Commentary by Anthony Esolen

The Joy of Recovery
The truth returns. God has promised it.

Benign Neglect or Calculated Malignity?
What have they done to warrant this treatment?

What Rough Beast
There is a strange connection between rationalism and animalism.

When Drab Is a Favorite Color
We must preach the beauty of Jesus Christ.

Putting the Christmas Back in Christ
How desperately we do need that child in the manger!

The Forgotten Freedom
"I am a human being and am tired of being robbed of my humanity."

Woman of Leisure
What is this life for, after all?

A Cloud No Bigger Than a Man's Hand
Long may The Newman Institute thrive!

The Power of Obedience
"Submit yourselves one to another, as in the Lord."

Aged Before Their Time
The fullness of the Christian faith lived out every day.

She Is Black, but She Is Beautiful
The Church is both pure and spotted.

Sewage Detox
We are the hypocrites, flooding our own homes and schools with filth.

The State Scores Again
The transformation of the relationship between the individual and the state.

Brothers, Sing On
At some point only men can make men out of boys.

Culture of Divorce, Culture of Death
Divorce destroys a world; it smothers an echo of Eden.

United from Above
They that wait upon the Lord shall mount, as on the wings of eagles.

The Lost Sheep
For He alone is the Good Shepherd, who gives His life for His sheep.

Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee?
There is the Babe, who speaks a world of love in His speechless simplicity.

Nothing under the Skin
The innocence is too strange these days for that ease.

The Professional Below
The eyes of Christ in judgment look upon you.

A Village Called Wakefield
An expression of Catholic culture you would remember till the day you died.

A Lot of Sound, No Music
The reasons why such a movie could not now be made.

Where the Battle May Yet Be Fought
The Church in Canada has capitulated to the fads and heresies of the day.

Victims Unseen
Is there a single program anywhere designed to address the issue?

The King's Anguish - Mistranslating the Holy Scriptures
Translators seem to fear pricking their fingers on the bristles of strong prose.

Where the Battle Was Not Fought
Unless God works a miracle here, the Church will die.

Over the Rails America
A tourist attraction called Roadside America.

Not to Notre Madame
The small and doggedly faithful Catholic schools need our support.

A Way of Beholding the World
Blessed Margaret of Castello

The Disappearance of Song
The work of Ford -- is irrepressibly biblical and epic no matter where it is set.

Where Have All the Prayers Gone?
Take out the Church's treasures of prayer for all to behold.

O Lord, Open Our Lips
Catholics have forgotten how to pray.

The Church, the Mother of Memory
The promise that Christ will never forget her.

A Church of Memory
God remembers us: He will not let us go.

The Last Embers of the Fire
It is the Catholic Church that can fan the last glowing embers of culture.

Liberty Forgotten
When did liberals in my country cease to be liberal?

Marriage in a Cubicle
All is a matter of personal choice, and therefore all is arbitrary, and alienated.

Thrift and the Just Social Order
Some old social virtues, not yet erased from the Catechism.

Real Social Justice
Why I cannot accept Catholic leftism.

Crossing the Wires
It is a matter of defending what it is to be human.

An Open Letter to Pope Benedict
Bring the preparatory freedom of the quest for truth.

Piety? Who Needs Piety?
Why insist even upon that now difficult and defiant title, "Father"?