Catholic Commentary: Faith and Morals

Fr. Roger Landry: Acting on the Lessons of 9/11
Prayerfully ponder these lessons and recommit ourselves to acting on them anew.

Fr. Roger Landry: Singing the Mass
An opportunity to show the Mass as the most beautiful prayer ever.

Fr. Roger Landry: Planted, Built Up and Firm in Faith in Jesus Christ
World Youth Day involves far more than a weekend celebration.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Gospel of Chastity
The precondition for any real love.

Fr. Roger Landry: Loving in the Truth Those Involved in the Gay Lifestyle
Three falsehoods that have come to the surface in the St. Cecilia's controversy.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Most Effective and Radical Remedy Against Idolatry
True adoration of God is the antidote for these secularist social ills.

Thomas Howard: Themis
Times are changing.

Kevin Schmiesing: Margaret Budenz – From Communism to Catholicism
One of Archbishop Fulton Sheen's more remarkable conversions.

Brian Saint-Paul: Seven Deadly Sins, and Those Who Love Them
A conversation with John Zmirak.

Joanna Bogle: The Children of the Ordinariate
Nothing could spoil the sense of being at a moment of history.

John Zmirak: The Light that Scathes All Shadows
Some deeply sobering books of enduring value.

Russell Shaw: Tending the New Catholic Subculture
Evangelization is the key.

Fr. James Schall: God's Supreme Work
Why is it the resurrection of Christ?

Danielle Bean: By His Stripes
What a big fat sinful mess we are!

Fr. Roger Landry: Entering the Kingdom
The heart of the ongoing drama of Good Friday and the whole Christian life.

Peter Kreeft: What I Learned From a Muslim About Eucharistic Adoration
Most of the generation now becoming adults simply do not know Jesus Christ.

Brian Saint-Paul: Faith and the Badge – A Conversation with Martin Browne
Faith, the limits of the law, and life as a cop.

John Zmirak: Holy Day on Ice
How are the rest of us meant to fill this bleak and seemingly endless day?

George Weigel: Companions on the Road to Easter
The station church pilgrimage has been revived.

Fr. Roger Landry: A School of Sanctification, Penance, Love and Hope
Confession educates the faith of both the minister and the penitent.

Jeffrey Tucker: Prohibition is un-Catholic
We can only improve one person at a time — through the conversion of hearts.

John Zmirak: Disappointed by Truth
What about when we feel ourselves disappointed with God?

Margaret Cabaniss: A Modern-Day Hermit
A bubbly widow who discerned a call to the contemplative life five years ago.

Fr. Roger Landry: Reconstructing the Courtyard of the Gentiles
A forum for discussion with non-believers.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: What I Tell My Altar Servers
Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

Ralph McInerny: I Was Young, and Now I Am Old
How have we come to regard the course of nature as unnatural?

Anthony Esolen: The Joy of Recovery
The truth returns. God has promised it.

Anne Husted Burleigh: Welcome Home
We are all sons and daughters of his household, the Church.

Gerald Russello: A Victory for Religious Freedom
A defense of the idea of religious liberty itself.

David Warren: The Politics of Forgiveness
To engage in politics in an impersonal way is already to forfeit goodwill.

Stephen Hough: Ecstasy and Solitude - Franz Liszt's Journey of Contemplation
Christian contemplation is meant to be a love affair.

John Zmirak: A Spoonful of Splenda
Humor flavors the rather pungent meat of Catholic metaphysics and morals.

Ellen Fielding: Manic Mortifications
"He who loses his life for my sake will gain it."

Philippe Beneton: True and False Tolerance
Ideas do not have to be "tolerant" — it is enough if they are correct.

John Zmirak: Visit the Prisoner
Maybe it isn't the smartest thing to take men and break their spirits.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholic Courage and Commitment in Embracing the Cross
The type of witness who shows us the way to the fulfillment of the great hope.

Fr. Bruno Shah: Do You Believe in Good?
There is no good without God, because all good participates in God.

John Zmirak: Jesus Recycles
The essence of Christianity is its technology for recycling.

Danielle Bean: Lopsided Lent
We need Him who saves, who fills, who completes us.

Eve Tushnet: How to Convert
Four of the crucial issues.

John Zmirak: The Dachshunds of Lent
A holy Lent to one and all.

Michael Novak: Catholic Social Teaching and These Changing Times
The changes that have occurred in the world that laypersons address.

Elizabeth Hanna: The Best Years of My Life?
In this time I've matured as a person and grown closer to God and others.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Cheerful Exorcist
The proper response to demonic possession is not to sensationalize it.

John Zmirak: Up from Literalism
A better philosophical understanding of language would be a "win" for the Church.

George Weigel: The Chutzpa of the German Theologians
"Why do you have fear? Is your faith so weak?"

Jeffrey Tucker: Will Facebook Kill the Church?
Re-embracing ritual, solemnity, and truth will fill the pews in the future.

Russell Shaw: Recovering a Catholic Subculture
American secular culture grows steadily more hostile to morality and faith.

Anne Husted Burleigh: Community - A Conversation with Wendell Berry
A central contributor to the growing renaissance of Christian culture.

Anne Husted Burleigh: After the Flood
The muddy, fast-running water of a flood is the water of baptism.

Dan Lord: What Is Fight Club?
"Hit me as hard as you can. In Christ, I will never fall."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Importance of Christian Names
A connection and continuity between natural and supernatural life.

Deal Hudson: An iPhone App to Take to Confession
An aid to confession that does not distort or cheapen it.

George Weigel: Christian Number-Crunching
Reports of Christianity's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Michael Novak: Rowing Upstream - On Being Catholic in the Modern World
The most important thing is when it changes your life.

George Weigel: Aggie Catholic Renaissance
Setting a new national standard for Catholic campus ministry.

Fr. Roger Landry: Thinking, Living and Embracing Life on the Digital Continent
An urgent summons not just for bishops but for the whole Church.

Anthony Esolen: When Drab Is a Favorite Color
We must preach the beauty of Jesus Christ.

John Zmirak: Is It Time to Heckle the Driver?
We have to trust him; what choice do we have?

George Weigel: The Chattering Classes Are Us
Three habitual behaviors in parishes that take their liturgical life seriously.

Michael Novak: The Love That Moves the Sun - Caritas and Capitalism
We must be careful to think realistically.

Joan Frawley Desmond: Shusaku Endo's Borrowed Faith
Absorbed with the task of living as a Japanese and as a believing Christian.

Sandra Miesel: The Witches Next Door
Woe to us if we decide that any group is too far gone to hear the gospel.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: Who Were the Wise Men?
The magi saw, searched, found, worshipped, and returned home.

Fr. James Schall: The Fatherhood of God
He is our Father, the Father of us all.

Thomas Howard: Open to Experience
Would "pleasure" be closer to the mark? Or diversion? Or ecstasy?

Margaret Cabaniss: On Finding a Husband - A Conversation with Amy Bonaccorso
The challenges of dating as a Catholic woman today.

Arturo Vasquez: The Constant Threat of the Miraculous
A sign of things to come?

Anne Husted Burleigh: "Just Come Casual"
Clothes respect time and place and person.

John Zmirak: What If Herod Wins?
What would the Nativity scene look like if it centered on an empty cradle?

Ralph McInerny: O the Mind has Mountains
Our only hope for doing better before it's too late.

Fr. Roger Landry: Learning from the Shepherds
What is it that these first witnesses of God's incarnation have to tell us?

Danielle Bean: Racing toward Christmas
Even when we fail to wait for Jesus, He waits for us.

Anthony Esolen: Putting the Christmas Back in Christ
How desperately we do need that child in the manger!

John Zmirak: I Don't Make the Natural Law, I Just Enforce It
There's nothing that quite says "Christmas" like schadenfreude.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: Him Who Is the Last - An Advent Reflection
Jesus Christ comes to shake everything. May He come quickly.

H. Reed Armstrong: Art and Liturgy - The Splendor of Faith
The powerful role played by visual imagery in worship.

David Warren: Fathers of the Church
Christian people should also consider reading the Church Fathers.

Kate Wicker: Peace Be with Me
Trouble finding peace during Advent.

Eric Pavlat: A New (Old) Model for Catholic Schools
How to cultivate qualities of soul such as patience, memory, and wonder.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Powerful Reminder
Recognizing the apparitions as worthy of belief by the Christian faithful.

John Zmirak: Do You Renounce Kennedy and All His Works?
Treating basic truths of reason as if they were superstitions.

Howard Kainz: Natural Law without Nature? Aquinas to the Rescue
Christianity will not be satisfied with mere adherence to natural law.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: "The Night Is Advanced, The Day Is at Hand"
The most important choice we shall ever have.

Ralph McInerny: The Faithful Departed
A holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.

Judy Keane: Celebrating Christmas Single
Ways to celebrate the season to make any solo Christmas full of light.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church's Response to our Hurried and Anxious Society
Too often the season of Advent is overshadowed by the "holiday season."

John Zmirak: Stitching in Limbo
Why it's so tough to make today's feast meaningful.

Fr. James Schall: Screwtape on Pleasure
The logic of the improper use of pleasure is, finally, no pleasure at all.

John Coons: The Religious Rights of Children
The crucial right that society denies to children is that of autonomy.

Ellen Fielding: Dawn Patrol
A fire to warm our hearts and lighten our way.

Eve Tushnet: Mary, in the Glass Coffin of the Museum
The encounter with sublimity in art can leave us overwhelmed, speechless.

John Zmirak: A Time to Gloat
We must look for guidance to men who see further and deeper than we.

Jeffrey Tucker: The Mystery of the Leaked Missal
We cannot afford another round of bowdlerization to the Roman Rite.

David Warren: Scourge Us
The "reforms" that followed Vatican II were human work and now look dated.

Bishop James Conley: Sing a New Song with Your Lives
The spirit of our Catholic liturgy is the spirit of music and song.

James Sullivan: Gwen John - Art and Faith in the Shadows
A minor Catholic, but an enduring master nonetheless.

Arturo Vasquez: On Dark Places
A remnant of a "pagan" past that we have long ago left behind.

John Zmirak: A Holy Fear of Man
Humanism depends on... revelation?

Jennifer Pierce: Bearing Witness - François Mauriac and Elie Wiesel
"One must speak out - one must also speak out."

Bowie Kuhn: The Commissioner's Confession
An honest look with genuine hope in God's divine mercy.

Marjorie Campbell: Theology of the Boy
It is critical to teach and form our children in Christian love.

Candace DeRussy: Sex Ed in the Era of Roe v. Wade
Cannot coexist with faith in Christ.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: "Stand Erect and Raise Your Heads"
Come what may, God reigns.

Fr. James Schall: Absolute Non-Judgment
"It's kind of nice to be able to see what is going on."

Deal Hudson: Politics, Culture, or the Church?
There is nothing particularly wrong with stating the spiritually obvious...

Joe Hargrave: How John Locke Influenced Catholic Social Teaching
Locke and Leo XIII craft basic political arguments based on same assumptions.

Marian Crowe: The Case for Catholic Studies
An opportunity to study the doctrines and history of the Church.

Thomas Howard: Searching for Holiness and Glory
How are things going when the idea of the holy seems remote or strange?

Wolfgang Grassl: In the Midst of Life We Are in Death
All Saints and All Souls are important occasions for reflecting on death.

Ralph McInerny: The Eucharist and Culture
He is everywhere, of course.

Howard Kainz: The Secret Disciples
Contrast remarkably with the apostles and many of the disciples.

John Zmirak: My High Holy Day
The brightest, best moment of the whole liturgical year.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: A New Knighthood
We serve our nation best by serving God first.

Michael Foley: Eight Reasons Why Men Only Should Serve at Mass
Are sins of bias the real reason behind an all-male liturgical ministry?

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: The First Freedom
Religious liberty as the foundation of human liberty.

Peter Freeman: God and the Geeks
The crisis of faith in geek culture runs deep.

Romanus Cessario, O.P.: The Spirituality of St. Thomas Aquinas
Three strains of mystical teaching that appear in his works.

Janet Sahm: Red-Hot One-Piece
In His Mercy, I'm given the grace to reach for Him again and again.

Fr. Roger Landry: Admitting and Addressing Catholics' Ignorance of the Faith
"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."

Wolfgang Grassl: Report from the Catholic Undead
We can be faithful Catholics wherever we may find ourselves.

Fr. James Schall: On Building an Earthly City
Our end is not an earthly city.

Marvin Olasky: Persons Not Pets
What is the biblical thing to do?

David Warren: Retrieving the Strays
Help us in the task of Restoration.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: Life in the Late Republic
The Catholic Role in America After Virtue

Danielle Bean: Not Nearly Enough
I always wonder if I prayed enough for them, and with them.

David Mills: Selling Confession
Confession ought to be a great selling point for the Catholic Church.

John Zmirak: Of Beauty, and Saying Goodbye
They have forgotten where, and how, to look.

B. F. Smith: Making It Easy
It was liturgy that lifted our hearts to the Lord. It made it easy to pray.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Catholic Resistance to State-Encouraged Atheism
How are we to respond to this attempt to organize societies without God?

Anthony Esolen: A Cloud No Bigger Than a Man's Hand
Long may The Newman Institute thrive!

Peter Freeman: Letters to a Young Catholic Student
They might help Catholic students intending to evangelize similar campuses.

Deal Hudson: The Whole Story
We need once again to begin talking about happiness.

Erika Bachiochi: Time for Pro-Woman Defense of Controversial Catholic Teaching
Required to bridge the gap between modern emphasis and traditional teachings.

Alice Thomas Ellis: He Came Down from Heaven - A Consolation
It is the things of this life which fill me with gloom and anxiety.

Mark Shea: The Presence(s) of Jesus
We do far better seeing every human person as Jesus Christ in disguise.

Deal Hudson: Unicorns in the Toybox
We hunger for vision, even if it keeps us awake at night.

Fr. Roger Landry: Eucharistic Faith and Eucharistic Miracles
Why we have accepted the advertisement by Love and Mercy Publications.

John Zmirak: The Miracle of History
A high-wire act performed with no net above the abyss.

Fr. James Schall: Love and Dogma
Is the catechism really an impediment to teaching children to be loving?

Russell Shaw: Marriage and the New Morality
A new version of morality locked in a fierce struggle with the older version.

Mark Shea: It's Time You People Confronted Your Obesophobia
"Tolerance is not enough. You must love what I love..."

Danielle Bean: Crash Call
Pay attention, God told me that afternoon. Look at what matters.

John Zmirak: Summer Hedonism
Let's look at the reality of suffering itself.

Mark Shea: Hail Lucy, Fair of Face
Her life, like yours and mine, is pure gift.

John Hathaway: The Ministry of Suffering
Because doing anything is hard, I make everything I do an offering to God.

Patrick Reilly: The Unfinished Reform of Catholic Colleges
Ex Corde Ecclesiae has yet to be fully implemented.

John Grondelski: Decorating Naked Public Squares
What have we done to render people speechless?

Joanna Bogle: A Blessing to One Another
There can be "blessed times" of harmony and goodwill and could be more.

Mark Shea: Noodling the Theology of the Body
A classic example of healthy intellectual ferment in the life of the Church.

Anthony Esolen: The Power of Obedience
"Submit yourselves one to another, as in the Lord."

Mark Shea: Pray for the Living and the Dead
The ancients prayed to the Unknown God; we pray for the Unknown Sinner.

Fr. James Schall: Evangelization
We may not want to know the truth, but Someone still wants us to know it.

Gerard Van Den Aardweg: Catholic Parapsychology - Apostolate to the Holy Souls
A licit apostolic method, that is well-suited to our paranormally interested time.

Mark Shea: Comfort the Afflicted
Rooted in every celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Anthony Esolen: Aged Before Their Time
The fullness of the Christian faith lived out every day.

John Zmirak: Just Say "No" to Brimstone
One thing real priests, with real vocations, are called to do.

Mark Shea: Forgive Offenses Willingly
A greater miracle than the creation of the universe.

Fr. Roger Landry: The New Evangelization and Our Part in It
Re-proposing the Gospel to areas that have given up the practice of the faith.

Alice Von Hildebrand: The Mystery of Israel
The Christian (clearly the Catholic) position is distorted and misrepresented.

Mark Shea: Bear Wrongs Patiently
Unforgiveness does nothing about defeating evil or establishing justice.

Fr. James Schall: "Man of the Word"
His words are nothing if not rooted in the Word made flesh.

Danielle Bean: Which Will You Be?
A thoughtful, helpful person or a too-busy-to-stop, self-absorbed person.

Arturo Vasquez: The Small-T Traditions
Like many old things, tradition can be wise.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Practical Power of Personal Piety
That from those to whom much was given, much would be required.

Mark Shea: Admonish the Sinner
The most thankless and despised of all the works of mercy.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: Dual Citizenship
We are citizens also of a higher realm: the kingdom of heaven.

Jason Boffetti: Tolkien's Catholic Imagination
Readers will find a "Catholic Middle-earth" by looking at his motivations.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Catholic Voice in the Immigration Debate
One of the most pressing problems for our nation to solve.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Luckiest Man in the World
"Holding God in his fingertips and giving him to others."

Michael Novak: The Two Novaks - Jews, Christians, and the One True God
The asymmetrical relation between Jews and Christians.

Mark Shea: Counsel the Doubtful
Doubt can be a healthy exercise or it can be a soul-shattering crisis.

Deal Hudson: How My First Catholic Mentors Taught Me Spirituality
More than just intellectually curious about the Catholic tradition.

Thaddeus Kozinski: Curing Socratophobia - On Teaching the Great Books
Modern liberal Catholic colleges have made a mockery of academic freedom.

Edward Feser: Why Judeo-Christianity Is Necessary for Human Rights
What was once Christendom has become a vast empire of intolerant secularism.

Eve Tushnet: A Great Reckoning in a Little Room
Why should I confess my sins to a man?

N. Wright: Seven Problems with the Jesus Seminar
Mistakes of the Jesus Seminar lead us away from the seminar to wider problems.

Armstrong Williams: The Meaning of Life
One wonders which is the most useful in achieving a fulfilling life.

Benjamin Wiker: A Theist Strikes Back - A Conversation with Dinesh D'Souza
Meets the attack on Christianity head on with his characteristic wit and erudition.

Benjamin Wiker: Why You Must Vote
Restore the moral, pre-political foundations of this nation

Mark Shea: Instruct the Ignorant
Knowledge puffs up, and knowledge of holy things puffs way up.

David Warren: Men and Women
Bitterness can't rebuild the faith and trust upon which family must be founded.

Kenneth Whitehead: Biblical Scholarship and the Church
The faith of the Church is being challenged by scholars within the Church.

David Warren: The Uses and Abuses of Paranoia
The paranoid Christian worldview.

Alice Von Hildebrand: When Is Stupidity a Sin?
Why are errors so appealing to the human mind?

Arlene Oost-Zinner and Jeffrey Tucker: How to Start Your Own Garage Schola
Let us participate in the creation of music of eternal value.

Jeffrey Tucker: Does Money Taint Everything?
The market economy is not incompatible with social justice.

Arturo Vasquez: Faith in the Streets
One of the most bizarre spectacles I had ever seen.

John Zmirak: From Convent to Mosque... on Staten Island
The Reformation is one thing; the Islamic wars of jihad are quite another.

Benjamin Wiker: Intellectual Poison - How Hobbes Ruined Biblical Scholarship
Remove those assumptions that have so long blinded them.

Mark Shea: Bury the Dead
The last reminder that sin cannot win, that our power is not eternal...

Russell Shaw: How Not to Criticize the Church
Lately we've had to put up with much too much of it.

Mark Shea: Visit the Sick
The insistence that we see the sick, including those suffering from sin.

Fr. James Schall: The Rise of Cross-less Catholicism
Catholicism is not a religion that provides a formula for not sinning.

Jeffrey Tucker: A Society of Mutual Benefactors
Such opportunities account for most of the peace and prosperity we enjoy.

Mark Shea: Post-Atheism
Atheistic fads tend to wane and latch on to some form of "spirituality."

Mark Shea: Fear of the Incarnation and Its Discontents
Great hope for the future of the Catholic faith among Evangelicals.

Mark Shea: Padding the Case for the New Atheism
All find what they truly seek.

Mark Shea: Conspiracy Theory
I believe in almost no conspiracies except the Cosmic One.

Joanna Bogle: The Church, Yesterday and Today
How awesome is our responsibility to respond to God's goodness.

Sandra Miesel: Remembering Abita - Life and Faith in a Southern Town
Childhood with my great-aunt on a five-acre chicken farm in Louisiana.

Mark Shea: Ransom the Captive
How do we live this precept out in this day and age?

Fr. John Jay Hughes: The Scandal of the Church's Particularity
Our belief that God is present in particular ways, places, and times.

Carl Olson: Five Myths About the Rapture
Indicate how much confusion exists about matters of eschatology.

Danielle Bean: The Grunt Work of Grace
I want something as pure and plain as that.

Fr. Roger Landry: Parental Partnership in the Mission of Catholic Schools
Welcome all children, provided that parents welcome the Church's teaching.

Mark Shea: You May Remember the Reformation
One of the great ironies of history.

Mark Shea: Clericalism
The bad idea that only the ordained and religious are fully Catholic.

Mark Shea: If Christ Had Not Been Raised - The Evidence for the Resurrection
The Resurrection is the factual cornerstone of Christian faith.

Mark Shea: Can Non-Catholics Be Saved?
A look at five views of Unam Sanctam.

Arturo Vasquez: Three Hard Facts about the Liturgy
Get people's minds out of simplistic categories of what they like or dislike.

Russell Shaw: Why We Write
"Sir, anyone who writes for anything except money is a fool."

Elizabeth Scalia: A Tsunami Cannot Be Drawn in Pastels - On Dignity and Suffering
Life is so very sad and so very beautiful.

Mark Shea: Harbor the Harborless
Welcoming the stranger — be he homeless or merely "checking out the parish."

David Warren: Ordinary Time
One of my first liturgical questions.

Elizabeth Scalia: The Sins and the Fathers
After all, the Father is very fond of us.

Elizabeth Scalia: On the Cusp of Something Great
An indescribable sweetness, an overwhelming sense of...what, exactly?

John Zmirak: "You May Hope Anytime You Like"
We are never meant to seek out suffering.

Patrick Reilly: Ten Ways to Renew Catholic Colleges
Colleges need to know where their alumni and other concerned Catholics stand.

Patrick Reilly: The Surrender of Catholic Higher Education
Many faithful Catholics no longer trust Catholic colleges to live up to their mission.

Eve Tushnet: Cradle Will Rock
The journey is increasingly challenging as religious conversion increases.

Peter Kreeft: The Liberal Arts and Sexual Morality
The same virtues are cultivated in both places.

Mark Shea: Clothe the Naked
Clothing is not something you can reduce to mere materialism.

Alice von Hildebrand: In Defense of Discrimination
A long series of injustices of which this famous book is replete.

Fr. Robert Johansen: The New Missal - Disaster or Opportunity?
An opportunity to enrich and lead to the deeper participation in the liturgy.

John Zmirak: Fake Virtues Are Worse than Vices
We must relearn the fundamentals of Christian life in the light of justice.

Nicholas Healy Jr.: The Vision of a Catholic University
May God give us the grace to accomplish it.

Fr. Jose Gomez: The Great Commission - Holiness and the Catholic University
He will give you the power, the grace to do the things God asks of you.

Peter Giersch: What Makes a Catholic School, Catholic?
Overview of Church teaching on the important elements of a school's program.

William Farmer: Robert Funk and the Jesus Seminar
Collectively turning their backs on sound historiography.

Anthony Esolen: Piety? Who Needs Piety?
Why insist even upon that now difficult and defiant title, "Father"?

Mark Shea: Give Drink to the Thirsty
A fitting symbol of the grace of God.

Fr. James Schall: The One Hundred and Fifty-Fourth Fish
Evidently, Christ was a fisher of fish as well as of men.

John Burger: Funding the Jesus Seminar
Effective in spreading its Bad News and in undermining the faith of believers.

Joanna Bogle: Do Catholic Schools Have a Future in Britain?
Help renew them while there is still time.

Joanna Bogle: In a Country Church
For survival and renewal, Church and nation require saints.

Joanna Bogle: Will There Always Be an England?
Its people are not quite sure anymore of what they represent as a nation.

William Cardinal Keeler: Remembering Johnny Unitas
He lived that belief and hope in a life full of love for his family.

Danielle Bean: Ten Ways to Give the Internet a Soul
A few suggestions in terms of real-life online interaction.

Kathryn Lopez: Why Young Catholics Are Leaving the Church
Often, it's not the Catholic Church itself that the "fallen away" have a beef with.

Erika Bachiochi: Love, Sex, and the Cross
True love always comes by way of the cross.

Karen Anderson: On Mermaids and Witches - Fairy Tales and the Gospel
The fairy tale is an art form combining elements of both parables and poetry.

Todd Aglialoro: The New Catholic Manliness
Today's Church is "essentially a women's club with some male officers."

Thomas Howard: Brokenness and Sin
We will have to come clean and expunge the mystery of God's wrath.

Mark Shea: Feed the Hungry
Not simply concerned with feeding the belly.

Armstrong Williams: Why Evangelicals Support Israel
Israel is not just necessary to the return of Christ, it is essential to it.

Fr. James Schall: The Big Problem
"What is the truth?" and "Where do you find it?"

Howard Kainz: Second Thoughts about the Second Coming
Might not God have some unimaginably grand intentions?

David Warren: Peace
There is no peace in us. For peace is not shallow.

Mark Shea: Introduction to the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
"Inasmuch as you did it unto the least of these my brethren, you did it to me."

Deal Hudson: On Beauty - A Message to Its Religious Despisers
Beauty plays a role in the salvation of us all.

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese: The Way of Conversion
The convert is embarking on a lifetime of continuing education and struggle.

John Zmirak: The Rigorist Menace to Faith
The threats to the Church don't always arise where you expect them.

David House: A Magnificent Restoration
Those who care about real higher education should not give up in despair.

Mark Shea: One Hundred Fifty-Three Fish and Related Matters
Sometimes things happen that are just packed with symbolism and significance.

Jeffrey Tucker: Catholics Give the Best Parties
It's up to Catholics to reclaim this lost art and share it with the world.

Mary Jo Anderson: Shroud Skeptics Bump against Science
Can it be that the Shroud of Turin functions as a fifth Gospel?

Marjorie Campbell: Is it Time to Rethink Confession for Minors?
We must protect the gifts of His Church -- including Reconciliation.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: In Praise of Patriarchy
The case against the feminist theologians who wish to get rid of patriarchy.

John Zmirak: A Prayer, as We Persecute Ourselves
All roads converge at the cross of Christ, and no one is lost...

Fr. James Schall: Resurrexit Sicut Dixit
Without this resurrection, our whole human reality is in vain.

Danielle Bean: Marked by the Cross
Sometimes it hurts too much to pray.

John Zmirak: No Morphine on the Cross
Sometimes we must suffer evil rather than commit it.

Mark Shea: Wielding Our Little Tridents
Just some unsettling Holy Week musings.

Eve Tushnet: Zounds! Five Reflections on the Wounds of Christ
Five small thoughts I've had during this Lent, which may be of use to others.

Russell Shaw: A Near Near-Death Experience
"I was comfortable with the prospect of dying and going home at last."

Madeline Kenilworth: Liturgy and Charity
Charity has often been absent from liturgical debate.

Howard Kainz: Inclusive Language and the Liturgy
The attempt to keep all usage of 'he" or "him" down to a minimum.

Mark Shea: Now and at the Hour of Our Death
The fact is, nobody's getting out of here alive.

John Zmirak: Bring a Friend In out of the Cold
"I'll mark mid-Lent by being pastoral - in the positive sense."

Anthony Esolen: Brothers, Sing On
At some point only men can make men out of boys.

Mark Shea: Pray for Us Sinners
It is the truth that things are connected in Christ and only in Christ.

Fr. James Schall: Original Sin
A consoling doctrine that prevents us from ultimately finding only ourselves.

Mark Shea: Holy Mary, Mother of God
She was set apart, as no other mortal has ever been, by the Holy One.

Thomas Howard: Despondent Converts
Why does a Catholic go to Church?

John Zmirak: John Zmirak Must Die
"Can't I just pick limbo?"

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Contraception and the Vocations Crisis
Contraceptive culture has affected the vocations question in powerful ways.

Mark Shea: Blessed Is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus
"Friends don't let friends do Mariaphobic exegesis."

Russell Shaw: Privatizing Religion
The mentality that exalts lay ministry and ignores lay apostolate.

Fr. Roger Landry: The True Meaning of Lent
The Pope is calling us all to rediscover this communal dimension of Lent.

Deal Hudson: Catholics Organize to Promote Gay Marriage
Catholic doctrine is not defined by polling -- not yet, anyway.

David Warren: Virtues of Restraint
A time to consider the many things that we could live without.

Mark Shea: Blessed Art Thou among Women
The most fully saved human being who ever lived.

John Burger: How One Community Brought Renewal to Religious Life
The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

Anthony Esolen: United from Above
They that wait upon the Lord shall mount, as on the wings of eagles.

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding to the Crisis of Faith and Truth on Catholic Campuses
More students on Catholic campuses changing for the worse than for the better.

John Zmirak: All Your Church Are Belong to Us
Go back to Hell. Our Church belongs to Christ.

David Bonagura Jr.: Ash Wednesday in the Public Square
A powerful witness to the supernatural without uttering a single word.

Mark Shea: The Lord Is with Thee
Thank God for being with you as He is with Mary.

Susie Lloyd: Learning to Forgive
Christ admonishes us to forgive not just for the sake of others but for ourselves.

John Zmirak: Sloth in Drag
Day in, day out, the same thing over and over again.

Eve Tushnet: Six Imperfect Metaphors for Conversion
Usefully combat some myths of conversion.

Mark Shea: Full of Grace
A title that is too full of meaning to render accurately in English.

Danielle Bean: A Mother's Liturgy of the Hours
The Church's daily pockets of prayer have always held a special attraction.

John Zmirak: The Gordon Gekko Scale of Greed
We're ringed round with paradoxes, and the issues aren't simple.

Mark Shea: Hail Mary
Where she is, we too will one day be, if we continue in faith in her Son.

John Zmirak: The Generosity of Tolkien
The generosity of artists may yet work our redemption.

Anthony Esolen: The Lost Sheep
For He alone is the Good Shepherd, who gives His life for His sheep.

Russell Shaw: Resisting Bigness
It's not so easy to give little things the spiritual significance they deserve.

John Zmirak: Test Your Envy
Pure Envy craves evil for its own sake.

Eve Tushnet: Live Through This
Knowledge is a key that turns on both ends.

Mark Shea: The Paradox of the Neo-Catholic Traditionalist
So many questions!

Bishop Thomas Wenski: Faith and the Earthquake
We will not be overcome by any adversity but will overcome evil with good.

Fr. Roger Landry: Two Important Occasions in the Year for Priests
Recognize just how crucial the vocation to the priesthood is to the Church.

Jennifer Pierce: Infectious Speech
We casually do it, without even being aware that it is harmful and wrong.

John Zmirak: Lilies that Fester - Spiritualized Envy
A surefire way to steer aspiring saints from holiness back toward hellfire.

Mark Shea: In Search of the Sinister and Elusive Neo-Catholic
A term that exists in a state of quantum indeterminacy.

Fr. James Schall: We Do Believe
At the basis of all our ability to "believe" is not more belief, but finally seeing.

Fr. Roger Landry: Growing in the Knowledge of the Faith in the New Year
The Church needs a culture shift as it comes to the study of the faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: Dealing with Detractors
How to respond to conflicts, criticism and even calumny in a Christian way.

Henry Karlson and Marjorie Campbell: Resolutions for a New Feminist
A new, Catholic way to deal with the questions feminists have raised.

John Zmirak: Are You a Tree Sloth?
If you want to keep on being Martha, you'll need to spend some time with Mary.

Thomas Howard: Redrawing the Moral Map
Should there not be at least one voice encouraging us climbers to trust it?

Anthony Esolen: Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee?
There is the Babe, who speaks a world of love in His speechless simplicity.

Mark Shea: The Inescapability of the Gospel
We simply can't help putting Gospel themes into our stories.

Fr. James Schall: It Is Bidden Us to Rejoice
Let us accept it. Let us not be worrisome. Let us rejoice and be glad!

John Zmirak: What's Your Lust Index?
A quiz meant to help you diagnose your soul.

Fr. Roger Landry: Making Our Hearts a Crib
So that "we may have a dwelling that we can offer to the divine Savior."

Mark Shea: In Praise of Credulity
God shows Himself to the faithful, whom the world routinely sneers at...

Arturo Vasquez: The Power of a Piece of Bone
Our Catholic Faith calls us to remember another language.

John Zmirak: The Wrath of Dogs
"The Gospel doesn't read, 'Blessed are the doormats.'"

Mark Shea: Celebrating Advent in a Culture of Fear
The penitential psalms of Advent are God's way of saying there is hope for us.

Fr. Roger Landry: Practical Tips
Advent is a great time to experience personally this wisdom.

Marjorie Campbell: Obedience to a Bike
Bikes seem to be one of God's favorite themes in my own lessons on obedience.

John Zmirak: Are You Temperate, Insensible, or Insatiable?
In case you're wondering how subject you are to gluttonous thoughts.

Mark Shea: Through a Veil Darkly
I favor inquiry, even when the inquirers are making mistakes.

Fr. James Schall: On Being an 'Ultra-Catholic'
One who strives to do what Aquinas did.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Call of Christian Conscience
Seven important points made in the "Manhattan Declaration."

Fr. Roger Landry: Spiritual Medicine
His medicinal penances remain a model for doctors of the soul today.

Joe Hargrave: Forgive Us Our Isms
Almost everyone is guilty of something.

John Zmirak: 'Tis the Season for Temperance
We're each likely to struggle over the next few weeks with many temptations.

Simcha Fisher: Does Jesus Have Cooties?
He is here with us. He is one of us.

Fr. Roger Landry: Helping Penitents to Achieve True Conversion
The third and final stage of preparation: a firm purpose of amendment of life.

John Zmirak: Stalin's Trollop - The Envy of Lillian Hellman
She ordered her conscience straight from Moscow.

Anthony Esolen: Nothing under the Skin
The innocence is too strange these days for that ease.

Arturo Vasquez: Too Much Mary?
De Maria numquam satis. Of Mary, there is never enough.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Balm of the Soul
The most important part of preparation.

John Zmirak: A Most Diligent Mother - Angelica
The public face of the Church in the United States for the past two decades.

Mark Shea: Stopped Clock Right Twice a Day
Three eminently sensible reasons to the existence of Jesus.

Fr. Roger Landry: Training to Become Better Penitents
Spiritual coaching remains eminently practical and helpful for Catholics today.

Eve Tushnet: Heaven Can Wait
I would hate to think that all of this was just a test.

John Zmirak: Andy Warhol's Art of Sloth
No man in history could equal Andy Warhol for turning crap into cash.

Henry Karlson: Academic Theology
Should be concerned with the continuation of the Faith, not simple novelty.

Piers Paul Read: A Confession
I have never at any moment doubted the existence of God.

Fr. Roger Landry: Prayerfully Confronting and Overcoming the Difficulties
Issues that will confront those seeking full Communion.

Fr. Roger Landry: Preaching About Confession Today
The ten-part preaching and catechetical strategy John Paul II recommended.

Mark Shea: Our Culture's Sacred Stories
We are tempted to elevate them to the altar and confuse them with Word of God.

Fr. James Schall: On Answering Questions
Truth asks questions but, more importantly, gives answers.

Anthony Esolen: The Professional Below
The eyes of Christ in judgment look upon you.

Fr. Roger Landry: Bridge Over the Tiber
One of the most significant developments in favor of Church unity.

John Zmirak: How Vain Is Your Glory?
A thought experiment that will hone your skill at sniffing out the "vain."

Mark Shea: Deliver Us from Evil
A prayer to be delivered from sin.

Danielle Bean: Going Dental
With God, even our biggest worries will be small enough to hold in our hands.

John Zmirak: The Vanity of Ayn Rand
An Olympic-level practitioner of the Deadly Sin.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: A Bridge Across the Tiber
Anglicans will be able to come into full communion with the Holy See.

David Mills: Sharing the Real Mary
Knowledge of the Blessed Mother can only change their lives for the better.

Deal Hudson: Why Catholics Should Take a Position on the Hate-Crimes Bill
Could religious leaders be subject to prosecution based on their preaching?

Mark Shea: Lead Us Not into Temptation
Why on earth are we asking God to not do what He would never do?

Danielle Bean: Humiliation in Hardware
I silently resolved to have a humbler, more grateful heart.

John Zmirak: Role Model for Wrath - Josef Stalin
The most appropriate name to illustrate undiluted Wrath.

Patrick Reilly: The State of Catholic Higher Education
Each of the new colleges is unique and offers something special to families.

Mark Shea: And Forgive Us Our Trespasses
There is no limit or measure to the mercy of God.

Mark Shea: Mere Theism - The Case for God
Evidence: The physical world and the human person.

Benjamin Wiker: The Failure of Darwinism to Explain Morality
Simply a rehash of liberal political theory disguised as cutting-edge science.

Mark Shea: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
A prayer asking God to meet our elementary bodily needs.

David Warren: Back to School
It simply is not possible to make every point of view equal to every other.

Monica Migliorino Miller: Women's Authority in the Church
The feminist challenge to the faith is based upon a deep misunderstanding.

Anthony Esolen: A Village Called Wakefield
An expression of Catholic culture you would remember till the day you died.

Mark Shea: On Earth as It Is in Heaven
We don't quite know what to make of Heaven.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Total Happiness of Man on Earth
"We should pray like four year olds…who tell their mothers everything."

John Zmirak: Shall the Weak Inherit the Smurfs?
This is why we needed a Church in the first place.

Mark Shea: Thy Will Be Done
We're not at all sure what that actually means on a day-to-day basis.

John Zmirak: Blessed Are the Sweaty
Diligence: Of all the virtues, it wears the least perfume.

Mark Shea: Thy Kingdom Come
Where the King is, there is the kingdom already present and yet still to come.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Greatest Action We Can Do
What does it mean to live a truly Eucharistic life?

Mark Shea: Hallowed Be Thy Name
The highest form of prayer that a human being can offer with his lips.

Michael Pakaluk: Avoiding the Crucifix
There is no point at all in trying to pretty up a crucifixion.

John Zmirak: Chastity - Silk Vestments and Fishnet Stockings
Faithfulness, openness to life, and self-sacrificing love between spouses.

Mark Shea: Who Art in Heaven
The source of all the beauty and the ultimate fulfillment of all desire.

Steve Skojec: The Death of 'Me-Church'
The death of an ideology that had long outlived its time.

John Zmirak: Please Allow Me to Humiliate You
Humility isn't a virtue you're meant to boast about.

Arlene Oost-Zinner and Jeffrey Tucker: 14 Easy Ways to Improve the Liturgy
Break with routine and inspire steadfastness and personal attachment.

Mark Shea: Our Father
Not a prayer of petition, but the recognition that He is in heaven

John Zmirak: Liberality vs. 'Reality'
Doing just a little bit more than the minimum.

Alice Von Hildebrand: On True Love
Am I or am I not in love?

Mark Shea: Introduction to the Perfect Prayer
"We do not know how to pray as we ought."

Anthony Esolen: Where the Battle May Yet Be Fought
The Church in Canada has capitulated to the fads and heresies of the day.

Edward Oakes: Reconciling Judas - Evangelizing the Theologians
"We know too much, and are convinced of too little..."

John Zmirak: Conserve Your Liberality
Distortions to which the virtue of generosity is subject.

Arturo Vasquez: Faith in the Time of Jim Crow
The attitude of the apostles in the face of the crowd's unbelief.

Mark Shea: The Perspicuity of Scripture and Other Creation Myths
The result of theory run amuck and removed entirely from real life.

Daniel Molinaro: Christianity Is Not Moralism
Christianity is rather an encounter, a love story; it is an event.

Mark Shea: The Semi-Permeable Membranes of the Various Protestantisms
Protestants rely on parts of Sacred Tradition and usually don't know they do.

David Carlin: Iconoclasm and the Sexual Revolution
How to turn Catholics into semi-Catholics and non-Catholics.

Danielle Bean: Single-Tasking Summer
I like to think of the summertime as God's special invitation to slow down.

James Hitchcock: The Boozy Apologists
G. K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, and C. S. Lewis

John Zmirak: Sneaking Back into Eden
The preternatural gifts Adam lost were pretty impressive.

Mark Shea: Blessed Are Those Persecuted for Christ
Those who do God's will are doing it whether they think they are or not.

Fr. James Schall: Moral Reasoning
Every man has a conscience, even drifting on the Mississippi.

Raymond Wray: On the Trail of the Ark
History, religion, and the way the Ark is intertwined with both.

Anthony Esolen: Where the Battle Was Not Fought
Unless God works a miracle here, the Church will die.

Benjamin Wiker: Don't Wear that Mini to Mass
Don't we have a very serious moral obligation not to draw others away?

Mark Shea: Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake
We are graced to pray for those who despitefully use us -- as He did.

Mark Shea: Blessed Are the Peacemakers
A sacrificial and therefore priestly act.

Deal Hudson: The Great Philosopher Who Became Catholic
Mortimer Adler helped bring so many into the Church.

Joanna Bogle: Prayers by Heart
Prayer binds people together, delivers something precious.

John Zmirak: Losing Your Temperance
Our soul will slacken and grow as flabby as a body overfed and underused.

Benjamin Wiker: The Death of Morality
The greatest moral crisis is now upon us.

Mark Shea: Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
Purity -- and impurity -- originate in the heart and soul.

David Mills: The Greater Blessings
...though a blessing that may take some getting used to.

Todd Aglialoro: Golf and the Cardinal Virtues
Golf can be both teacher of and training ground for virtue...

Elizabeth Mauro: Standing on the Mound - The Virtues of Baseball
...for baseball is a game of folly and deep faith.

John Zmirak: Patience, for Christ's Sake!
We can suffer with many indignities if our eyes stay on the prize.

Mark Shea: Blessed Are the Merciful, for They Shall Obtain Mercy
Forgive everybody. Always. Forever.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.: The Meaning and Future of the Catholic Church
Defined by what we believe, how we worship, and how actively we live our faith.

Fr. George Rutler: Crime in Kansas
It is always wrong to do something intrinsically evil...

Mark Shea: Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
For transformation into the fullness of His image and likeness.

Dawn Eden: Feminists and Moral Consciousness
It takes a strong woman to be abstinent, and that's the kind of woman I want to be.

Michael Waldstein: Translator of John Paul II's Work Defends Christopher West
"He has a deep and faithful understanding of the late pope."

Mark Shea: Blessed Are the Meek
Those who are meek are not weak but almost inconceivably strong.

Joshua Allen: Why I Love the Holy Land (and Why You Should, Too)
Don't let fear keep you from experiencing its magnificence.

John Zmirak: Our Lady on the Highway
The one I have the most trouble with is "turn the other cheek."

Mark Shea: Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
We are not to judge but are simply to assume that the poor we meet are Jesus.

Marjorie Campbell: Stupid Questions
"Your Father knows what you need before you ask him."

Arturo Vasquez: Christ in the Village - The Treasures of Catholic Culture
How the Faith is packaged can be just as important as what is taught.

Mark Shea: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
We are look back on goodness and forward in hope.

Mark Shea: The Beatitudes
If you want to see God's face, that is where you must look.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Vocational Co-Responsibility
Steps required for those who are called to be able to answer.

Fr. Roger Landry: Bringing About the Renewal of Women's Religious Life
All is not well with religious life in America.

Fr. Roger Landry: My Conversion to Divine Mercy
Come to know the Lord more intimately through this beautiful devotion.

Fr. Roger Landry: The New Gravitational Force
Give witness to the resurrection and the firm hope that flows from it.

Fr. Roger Landry: Co-Redeemers
Our experience is transformed from curse that alienates to a gift that unites.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Power, Wisdom and Glory
Rediscover the full practical power and wisdom of Christ on the Cross.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church's Annual Retreat
An inner itinerary of conversion and holiness.

Fr. Roger Landry: Reconciled Numbers
One of the most symbolic numbers of the New Testament.

Fr. Roger Landry: Back to the Fundamentals
Three fundamental practices we're called to perfect with His support.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Pandora's Box That Begat Octomom
Enough even to make moral relativists rediscover moral absolutes.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Ascent of Love
The celebration of Valentine's Day...needs to be purified and redeemed.

Fr. Roger Landry: New Technologies, New Relationships, New Areopagi
Catechize our young people in a way most comfortable for them.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Setting for the Formation of the Heart
What sets Catholic schools apart.

Fr. Roger Landry: Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary
"I am all yours and all I have is yours...Give me your heart, O Mary!"

Simcha Fisher: What Lies Beneath
A temptation, also known as a lie.

Fr. Roger Landry: Heroes of the Bible
A treasure worth suffering for.

John Zmirak: Bless Your Heart, Tramp!
The prevalence of abortion and its root causes in modern sexual behavior.

Mark Shea: Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1984
The broad movement among some excuse the use of torture.

Maureen Mullarkey: The Myth of Catholic Art - An Unmanifesto
Can a Catholic make a significant difference in the artistic community?

Thomas Howard: The Barber Shop
There's so much in it!

Peter & Helen Evans: Animal Protection or Animal Rights? A Conversation with Brian Saint-Paul
Why it is so important to maintain clarity on this essential distinction.

Archbishop Charles Chaput: Deus Ex Machina - How to Think About Technology
We won't find our deliverance in machines.

Mark Shea: The Mother of the Son - The Case for Marian Devotion
Why do Catholics honor Mary so much?

Benjamin Wiker: The Problem of Evil
Evil is a real problem, and odd as it sounds, we need to keep it that way.

John Zmirak: But What about My Toys?
An insight into a spiritual issue I struggle with...

Mark Shea: Christ vs. the Power of Now
Only the truth of Christ can keep us from the power of Now.

John Zmirak: Psychomachia - Qu'est-ce Que C'est?
Introduction to "reflections on each of the Seven Contrary Virtues."

Fr. James Schall: The Last Christian
Redemption is an invitation, not something forced on us.

Mark Shea: The Tenth Commandment
Rely on God, not on envy, to give meaning and value to our lives.

Mark Shea: The Ninth Commandment
...just sitting there stewing over his hot wife, his sweet ride, or his good looks...

Mark Shea: The Eighth Commandment
"Tell the truth. Then you won't have to remember what you said."

Tom Hoopes: Turning the Tables - On Winning the Public Relations War
Rules of contemporary rhetoric that just happen to have a resonance for Christians.

David Warren: Servile Thinking
You can't leave God, leave Christ, leave the Holy Spirit, out of any thinking.

Mark Shea: The Seventh Commandment
That wasn't stealing; that was Manifest Destiny.

Russell Shaw: Is Confession in Crisis?
People just don't care to admit it or do much about it anymore.

Mark Shea: The Sixth Commandment
A grave and cruel betrayal.

Anthony Esolen: Where Have All the Prayers Gone?
Take out the Church's treasures of prayer for all to behold.

Evelyn Vitz: God and Gender
The complementarity of the sexes, in a structure of servant leadership by males.

Mark Shea: The Fifth Commandment
Now can we start killing?

Peter Kreeft: How to Win the Culture War
The continuation of Christ's work...can never happen without the Cross.

Danielle Bean: How's Your Lent Going?
Can we ever be sure that we are challenging ourselves enough?

Mark Shea: The Fourth Commandment of those things knowable to anybody with a pulse.

Mark Stricherz: Murder and Hope
Death is not the end; it merely begins a new relationship.

Mark Shea: The Third Commandment
For, of course, it was God who invented the weekend.

David Mills: The Perils of Preaching
...I haven't found Catholic preaching to be the horror show I was led to expect.

John Zmirak: Blood from a Stone
The influence of... the one who "roams the earth seeking the ruin of souls."

Mark Shea: The Second Commandment
Take God's Name seriously, as He takes you seriously.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Practical Power of Public Prayer
Confirms an underlying shared belief system that binds society together.

Mark Shea: The 1.5th Commandment
...then what's up with that Mary statue or that crucifix?

Anthony Esolen: O Lord, Open Our Lips
Catholics have forgotten how to pray.

David Carlin: Why Catholics Don't Read the Bible
"...44 percent of Catholics 'rarely or never' read the Bible..."

Armstrong Williams: The Inheritance of Loss
No way for the living to measure...the world we pray our loved ones may inherit.

Mark Shea: The First Commandment
"...speaks to the language of covenant."

Fr. James Schall: The 'Right' to Happiness
"No one has a right to happiness."

Mary Jo Anderson: Apparition in Africa - Our Lady of Sorrows
"While there is still time" is a message that we might ponder with great profit.

Mark Shea: On Finding Christ in the Church
The only sure avenue for coming to know Christ.

Anthony Esolen: The Church, the Mother of Memory
The promise that Christ will never forget her.

Deal Hudson: How Beauty Can Renew the Catholic Church
The key is found at the heart of what it means to practice the Faith.

H. Crocker III: What's So Great about Catholicism?
Ten things to which one could easily add hundreds of others.

Mark Shea: The Most Heroic Thing I Have Ever Witnessed
"...the meaning of the priesthood so clearly incarnated before my eyes."

Marjorie Campbell: Contemplations for Skiing
I think this has worked--none of my injuries has required stitches or intensive care.

Eve Tushnet: Defining the Relationship
"Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?"

David Carlin: Bernie Madoff, Victim
He was operating according to the prevailing rules of present-day morality.

John Zmirak: Accentuate the Purgative
Imagine how history would have turned out differently if man hadn't fallen.

Mark Shea: Docility
The smartest thing to do is follow Mother Church's counsel.

Fr. James Schall: Second Readings
Leave us with such ultimate things on our mind, when we least expect them.

Mary Jo Anderson: A Christmas Pilgrimage
An interior journey of faith in God, in His promises and His providence.

Anthony Esolen: A Church of Memory
God remembers us: He will not let us go.

Deal Hudson: My New Year's Wish for the Church
So great a gift demands to be shared.

Christopher West: The New Language
Break the silence and reverse the negativity of the Christian sexual ethic.

Scott Richert: Dreaming of Trains
Turn toward Bethlehem, toward the true object of our hearts' desire.

Danielle Bean: A Simple Little Christmas
I pray that God will help me see the small things.

John Zmirak: Envy - I See You in Hell
The passion that goaded Lucifer, who envied the Glory of God.

Alice von Hildebrand: Death and Punishment
It is so fearful because life is such an incredible gift.

Fr. James Schall: The Christmas Fire
We are beings who want to know the whole story.

John Zmirak: The Few, the Proud, the Damned
Pride and its many meanings.

David Carlin: Liberal Protestantism and Liberal Catholicism
Catholicism in America continues to slide downhill.

David Warren: Into the Purple
"To day shalt thou be with me in paradise."

Mark Shea: Monsters, Moralists, and Happiness
Only the intervention of the grace of God can lift us into the happy life of the Trinity

Anthony Esolen: The Last Embers of the Fire
It is the Catholic Church that can fan the last glowing embers of culture.

Danielle Bean: Alleluia in the Dark
Last weekend, we attended a funeral Mass for a four-month-old baby girl.

Mark Shea: Coming to Our Senses - The Anagogical Sense of Scripture
Word and sacrament go together because both point to our destiny in Christ.

John Zmirak: Greed Is for the Good
Man was meant to live forever with an unlimited supply of whatever he needs.

Mark Shea: Coming to Our Senses - The Moral Sense of Scripture
Scripture communicates ways in which an authentic disciple should live.

Mark Shea: Coming to Our Senses - The Allegorical Sense
We should read for both the literal and the spiritual sense of Scripture.

Fr. Roger Landry: Judgment Day
It is not too late to admit our sinfulness and turn to the Lord.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Crown of a Life of Self-Giving
Quietly, humbly and repeatedly sacrificed himself to help his family and others

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Moral Responsibility as Catholic Citizens
"Every Catholic should be concerned about a wide range of issues."

Fr. Roger Landry: What We Celebrate On Labor Day
Not principally about earning a paycheck, but about serving and loving others.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church's Earnest Recommendation and Clear Preference
The human body is the "sacrament of the person."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Truth That Sets Love Free
An occasion for the whole Church to grow in faith and love.

Fr. Roger Landry: Life-Changing Saturdays
The date of my conversion to St. Paul.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Supreme Aspiration
"Not my will but thine be done."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Center of Our Faith
The Lord's reason for choosing his heart.

Fr. Roger Landry: Discovering the Roots of Our Faith
A place of profound conversion and spiritual rebirth.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Courage to Be Truly Themselves
Embolden other converts to live courageously their new faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Social Resonance of Sin and Redemption
Every sin always bears consequences in one's relationship with God and others.

Fr. Roger Landry: Futile and Fertile Fonts
The problem of invalid baptisms.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Pew Survey and the Church's Lost Sheep
One out of every ten people you meet on the street is a former Catholic.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Lord's Healing Power
The greatest and most common miracle of all occurs in the confessional.

Fr. Roger Landry: Voting and Salvation
To help us to choose morally, God has given us a conscience.

Fr. Roger Landry: Praying for the Jews
It would be a lack of love not to do so.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Ever-Present Relevance of Lourdes
Apparitions are meant to nurture our faith and help us live to more fully.

Fr. Roger Landry: Keeping Christian Charity Christian
Charitable activity must not become just another form of social assistance.

Fr. Roger Landry: An Urgent Centennial
Propitious opportunities to recommit ourselves to Christ and to the unity he seeks.

Fr. Roger Landry: Responding to the Vocations Crisis
Activities to focus on to change the "vocational culture."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Path to Renewed Hope in a New Year
A time for reflection and resolution.

Fr. Roger Landry: Star of Wonder, Star of Hope
We must do more than go to meet and adore Jesus in the manger and at Mass.

Fr. Roger Landry: Sure Guide Through the Interior World
I hope that you will allow him to teach you.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Christian Response to the Post-Christian Moment
If Rome could be won for Jesus Christ, surely we can do the same in our world.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Martyrdom of Ordinary Life
To suffer is not exceptional; not to suffer is.

Fr. Roger Landry: Theology on One's Knees
A subject that affects most Catholics.

Fr. Roger Landry: Revelations from Mother Teresa's Prayer Life
The media coverage also revealed a deeper issue for the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: Catholics, U.S. Culture and Transformation
Should the teachings of the Church transform culture or vice versa?

Fr. Roger Landry: Clarifying What The Church Is
Important for all Catholics and all those in dialogue with Catholics to know.

Fr. Roger Landry: Eucharistic Consistency
An opportunity to express our faith that the Eucharist is Christ himself.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Old Notre Dame and the Virtue of Munificence
The rediscovery of its meaning and practice is critical for the good of the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Precious Means of Gospel Penetration
Diocesan newspapers are a chronicle of that victory of good, truth and hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: No Greater Love
He gave his life not just for his friends but for those who had made him an enemy.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Hard Line Is a Loving Guard Rail
An external sign of Christ's own mercy.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Lost Tomb vs. the Empty Tomb, Part II
The case for Jesus' resurrection.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Lost Tomb vs. the Empty Tomb, Part I
Church leaders are needing to engage more in the defense of the faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Light Is On For You
The instruction helps to orient us about the point of the season of Lent.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Good News in Education
The blessing of a Catholic education and why it is worth the many sacrifices.

Fr. Roger Landry: Preparing to Embrace Emmanuel
So that we might be awake and alert to embrace Him when He comes again.

Fr. Roger Landry: Being In and Receiving Holy Communion
Should Catholic politicians who promote intrinsic evils be denied Communion?

Fr. Roger Landry: Pastoral Care According to the Truth
A true understanding of the human person and the place of sexuality in human life.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Biggest Issues of All
The issues which many of us tend to ignore.

Fr. Roger Landry: Political Cooperation in Evil
What would lead to a Catholic voter's incapacity to receive holy Communion?

Fr. Roger Landry: Liturgical Fidelity
Time for faithful Catholics and their pastors to prepare for the changes.

Fr. Roger Landry: An Appeal for Love
An opportunity to take care of Christ in disguise.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church's Reconstruction
A lesson of hope and a symbol that patient rebuilding is worth the time and effort.

Fr. Roger Landry: Choosing Communion with the Truth
One of the great contemporary ecclesiological errors.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Betrayal of Judas
To do what is necessary to defend and promote the faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Church as a Community of Love
"Love one another as I have loved you."

Fr. Roger Landry: Eros and Agape
A misunderstanding of what most consider the "epitome" of love, eros.

Fr. Roger Landry: Bringing Christmas to Life Again
Remember that God-with-us is still with us.

Fr. Roger Landry: The New Advent Prophet
The fundamentally Advent-oriented message of Pope John Paul II.

Fr. Roger Landry: Following the Pilgrims
Everything was part of God's plans for them on their journey to a New World.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Pearl of Great Price
"Without Sunday Mass we cannot survive."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Truly Christian Life
Members of the Church must find in the Eucharistic Lord their root and center.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Gospel of Human Work
An opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our work in God's divine plan.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Fountain of Youth
World Youth Day is a huge boon to Catholics of all ages.

Fr. Roger Landry: Matter Matters
We do not have the ability to change the substance of the sacraments.

Fr. Roger Landry: Lowering the Nets Again
Trust in Christ and, at his word, launch out again, boldly, for a big catch.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Dream Come True
It was similar to when the Red Sox won the World Series.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Eucharistic Heart Transplant
Why Jesus' heart - and only his heart?

Fr. Roger Landry: Memorial Day
May the Lord help us never to forget again!

Fr. Roger Landry: Tongues of Fire
I have always been fascinated by the feast of Pentecost.

Fr. Roger Landry: Jesus' Easter Mercy
Jesus wanted to link our resurrection through this Sacrament to his resurrection.

Fr. Roger Landry: Jesus' Valedictory
No greater homily has ever been given than the one Jesus preaches today.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Parable of the Resurrected Son
We must ourselves "come to our senses" and "come to life again."

Fr. Roger Landry: The Lord's Vineyard
God has generously given us that vineyard. Vintage time nears.

Fr. Roger Landry: Men of God
One of the real signs of the "new springtime" in the Church.

Fr. Roger Landry: Christ's Distressing and Challenging Disguise
Today Christ awaits each of us somewhere in Lazarus' disguise.

Fr. Roger Landry: Christ-like Ambition
The chalice and the towel wait for us.

Fr. Roger Landry: Listening to Christ Through Peter
Help all of us in Christ's flock to hear the Good Shepherd's voice through St. Peter.

Fr. Roger Landry: Making God's Standard of Love Our Own
May we listen to his words and make them our own.

Fr. Roger Landry: Heeding God the Father's Advice
May we "listen to him" with alertness and follow him with alacrity.

Fr. Roger Landry: Get Up, Let's Go
Lent is a forty day uphill pilgrimage with Jesus.

Fr. Roger Landry: The Heart of the Mystical Body
What would become of the world if there were no religious?

Fr. Roger Landry: Final Exam Preparation
What makes Catholic education so special.

Fr. Roger Landry: Our Priority Commitment
Communion with God and unity among all people, beginning with believers.

Fr. Roger Landry: Christ's First Vocation Director
None of us knows what plans the Lord has for our relatives and friends.

Fr. Roger Landry: Let Us Go Now to Bethlehem
His incessant humility manifested both his love and our dignity.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Doubly-Significant Sesquicentennial
The message of this feast is as relevant today as it was 150 years ago.

Fr. Roger Landry: New Beginnings
Allow the Successor of Peter to invite the whole Church to make this act of faith.

Fr. Roger Landry: Following the Pilgrims
They didn't give up hope.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Pastoral Letter From Your Priests on Voice of the Faithful
Live the faith and thereby strengthen the Church so as to change the world.

Vinny Flynn: On-Air Prayer Renewed
We weren't just there to sing.

Vinny Flynn: The Eucharist Is Alive!
An excerpt from chapter one of Vinny Flynn's book, 7 Secrets of the Eucharist.

Vinny Flynn: We Don't Just Receive
An excerpt from chapter five of Vinny Flynn's book, 7 Secrets of the Eucharist.

Mike Shaw: Lenten Advice for the Secular World
There are many ways to fast during Lent.

Todd Aglialoro: The Five Things You'll Do in Heaven
On the eve of this great feast I beg God's indulgence, and yours.

Mark Shea: Getting Beyond the Literal Sense of Scripture
"Seek first the kingdom of God..."

Thomas Howard: Look at Me!
"We all have to cope with various forms of vanity..."

Jim Bemis: Thanksgiving and Gratitude
One of the sweetest feelings we experience is that of gratitude.

Jim Bemis: Observance of Holy Week
Both Passover and Easter are celebrated in memory of deliverance.

Carol Kennedy: Generation L
Lost, left-behind losers.

Carol Kennedy: 60 Seconds of Fear
The importance of those last sixty seconds before death.

Deal Hudson: 12 Myths Every Catholic Should Be Able To Answer
Study them. Memorize them. Be prepared.

Deal Hudson: How to Refute Arguments Against Priestly Celibacy
How to respond when people challenge your faith.

John Zmirak: God in the Belly
The sin of gluttony.

Mark Shea: Tools for Thinking Sensibly About Scripture
The remarkable the organic unity of growth one sees in it.

John Zmirak: Massive, Disproportionate Retaliation
Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Mark Shea: Reading the Bible Like a Grown-Up
Difference between literalistic interpretation and the literal sense of Scripture.

John Zmirak: Lust for the Suburbs
...but that's why God made shotguns.

Marjorie Campbell: Nostril Muscles and Other Secrets
Keep open our hearts for sudden discovery.

Mark Shea: Literalischtick
Interpret the books of Scripture "following the rules of sound interpretation."

John Zmirak: The Joy of Sloth
The polite term is Inerto-American...

Mark Shea: Pursuing Virtue, Not Clintonism
"Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you as well."

Monica Winters: The Widow of Nain
Shafts of light in what had become nearly complete darkness for me.

John Zmirak: We Regret to Inform You that Christ Is Risen
It's not like I make a habit of badgering those who don't share the gift of faith.

Mark Shea: Got Soap? On Swearing and Vulgarity
"Nobody blasphemes Thor."

Fr. John Jay Hughes: All I Ever Wanted
"Not what I want, Lord, but what You want."

Eric Pavlat: A New Model for Catholic Community
They are truly the "salt of the earth" – in the world, but not of it.

Laraine Bennett: Spiritual Rehab
Holiness, the saints tell us, means depending on God.

David Warren: The Gold
"Wait! Is that a rosary?!"

Jennifer Fulwiler: The World Is Watching
More and more people are searching the Internet to answer life's big questions.

Mark Shea: Atheism, Christianity and the E.T. Problem
"Will We Lose God in Outer Space?"

Steve Skojec: Confessions of a Traditional Catholic
So why, then, are traditional Catholics so angry?

Marjorie Campbell: Rats, Roaches, and Queens
A place of wonder and love for my family, a place often beyond my control.

Mark Shea: Those Angry Traditionalists
"Not really being a good witness to the faith."

Eric Pavlat: Genealogy - My Fathers and Our Father
Each moment is precious and needs to be valued for itself.

Mark Shea: On Mediocre Liturgy
There are a few things I find vile, loathsome, and dreadful in contemporary liturgy.

Thomas Howard: Songs of Absurdity
Language that outstrips mere common sense and rests on the bedrock of faith.

Francesca Murphy: Five Ways to Fast
Real fasting occurs between a soul and God.

Mark Shea: Stealing from Supernaturalism
Atheism is an acid that inevitably corrodes the human person.

Danielle Bean: Angels without Wings
Not all of God's special helpers are angels with wings.

Joanna Bogle: Faith in Flanders
What was once a deeply Catholic country now faces a completely different future.

Deal Hudson: An Irish Mystic Comes to Chicago
There may be something afoot in Christendom.

Anthony Esolen: Real Social Justice
Why I cannot accept Catholic leftism.

Todd Flowerday: On Adoption
Each believer is adopted by the Father through the grace of Christ.

Mark Shea: Secular Messianism, On the Left and Right
But a Messiah is what we have, thanks be to God.

Danielle Bean: Mass in the Gym
No walls can contain our God. He is right here, right now, with us.

Mark Shea: The Darkened Intellect Serves the Fallen Will
Fervent prayer to the Holy Spirit, who alone can change the heart.

John Zmirak: Bedrooms and Battlefields
Sometimes killing people really is as bad as sleeping with them.

Jennifer Fulwiler: Google and Ye Shall Find - The Internet and the New Evangelization
Three characteristics that make the Internet unlike any medium in the world.

David Carlin: Thick and Thin Religions
Help understand why American Catholicism went into decline about 40 years ago.

Jason Anderson: How to Talk to an Atheist about Christianity
A list of dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Todd Flowerday: Progressive Catholicism Is Alive and Well
Take with a grain of salt whatever you read about religion in the secular press.

Thomas Howard: A Diva's Sentiments
Sustained the tests that love worthy of its name is asked to sustain?

Mark Shea: Getting Past Clericalism
Clericalism continues to poison and distort the way we think.

Joanna Bogle: Give Us Back Our Feast Days
If you want a feast to be special, you have a feast day.

David Warren: Protestants Today
To become a Catholic, a person almost needs to recover his Protestantism first.

Todd Flowerday: Not Your Standard First Communion
Liturgy was the open door through which I first saw and experienced God.

Todd Aglialoro: On Reverse Clericalism
Keeps the laity from ever fulfilling Vatican II's promise for them.

Thomas Howard: The Italian Concerto
The Last Day will scrutinize what we have been doing with it.

Deal Hudson: Catholics Come Home
Many cradle Catholics leave the Church never to return.

Todd Flowerday: Standing Up For Glory & Praise
Giving voice to heartfelt prayer.

Joanna Bogle: The Island of Saints
The Faith was passed on to us at this huge cost, and must not now be betrayed.

Todd Aglialoro: No Lasting City - On Memory and Regret
Our good memories will be recapitulated and infolded in the richness of heaven.

Danielle Bean: Benedictine Springtime
God is preparing a new springtime for Christianity.

Todd Aglialoro: Deliver Us from Eusebephobes
The curious and pathological fear of being (or appearing) too reverent.

Steve Skojec: The Rubrics of Coffee
It is therefore only fitting that we thank God... Maybe even after coffee.

Thomas Howard: An Odd Reminder
It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord: and to sing praises unto thy Name.

Eve Tushnet: In Praise of Disenchantment
Being Catholic means the world doesn't revolve around me.

Marjorie Campbell: Stuck with the Lord
It's like having the Lord stuck in your retainer.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Symbols and Systems - Why Catholics and Protestants Don't See Eye to Eye
Only when we understand what truly separates us will we be able to work together.

Mark Shea: God's Laughter
Easter commemorates the ultimate practical joke.

Mark Shea: Easter and the Liberty of the Icon
We live in liberty as icons of the Risen Christ!

Todd Aglialoro: Redeeming the Dissenters
Let us pray that our severed members may yet be redeemed, and with us rejoice.

Mark Shea: Saved by Christ, Not by Rules
Nobody really knows why one rule is more important than another.

Thomas Peters: Seven Deadly Social Sins?
The new sins are social sins rather than personal sins.

Todd Aglialoro: Crunchy Catholicism
Likes to touch and see, distinguishes, and engages the intellect.

Thomas Howard: What about the Day of Wrath?
Everything that has been concealed will be revealed.

Steve Skojec: A Young Father Meets the Old Mass
"It's a mystery – if you know everything that's going on, something is wrong."

Irene Lagan: The Archbishop Vanishes
We're called to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fr. James Schall: The Lord Alone
The proper worship of God is both our end and our final joy.

David Warren: Miracles
What first attracted me to Catholic teaching...

Mark Shea: Why Not You?
If God himself has to suffer, what makes me think I'm so special as to get a pass?

Thomas Howard: A Note on the Dark Night
A somewhat piquant topic for reflection upon one's own state of soul.

David Bonagura Jr.: Restored Preparation
Lent begins with the humble recognition that we all require conversion.

Susie Lloyd: Keep Mass in Christmas
It isn't Christmas without it.

Marjorie Campbell: Expect the Unexpected
If I think I have control of letting go of control, I can give God a better chance.

Mark Shea: Sin Weakens Us
Evil confuses us and leaves us more vulnerable than ever to our enemies.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: The Church is Alive - Catholicism in Paradise
Even today the message spreads along the roads to the very ends of the earth.

Danielle Bean: Messy Little Christmas
We are hopelessly flawed and none of us can be whole without him.

Fr. James Schall: The Nativity
"We bring you tidings of great joy."

David Warren: Christmas Gift
You must think as a child.

Thomas Howard: An Advent Note on Ikhnaton
Two icons for Advent worth pausing over.

Danielle Bean: Watching and Waiting
How to prepare for a baby.

Fr. James Schall: 'To Save the People from Their Sins'
We are invited to understand and choose.

Todd Aglialoro: Giving Thanks for Thanks
An offering of trust whose peaceful effects redound on our souls like a tonic.

Mark Shea: Lying About the Loaves and Fish
Just like He's God or something.

Mark Shea: From Juju to the Eucharist
"Who do you say that I am?"

Thomas Howard: Of Abbots and Actresses
The Abbot Pambo came upon an actress...

Marjorie Campbell: My Friday Night Hit List
"For these people, who irritate me so much, dear God, I pray…"

Margaret Cabaniss: Another Ex-Priest Misrepresents Catholic Teaching
Disagreement over doctrine keeps him from fully representing that truth.

Todd Aglialoro: Five Things The Church Must Do (To Make Catholics as Zealous as Jehovah's Witnesses)
More properly to be expected from those who adhere to the Faith...

Thomas Howard: What About the Dragons Now?
Literalist creationists are naïve, poor lambs; we must construct a new outlook.

Marjorie Campbell: One More Last Chance
For my troubles, I hoped they would spend the rest of their lives listening to Him.

Fr. James Schall: Bridge Walkers
We walk because it is itself an exhilarating experience.

David Warren: The New Old
The one holy catholic and apostolic church became visible to me in that moment.

Marjorie Campbell: 'Who Wants Me Now?' - On the Way to the Kingdom
My reminder that this man Jesus wants me, too.

Fr. James Schall: Religious Freedom
We are free in order to accomplish what we are.

Katrina Zeno: Tango and the Theology of the Body
A union and communion of self-giving love.

Thomas Howard: Ecce Quam Bonum
What do my eyes see anyway?

Dawn Eden: 10 1/2 Reasons to Be Chaste
Why chastity is worth pursuing in the here and now.

John McCormick: Deliver Us From The Jesus Seminar
A sideshow rather than the center-ring attraction.

Fr. James Schall: Mathematics
This issue touches the very credibility of faith and its relation to reason.

David Warren: Consumer's Guide
Don't panic about getting anything wrong; you're new here.

Fr. James Schall: On the 'Right' to Be Created
The fun only begins when we live in bounty, not rights.

Fr. James Schall: Responsibility for Our Souls
We are not the objects of our own hope, but we are its subjects.

Thomas Howard: The Three Monkeys
Is there a trace in what he said for our profit?

Russell Shaw: The Songbird and the Cellphone - Rediscovering the Sacramental Sense
The best way to begin is to begin. God does the rest.

Mark Shea: Is the Gospel of John Anti-Semitic?
Mere ethnicity cannot save, and that baptism...frees us from sin.

Michael Novak: The Troublesome Term, 'Secular'
Now we are entering a new post-secular age.

Fr. John Jay Hughes: Hope - When A Loved One Dies In Sin
God never condemns anyone to hell; it is self-chosen.

Armstrong Williams: The Physiology of Success
The riches we are able to enjoy are the riches that we work for.

Alice Von Hildebrand: On True Love
Reason speaks in words alone, but love has a song.

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