Catholic Commentary: Miscellaneous

Elizabeth Hanna: Five Habits of the Ideal Teacher
Key qualities in the most effective teachers all relate to humility.

Anthony Esolen: What Rough Beast
There is a strange connection between rationalism and animalism.

Fr. James Schall: Things Not Due to Teaching
The question of what can be taught or what cannot is an intriguing one...

Deal Hudson: Not Your Usual Christmas Gift Recommendations
The things you grab running out of a burning house.

Ralph McInerny: Dead Language
A Roger Knight mystery.

Deal Hudson: The Truth about Virtue and Happiness
Virtues don't tell the whole story about human life.

Ralph McInerny: Dust Abhors a Vacuum
A Roger Knight Mystery

Deal Hudson: How Universities Fool Their Donors
Alumni complaining about the latest anti-Catholic outbreak.

Eve Tushnet: The Survivor's-Guilt Guide to College
It's that time of year again...

John Zmirak: Telling Tales Out of School
"I'm sure that for most of them I was the crown of thorns..."

Benjamin Wiker: Mugged by a Muse - The Poet and the Con
I had learned a lesson, but justice had been served.

Robert Griffin: Grave Matters - Life and Death as a Mortician
Everyone agrees he's a pretty good guy... for a bad guy.

T. Pitt Green: Homecoming - Healing from Abuse
"Like many survivors, I did not forsake faith."

Robert Reilly: Sense and Nonsense A Conversation with Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.
Life of the mind, the future of the West, and lessons learned over a long career.

Michael Healy: When Kung and Von Hildebrand Came to Loyola
Their reception as well as their personal effect on me.

George Sim Johnston: Why Catholics Like Einstein
Science is mankind's great success story since the Renaissance.

Kate Wicker: I Am Woman
I don't have to roar to be heard. My life says it all.

Ralph McInerny: Thinking Backward
Trying to retrace memory is a bittersweet experience.

Todd Aglialoro: The Twelve Days of Christmas - A Documentary Hypothesis
Just how it came about.

David Warren: Consider the Hummingbird
The challenge for the Catholic lies beyond the bird as symbol.

Sandra Miesel: Who Burned the Witches?
How witchcraft theories developed and on what intellectual basis.

Anthony Esolen: The King's Anguish - Mistranslating the Holy Scriptures
Translators seem to fear pricking their fingers on the bristles of strong prose.

Benjamin Wiker: Alien Ideas
Christianity and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Peter Kreeft: Confessions of a Computer Hater
My enemy isn't just IBM or Apple; it's everything digital.

Anthony Esolen: Not to Notre Madame
The small and doggedly faithful Catholic schools need our support.

John Zmirak: Praying with the Kaisers
A bittersweet love note to the Habsburgs.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Laughing with Chesterton
The capacity to wake us up with wordplay...

Jeffrey Tucker: The Hidden Hand behind Bad Catholic Music
It's up to you to decide the future course of your parish's liturgy.

Fr. James Schall: Graduation 2009
Every 20 year old needs to be aware of and excited by what is...

Fr. Roger Landry: Unforgettable Memories of the Holy Land
There were plenty of worse places for a Christian to be imprisoned!

Joseph Susanka: Remembering Tom Dillon
We were not ready for him to leave.

Richard Bastien: Is Capitalism Catholic?
Tradition to support regulated free-market economies and to condemn socialism.

Sandra Miesel: Swinging at Windmills - The Catholic Conspiracy Theories
Even under the new shadow of terrorism, old fears live on.

John Zmirak: If You Must Drive Drunk, Please Wear a Seatbelt
Chances are you'll get home in one piece.

Michael Baruzzini: Reflections on a Year of Science
Science is a wonderful hobby, but a dangerous god.

Jeffrey Tucker: Sing Like a Catholic
"Both a lack of direction and a lack of any fixed ideals."

David Mills: 15 Tips for Better Preaching
What only you can give us just before we receive our Lord.

Ronald Rychlak: Protecting the Brand
I wish the Catholic Church had protected her brand better.

Fr. Stanley Jaki: The Biblical Basis of Western Science
"Unexcelled source of common sense" and information about the Kingdom of God.

John Zmirak: The Dark Night of the Civilization
Lent rains down on us now like bitter manna from heaven.

Thomas Howard: Harmonizing Athens and Jerusalem
The two regions of high human culture.

Fr. Roger Landry: A Tour in Anticipation of St. Martin
"Come to me, all you who are weary… and I will refresh you."

Jim Moore: Silly Love Songs
Important task at hand -- creating a Catholic musical tradition apart from the Mass.

Deal Hudson: A Catholic College Where the Students Sing (In Latin)
Magdalen College: A place where students encounter Jesus Christ and His love.

Tom Hoopes: The Dark Backward - Demons in the Real World
"The deepest, worst psychological thing I'd ever experienced."

Benjamin Wiker: Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin
His heart and head were in complete contradiction.

Deal Hudson: Some Advice for Apostolates in a Time of Recession
Make sure donors know that your apostolate's mission is making a difference.

Jeffrey Tucker: Pay to Pray - The Church's Simony Problem
What possible rationale could there be for charging for the right to publish?

Mike Shaw: Health and Religiosity
One would be hard-pressed to find a better example of foolish scientism.

David Warren: Prophecy
Refers to revelation, not prediction.

Deal Hudson: Joy, Golf, and a Life Well Lived
Joy lifted him beyond the obstacles that discourage most men.

Scott Richert: An Epiphany
Efforts of others, their little acts of charity that would redound to the profit of all.

Joanna Bogle: Britain and the 1950s
The country that seemed to stand so tall, morally and culturally...

Thomas Howard: The Carolina Wren and Others
So exquisite -- they manifest God's handiwork, and hence His glory.

Fr. George Rutler: Richard John Neuhaus, 1936 - 2009
"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee Lord my soul to keep..."

David Warren: Resolution
Try to overcome my foolish propensity to argue with fools on their own premises.

John Zmirak: Christmas at the Veterinary Hospital
A blessed, beastly Christmas to one and all.

Simcha Fisher: We Should Be Afraid
There is much to hope for, and we trust God. But...there is much to fear.

Benjamin Wiker: Going Native
"Whoever humbles himself will be exalted."

Thomas Howard: The Good Doctor Donne
A jolting reminder of the exercise of fierce self-examination.

Deal Hudson: Ten Things for Which I'm Grateful This Thanksgiving
Offer thanks for the many blessings God has given us.

Patrick Reilly: New Study Confirms Decline of Catholic Colleges
Now we have national survey data to prove what we have long known.

David Mills: What Does 'Evangelical' Mean?
Catholicism is a profoundly different way... of living the Christian life.

Francis Beckwith: Evangelical and Catholic
Why I resigned as president of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Fr. James Schall: On Words and Symbols
Why the Church talks of being, natural law, and doctrine.

David Mills: Out of Division, a Greater Unity?
Many Episcopalians move closer to the Catholic Church.

Dan Coyne: Why Vegetarians Should Be Allowed to Eat Meat
A satire on Catholics for a Free Choice.

Deal Hudson: Are Your Kids Safe in a Catholic College?
Arm your children with a solid foundation BEFORE they go to college.

Deal Hudson: How To Make Sure "Catholic" Colleges Really Are
It's time to "start expecting them to live up to their name."

Deal Hudson: Money - Making It, Spending It, And Giving It Away
An interview with Frank J. Hanna III...

Jeffrey Tucker: What's Wrong with Failure?
Nothing is ever our fault, much less our most grievous fault.

William Donohue: I'm Catholic, Staunchly Anti-Racist, and Support David Duke
A tongue-in-cheek reply to Nick Cafardi's article.

Todd Flowerday: Standing Up for Chant
Plainsong has a place in the worship of every Catholic parish.

Eric Pavlat: Why Taxation Isn't (Necessarily) Theft
As long as taxes are used justly...

Thomas Woods Jr.: Galileo, Science, and the Smirking Chimp
Knows not a blessed thing about the findings of the past 60 years of historians.

David Mills: Transcending Anglicanism
The whole thing seems to be visibly coming apart.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Quo Vadis Canterbury?
The Anglican Communion is splitting up.

Mark Shea: Behold the Spam of God!
You wonder what is going through the minds of people who write such stuff.

Mark Shea: The Delusion of the Familiar
Seeing something often makes it something other than strange and wonderful.

Todd Aglialoro: Lessons Learned From a Catholic College's Summer Bulletin
I'm happy to share some of their highlights with you.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Tolkien's 'No' to Narnia
Did Tolkien feel that Lewis was borrowing ideas from him and vulgarizing them?

Susie Lloyd: The Facts of Life
They'll just have to figure it out the way their ancestors did.

Mark Shea: Fisking King David
How the blogosphere would respond to Psalm 51 if David lived today…

Fr. James Schall: Schall at Eighty
Both the peril and the excitement are there, for we are free.

Thomas Howard: A Photo in Transylvania
How on earth do they carry on?

Todd Aglialoro: Good Hymns, Bad Hymns
It can't all be a matter of personal preference, can it?

Marjorie Campbell: Apologies to My Father
Why does this time of year make me contrite?

Sean Dailey: The Lost Art of Catholic Drinking
"From man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world."

David Warren: On Disdain
The death of an old friend has put me in mind of courage.

Brian Saint-Paul: The Big Jump
Moving crisis magazine entirely online.

Fr. James Schall: The Last 'Nonsense' In Print
"In spite of it all, this 'nonsense' still makes sense, even in print."

David Warren: Paperlessness
If something impresses me as worth remembering, I transcribe it in my own hand.

Timothy O'Donnell: Academic Freedom and the Catholic University
Academic freedom must be nurtured within the confines of what is good and true.

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