Commentary by Alice Von Hildebrand

Edith Stein - The Apostate Saint
Her canonization created quite a turmoil for the Jews.

The Mystery of Israel
The Christian (clearly the Catholic) position is distorted and misrepresented.

The Victory of Factum over Genitum
Unless modern man turns back to God, the horizon is dark indeed.

Civilization and Culture at War
True culture can only blossom in a world steeped in reverence...

In Defense of Discrimination
A long series of injustices of which this famous book is replete.

Debating Beauty - Jacques Maritain and Dietrich von Hildebrand
Their approach to aesthetics was vastly different.

On True Love
Am I or am I not in love?

Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Moore
Lewis chose to carry a cross that would have broken the back of most men.

Death and Punishment
It is so fearful because life is such an incredible gift.

When Is Stupidity a Sin?
Why are errors so appealing to the human mind?

On True Love
Reason speaks in words alone, but love has a song.

The Devil's Distraction - A Misplaced Bad Conscience
One of the most unpleasant feelings one can experience.