Commentary by H. Crocker III

What Might Have Been
A future wherein the world has come to be really and intelligently Christian.

Lepanto, 1571 - The Battle that Saved Europe
The unity of Christendom was shattered and Islam saw its opportunity.

Tocqueville's Catholic America
A wonderfully consuming portrait of Tocqueville and his ideas.

How the English-Speaking Peoples Saved Civilization
-- and will do it again.

Five Myths About Christianity, Islam, and the Middle Ages
There was light in the early Middle Ages.

Making Babies - A Very Different Look at Natural Family Planning
"Use NFP: It Doesn't Work!"

What's So Great about Catholicism?
Ten things to which one could easily add hundreds of others.

Why Jefferson Davis Opposed Roe v. Wade
In fact, he might have even threatened secession over it.