fr. Drinan did a lot of damage and wasted an opportunity to do immense good.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Higher Standard
The accountability of bishops is still in need of improvement.

Fr. Roger Landry: Pastoral Care According to the Truth
A true understanding of the human person and the place of sexuality in human life.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Bishops' Change of Priorities
Several things to show that they are beginning to move in a new direction.

Fr. Roger Landry: Cyberspatial Evangelization
Instruments like a blog can bring millions close to that experience and knowledge.

Fr. Roger Landry: Rediscovering the Weapon of Peace
The worldly vulnerability of the Pope has again been on display.

Fr. Roger Landry: Proclaiming the Gospel of Work
An opportunity to reflect on the meaning of human work in God's divine plan.

Fr. Roger Landry: Reason Versus Rage
Benedict XVI wants a "frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect."

Fr. Roger Landry: Navarro-Valls
An icon of a new type of Church leader.

Fr. Roger Landry: One Every Eight
Come July, there will be five fewer priests laboring in this vineyard.

Fr. Roger Landry: Standing Firm in the Faith
Benedict is trying to inspire Polish Catholics.

Fr. Roger Landry: Drawing Good From Evil
One of the most painful things most in the Church have ever had to deal with.

Fr. Roger Landry: Men in Red
May the Lord strengthen the fifteen new Cardinals and the entire Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: Exalting the Humble
The classification of cardinals is about to expand.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church and Politics
His encyclical provides the "spiritual energy" to continue in this needed direction.

Fr. Roger Landry: Love Letter
The good tidings of Pope Benedict's encyclical letter from the Vatican.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Schools in the New Evangelization
Catholic schools are more valuable now than ever.

Fr. Roger Landry: Homosexual Tendencies and the Priesthood
Does the Church think that a homosexual cannot be a good and holy priest?

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church's Most Precious Gem
The practice and understanding of married clergy.

Fr. Roger Landry: Priestly Continence for the Kingdom
From the beginning priestly service demanded total dedication. It still does.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Eucharist and the Celibate Priesthood
We must face squarely the issue of the shortage of priests.

Fr. Roger Landry: Implementing Vatican II
The Council's true treasure.

Fr. Roger Landry: Taking a Problem Out of the Closet
A big first step toward an open discussion of the long-hushed issue.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Truly Christian Life
Members of the Church must find in the Eucharistic Lord their root and center.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Inner Pilgrimage
A union with the One adored through the loving reception in holy Communion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Families on the Front Lines
Pope Benedict has picked up right where his predecessor left off.

Fr. Roger Landry: Rolling Vatican II Forward
We need to understand what he was saying between the lines.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Pope of the Young
Anyone more admired among faithful Catholics of our generation than Ratzinger?

Fr. Roger Landry: Co-Workers of the Truth
A simple, humble worker in the Lord's vineyard.

Fr. Roger Landry: God, the Pope and Michelangelo
The mission to preach and to protect.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Conclave
We are called to participate intimately in their deliberations.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Father and a Son
The human side of the Holy Father.

Fr. Roger Landry: Crossing the Finish Line
In losing so good a pope, we may gain an even greater intercessor.

Fr. Roger Landry: Lenten Message Personified
"Opening hearts to the docile welcoming of the divine will."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Open Secret to Sheen's Success
The most influential American Catholic priest of the 20th century.

Fr. Roger Landry: God's Call - One Man's Response
The priest was, I was convinced, the single most important person in the universe.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Archbasilica of St. John Lateran - The Cathedral of the World
The mother and head of all the churches of the city and the world!

Ronald Rychlak: Nazi Collaborator or Catholic Hero?
The tenth anniversary of the the beatification of Aloysius Cardinal Stepinac.

Jim Bemis: Casting Deep the Net
Father McCloskey... one of the foremost Catholic apologists of our day.

Jim Bemis: The Face of Love
Why young people love the Holy Father.

Jim Bemis: Black Robes
Today's Jesuit priests run the gauntlet.

Carol Kennedy: The Same People
How about giving intellectual consistency a chance!

Deal Hudson: Reaction to the State of the Church in America
I hope Church leaders will find these rankings interesting and helpful.

Deal Hudson: John Paul the Great
Pope John Paul II understood modernity from the inside out.

Deal Hudson: Lobbying For The Bishops
Statement says "Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental

Deal Hudson: Rome Rejects While the Bishops "Reflect"
The flaws of the Dallas policy and the recent statement on Jews.

Deal Hudson: The Bishop's Secret Letter
Eight American bishops call for a Plenary Council.

Deal Hudson: After Dallas - Disappointment and Hope
Two bright spots that give us hope for the future.

Deal Hudson: How to Refute Arguments Against Priestly Celibacy
How to respond when people challenge your faith.

Deal Hudson: Liberals Planning for Vatican III?
The National Catholic Reporter's latest ridiculous cover story.

Deal Hudson: 10 Myths About Priestly Pedophilia
The truth about the scandals in the Church.

Deal Hudson: Public Lynching of the Priesthood
Celibacy is "unnatural" because "we are just animals."

Deal Hudson: It's Not About Celibacy
Celibacy is not the cause of priestly pedophilia.

T. Joseph Marier: Running the Church... Freddie Mac Style
Let's avoid creating a second master for the Church.

Fr. George Rutler: George Edward Lynch
"It might not be too soon to start work on his canonization."

Deal Hudson: Creating a New Mt. Carmel... in America
Pilgrims can come on retreat and hear the preaching and conferences.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Jigsaw Puzzle Ecumenism
Less like a corporate merger and far more like assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Fr. George Rutler: Richard Schuler
A model of the Council's decrees.

Fr. James Schall: Justice and Eternal Life
On justice in Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Spe Salvi.

Ronald Rychlak: Faith and Reason in the West
Pope Benedict...has a lot of work to do.

Dawn Eden: Serving Christ Our Light
Sr. Marla Marie is proof that God can call one to the religious life from anywhere.

Thomas Woods Jr.: Long Live Pope Benedict - The Motu Proprio, One Year Later
I never expected to live to see this.

David Carlin: A Sociologist against Women's Ordination
Sociological objections to the introduction of priestly ordination for women.

Deal Hudson: Targeting the Bishops?
Catholic journalists can unknowingly strengthen the hand of anti-Catholic writers.

Francis Maier: Criticize a Bishop? Not So Fast
Is it a violation of canon law?

Deal Hudson: May Faithful Catholics Criticize Bishops Publicly?
Just how to treat the bishops.

Mark Shea: Benedict and the Scandal Redux
We're simply arguing with a phantom pope about phantom motivations.

Robert Reilly: The Pope's Music
"A church which only makes use of utility music has fallen for what is useless."

David Bonagura Jr.: Dialogue, Defined and Exemplified
Benedict has left America a treasure of wisdom that will take some time to unlock.

Mark Shea: Benedict and the Scandal
I much prefer a Church that is about mercy.

Ronald Rychlak: Benedict XVI's Gospel to the United Nations
Very important messages with real consequences to be found in those words.

Deal Hudson: The Face of Pope Benedict XVI
Gave us peace in spite of his admonishments.

Patrick Reilly: A Great Day for Catholic Higher Education
Vision and roadmap for renewal that are ultimately tied to the survival of the West.

Irene Lagan: Embracing Il Papa
Hopefully, undoubtedly, his presence brings a healing dimension.

Mark Shea: Evangelizing the Hiltonized
My prayer is that Benedict will wake us up.

Russell Shaw: Benedict to the UN - In Defense of Natural Law
Benedict has a difficult job on his hands.

Deal Hudson: Institutionalized Dissent Greets the Holy Father
"Dissent woven into the fabric of Catholic institutions."

Dawn Eden: Eve of Deconstruction - Feminism and John Paul II
The word feminism: it cannot save, and should not be saved.

William Donohue: Spinning the Pope's Visit
They will have to give Hillary and Barack a back seat, at least for a few days.

Ronald Rychlak: Global Warming and the Pope
We must preserve the earth for future generations.

Joanna Bogle: Thanking the Fathers
They don't get much public recognition for all that they do.

Deal Hudson: Pope Receives Muslim Critic of Osama bin Laden
I cannot imagine Benedict changing his plans on account of any threat.

Deal Hudson: Jesuit University President Attacks George Weigel
Privett's outraged response surprises the Catholic residents of San Francisco.

Fr. George Rutler: Maurice Nol Lon Couve de Murville
Knew that he was not indispensable, but as a Christian he knew he was unique.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: What in the Liturgy Is Going On?
Benedict wants to remind us of our high and heavenly calling.

Russell Shaw: Jesuit General - The Road Ahead
Marching orders that he and his confreres can't easily ignore.

Fr. George Rutler: Dominic Tang Yee-Ming
"The most faithful running-dog of the reactionary Vatican."

Mary Schneidau: Talking Immigration with the Maryland Bishops - A Response
To read the statement as a policy paper, however, is to misunderstand it.

Deal Hudson: Did the Bishops Punish Archbishop Burke?
Distancing themselves from a fellow bishop who kept controversy in the air.

Deal Hudson: Rebellion Against the Pope Over the Latin Mass
"Disobedient" and being used as "instruments of the devil."

Fr. George Rutler: Jean-Marie Lustiger
His life would be rattled by lesser men on every side for whom he was not enough.

Fr. George Rutler: Hugh Dacre Barrett-Lennard
None could have ended as happily.

Deal Hudson: The Last Carmelite Monks in America?
"It was just meant to be."

Todd Aglialoro: The Forgotten Victims
Their life of sacrifice has been simply flushed away instead.

George Sim Johnston: The Case for Priestly Celibacy
Another example of a retrograde Church sitting on somebody's rights?

David Warren: The Canadian Dioceses
A significant minority in most Canadian regions.

Fr. George Rutler: Austin Vaughan
Possibly the smartest bishop in the nation.

Fr. George Rutler: William Liguori Nolan
Able to see with eyes closed so many young faces pass by calling him Father.

Mark Shea: Don't Bind God To Contracts He Didn't Sign
"Nothing particularly forbidding the Church from making lay women cardinals."

Russell Shaw: The Future of the Jesuits?
The beginning of the end, the dawn of a new day, or just more of the same?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Teaching Teens - The Risk of Education
Msgr. Giussani's principles give a dynamic guiding principle to Catholic education.

Alice Von Hildebrand: The Devil's Distraction - A Misplaced Bad Conscience
One of the most unpleasant feelings one can experience.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Anglican Rite
Encourage Christians who are separated from full communion to "come home."

John Burger: In The Steps of Saint Francis
Reaching out to help the poor but looking deeper than material needs.

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