Commentary by Fr. Roger Landry

Pushing the Reset Button
End campaign against the institution of marriage and religious freedom.

A Commonwealth of Kevorkians or Good Samaritans?
It's a choice between life or death.

Stopping the Collateral Damage
Time to achieve a balance between the rights of accusers and accused.

Preventing Another Class of Victims
Priests unprotected from character assassination by false allegations.

Acting on the Lessons of 9/11
Prayerfully ponder these lessons and recommit ourselves to acting on them anew.

Singing the Mass
An opportunity to show the Mass as the most beautiful prayer ever.

The Past and the Future of the United States of America
On no issue has he been more candid and challenging than that of immigration.

Planted, Built Up and Firm in Faith in Jesus Christ
World Youth Day involves far more than a weekend celebration.

The Trampling of Conscience
There are several grave issues in the new regulations.

Living and Dying with Dignity
Get together to "build a world in which love is stronger than death."

The Gospel of Chastity
The precondition for any real love.

Loving in the Truth Those Involved in the Gay Lifestyle
Three falsehoods that have come to the surface in the St. Cecilia's controversy.

True Pastoral Care of Those with Same-Sex Attractions
Ponder the Church's teachings anew, more carefully and more prayerfully.

The Most Effective and Radical Remedy Against Idolatry
True adoration of God is the antidote for these secularist social ills.

Responding to the Crisis of Fatherhood
Failure to create expectations for fatherhood amounts to disaster.

Opening Anew the School of Prayer
A new series that may prove to be Pope Benedict's most important of all.

Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests, II
We need to candidly state and examine this inconvenient truth.

Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests
Controversial aspects of the report that have gotten a lot of attention.

A Big Worldwide Step in the Right Direction
Real progress has been occurring in the Church in the last decade.

The Vitality of our Faith
Five best practices that have shown remarkable vitality in fostering vocations.

Defund Maria Talks
Taxpayers should never be paying for a website that promotes abortions.

Distinguished Student and Teacher in Church's Essential School
The exclamation point on what was John Paul II's most important papal priority.

Entering the Kingdom
The heart of the ongoing drama of Good Friday and the whole Christian life.

A School of Sanctification, Penance, Love and Hope
Confession educates the faith of both the minister and the penitent.

Reconstructing the Courtyard of the Gentiles
A forum for discussion with non-believers.

The Joint Defense of Marriage and Democracy
The most vital and defining issue of our day.

The Second Part of the Story
The Church's reaction after the revelations came to light.

Catholic Courage and Commitment in Embracing the Cross
The type of witness who shows us the way to the fulfillment of the great hope.

The Journey of Conversion Toward Easter
Rediscover our baptism, so that it may illuminate and guide all our actions.

The President's Abdication of His Oath and Responsibilities
Instructions to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in federal court.

Defunding Planned Parenthood
A momentous month with respect to defending innocent human life from abortion.

The Importance of Christian Names
A connection and continuity between natural and supernatural life.

A Full Pastoral Commitment to Adequate Marriage Preparation
Lack of adequate marriage preparation in parishes and dioceses.

Education in the Heart of the Church
An opportunity to reflect on the privilege and purpose of Catholic education.

The Good and the Wicked
Shocking revelations will hopefully lead to a much better and moral future.

Thinking, Living and Embracing Life on the Digital Continent
An urgent summons not just for bishops but for the whole Church.

When Catholic Hospitals Lose Their Identity and Way, Part II
Worrisome trends about which faithful Catholics need to be concerned.

When Catholic Hospitals Lose Their Identity and Way
What should have occurred in this tragic situation?

Learning from the Shepherds
What is it that these first witnesses of God's incarnation have to tell us?

A Powerful Reminder
Recognizing the apparitions as worthy of belief by the Christian faithful.

The Church's Response to our Hurried and Anxious Society
Too often the season of Advent is overshadowed by the "holiday season."

The Consistent Ethic of Christ's Concerns for All His People
The urgent task of bishops and all those who share the faith.

The Church and Condoms
That teaching needs to be better known, lived and proclaimed.

The Word of God in the Life and Mission of The Church
The most expansive papal document on Sacred Scripture in the Church's history.

The Courage to Combat Violence Done in the Name of Islam
It's no longer a time for words, but for decisive action.

Good Public Servants, But God's First
10th anniversary of St. Thomas More being declared the patron of politicians.

Voting a Truly Informed Catholic Conscience
How we vote is sign of what we value most.

Miracle at the Mine
One of the most moving and uplifting moments the world has seen in years.

An Ignoble Prize for Medicine
In-vitro fertilization violates the dignity of parents, children, and others.

Admitting and Addressing Catholics' Ignorance of the Faith
"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."

No Longer Business as Usual
Can we afford to ignore the crisis of faith that has overtaken our society?

The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square
Benedict's positive, appealing challenge can only be a good thing.

Necessary Distinctions and Conversations
There was something important missing in all the censorious commentary.

The Catholic Resistance to State-Encouraged Atheism
How are we to respond to this attempt to organize societies without God?

Eucharistic Faith and Eucharistic Miracles
Why we have accepted the advertisement by Love and Mercy Publications.

A Long-Awaited Advent
Important things that were lost in translation and needed to be remedied.

Driving the Pro-Life Message Home
A message that many in our culture need to see and hear.

Judge Walker's New Marital and Constitutional Order
Modern judges are inventing "constitutional rights..."

The Church's, and the Media's, Response to the Graviora Delicta
Many in the secular media are prone to distort what the Church says and does.

Preventing Spiritual Suicide
St. Francis' thoughts, words, courage, and example need to be emulated today.

The New Evangelization and Our Part in It
Re-proposing the Gospel to areas that have given up the practice of the faith.

Forgiveness and Repentance
Her powerful witness deserves to be highlighted and imitated.

A Reckless Gamble
The lure of big casino jackpots can blind individuals to reality.

False Accusations
Jesus was killed through false accusations, but rose triumphant on the third day.

The Great Scandal of Priestly Celibacy
Priestly celibacy is crucial today.

Truly Good Shepherds of the Young
What the Church in the northern hemisphere should never have forgotten.

The Catholic Voice in the Immigration Debate
One of the most pressing problems for our nation to solve.

Responding Like the Saints
Three lessons we can learn from what God called this heroic priest to do.

Ending Anonymous Fatherhood
Issues flow from this confusion and anxiety about their origins.

A Pastor After God's Heart
Let us continue to invoke his intercession for all priests.

The Luckiest Man in the World
"Holding God in his fingertips and giving him to others."

The First Step in the Renewal of the Church
Help each and every priest become the holy priest God intends him to be.

Death and Glory
Fighting heroically for souls with urgency and stamina until his last breath.

Repairing the Wounds
Focus on needed revisions to the Health Care Reform.

Miracles in Ars
"A greater miracle than what the Lord did to raise Lazarus!"

Parental Partnership in the Mission of Catholic Schools
Welcome all children, provided that parents welcome the Church's teaching.

God's Greatest Masterpiece and Our Greatest Treasure
How St. John Vianney sought to spread love of Mary among all his parishioners.

The Pneumatological Path of Ecclesial Renewal
The mystical body is hurting due to so many self-inflicted wounds.

The Personification of the Path to Heaven
Sought to make the path simple by showing how the saints personified it.

A Jubilee of False Gold
The fiftieth anniversary of what is the very antithesis of motherhood.

The Great Hope
Helping his people develop a burning yearning for heaven.

First Communion Saints
Exemplars to young Catholics preparing to receive Him for the first time.

The Reform of the Legionaries of Christ
Something that must concern the whole Church.

Preaching as a Good Pastor Should
A model to be imitated by all parish priests.

Responding Compassionately, Truthfully and Thoroughly, Part II
There is a profound need to examine this "crisis within the crisis."

The Preaching of the Curé of Ars
One of St. John Vianney's greatest priestly challenges came in the pulpit.

Responding Compassionately, Truthfully and Thoroughly, Part I
The Church's response to the abuse of minors by clergy has continued unabated.

St. John Vianney's Greatest Temptation
The one to which he was most vulnerable -- abandoning his post.

The Truth About Benedict and Abuse in the Church
One of the true heroes of the Church's response.

The Importance of Priestly Stability
A positive good, for both priest and parishioners.

Several things should be kept in mind on this extended penitential journey.

Munificence in Ministry
A consequence of the Lord's call to love others according to his own standards.

Recognizing and Resisting the Sifting
An attempt to destroy the Church's moral credibility.

Our Spiritual Resurrection
"As Christ is risen, so we must arise and enter into a new life."

Pope Benedict's Pastoral Letter
The deepest response yet to the clergy sexual abuse crisis.

Student and Teacher in the School of the Cross
Recognizing the Cross as a great spiritual caress instead of as a curse.

Too High a Cost, Too Great a Loss
The opposition of the U.S. bishops to the present plan for health care reform.

The Divine Depository in Our Hands
He sought to catechize his people to love others as they love themselves.

Denial and Deception
Why the Catholic bishops of our country are insisting that revisions be made.

The Saintly Shuttle Pocket
St. John Vianney's example of Christian charity.

Repairing the Damage, 50 Years Later
Let's hope that Archbishop Chaput's Houston speech has an impact for good.

Revenge of the Black Toad and Miser of Souls
Can the one whom Jesus called "the father of lies" ever tell the truth?

The True Meaning of Lent
The Pope is calling us all to rediscover this communal dimension of Lent.

The Grappin and the Gros Poissons
How Fr. Vianney responded to the decades of harassment.

Responding to the Crisis of Faith and Truth on Catholic Campuses
More students on Catholic campuses changing for the worse than for the better.

Grapplin' with the Grappin
How the devil harassed St. John Vianney for three and a half decades.

The Vindication of Abstinence-Only Sex Education
Sexual education without an abstinence message simply doesn't work.

The Curé of Ars and the Devil
More than any other modern saint, he was unrelentingly attacked by the devil.

Priests' Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World
Helping to harness the "gift" of the new media to preach the Gospel.

St. John Vianney's Favorite Work, Part II
Fr. Vianney did all he could to advance Catholic education.

Taking Back the People's Seats from Monopoly Rule
Brown's victory has even more pronounced statewide implications.

St. John Vianney's Favorite Work
He thought that a good Catholic education was worth almost any sacrifice.

Seeing Their Faces and Responding
A transition still needs to occur for most of us with respect to abortion.

Fr. Vianney's Eight-Year Calvary
An even more difficult test for St. John Vianney

Two Important Occasions in the Year for Priests
Recognize just how crucial the vocation to the priesthood is to the Church.

The Cross of Clerical Criticism and Envy
A holy priest as a neighbor is grace for faithful and priests alike.

Growing in the Knowledge of the Faith in the New Year
The Church needs a culture shift as it comes to the study of the faith.

Dealing with Detractors
How to respond to conflicts, criticism and even calumny in a Christian way.

The Solution, Not the Problem
Others are not our "competition," or the problem, but the solution.

Making Our Hearts a Crib
So that "we may have a dwelling that we can offer to the divine Savior."

A Noble Nobel Address
There are five reasons Catholic Americans should appreciate his discourse.

A Saint's Joyful Wit
A ray of sunshine that never ceased to brighten other's spirits.

Understanding the Full Context and Causes of the Scandals
It's urgent that we get more leaders like Archbishop Martin.

Practical Tips
Advent is a great time to experience personally this wisdom.

The Call of Christian Conscience
Seven important points made in the "Manhattan Declaration."

Spiritual Medicine
His medicinal penances remain a model for doctors of the soul today.

"Completely Unacceptable" and "An Enormous Disappointment"
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's health care reform bill.

Helping Penitents to Achieve True Conversion
The third and final stage of preparation: a firm purpose of amendment of life.

Catholic in Practice and Not Just in Name
They can no longer support the destruction of innocent human life in the womb.

The Balm of the Soul
The most important part of preparation.

Naming and Shaming Anti-Catholicism
The Archbishop's article is noteworthy for several reasons.

Training to Become Better Penitents
Spiritual coaching remains eminently practical and helpful for Catholics today.

Prayerfully Confronting and Overcoming the Difficulties
Issues that will confront those seeking full Communion.

Preaching About Confession Today
The ten-part preaching and catechetical strategy John Paul II recommended.

Bridge Over the Tiber
One of the most significant developments in favor of Church unity.

Pulling and Preaching People Into the Confessional
The patron saint of priests did not stop at praying for sinners.

Holding the President and the Reformers Accountable
This is a critical time for Catholics to work together to formulate solutions.

Praying People into the Confessional
He prayed more than anyone that people would get in that line of salvation.

A Public Line in the Sand
They will have "no choice" but to "oppose the health care bill vigorously."

The Internal Logic of a Great Sacrament
How God was able to form him to be one of the great confessors.

Change for the Better, Part II
Principles of Catholic social teaching and health care reform.

The Martyrdom of Waiting
It's hard for some priests today to relate to him.

Change for the Better, Part I
Principles for an authentic health care reform.

Reopening the Great Hospital of Souls
Gives new meaning to the term heroism.

Goal Posts of Acceptable Health Care Reform
It is to look at the proposed reforms through the light of the Catholic faith.

Prayer Made Practical
His sound advice remains just as useful today as it was 150 years ago.

Lessons To Be Learned
The funeral and the controversies it engendered.

The Total Happiness of Man on Earth
"We should pray like four year olds…who tell their mothers everything."

Learning From Our Mistakes
Why has the education-alone strategy been such a colossal failure?

Model of An Existence Made Prayer
Why St. John Vianney is so important not just for priests but for all of us.

Senator Kennedy's Legacy
"The cowardly lion of the Senate."

The Greatest Action We Can Do
What does it mean to live a truly Eucharistic life?

Health Care, Fabrications and Religious Freedom
Concern with respect to the health care reforms being proposed in Washington.

Ending the Desecration of the Lord's Day
St. John Vianney's efforts to convert his parish in Ars.

Champion of the Dignity of All God's Children
A testimony to how much of a difference one person can make.

Pastoral Courage and Charity
Had what it took to fight against sin and make sanctity possible for his people.

Catholic Environmentalism
Essential for the integral development of the human person and society.

The Price of the Conversion of Ars
"There is not much love for God in that parish; you will bring some into it."

Genuine Health Care Reform
Fix what's broken, rather than break the parts that are in no need of repair.

The Divine Vocation Strategy
Choose the weak as priests and make them strong in bearing witness to him.

Charity in Truth
Three concrete helps in order to grasp the whole of the document.

The Holy Priest Who Inspired Another
John Vianney's saintly spiritual father and mentor.

Becoming Spiritual Grown-Ups
Adult faith that St. Paul had and sought to help the early Christians achieve.

The Great Gift of the Priesthood
Love of neighbor that goes beyond the mere alleviation of material needs.

The Foundations of Our Freedom
Much to consider for all Catholics who in general share the President's ideas.

Learning From Heroes
The Mass was far greater than everything they might lose if caught.

Continuing the Imitation
Fighting the good fight, finishing the race and keeping the faith...

Priests After Christ's Own Heart
Time for the Church to focus on the positive gift and mystery of the priesthood.

Year of the Priesthood
A couple of things that all Catholics are called to do to live this year well.

Heroic Paternity
A model of behavior for all fathers.

The Ecclesial Co-Responsiblity of the Laity
Five things that need to be done for the Church to achieve renewal.

Son of Encouragement
This man's virtues and actions are among those the Church most needs.

Triple Reparation
Acts of penance and reparation to remedy the evil done also against God.

Heroic Men in Red
Models not just for Catholics in Africa, but across the globe.

Integral Catholic Education
Form people to pass the final exam of life summa cum laude.

The Cheerful Face of Re-Evangelization
What can we learn from St. Philip to help us in our task today?

Doubt, Dialogue and Demonization
With some offenses dialogue is not only not enough but counterproductive.

Man of God Among the Greatest Generation
"No one has greater love than to lay down his life for his friends."

Lessons from the Father Alberto Affair
A scandal has ripped through the heart of Spanish-speaking Catholicism.

Our Lady's Heroic Child Warriors
A pure heart which "sees God" in all situations is a stronger weapon...

Unforgettable Memories of the Holy Land
There were plenty of worse places for a Christian to be imprisoned!

More Than Dining Room Conversation
Notre Dame is teaching that it's more important to listen to the President.

Doctor Magnificus
A courageous reformer and defender of the Church as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Our Vocational Co-Responsibility
Steps required for those who are called to be able to answer.

True Catholic Joy
Archbishop Dolan - Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God within.

Bringing About the Renewal of Women's Religious Life
All is not well with religious life in America.

My Conversion to Divine Mercy
Come to know the Lord more intimately through this beautiful devotion.

The New Gravitational Force
Give witness to the resurrection and the firm hope that flows from it.

Our experience is transformed from curse that alienates to a gift that unites.

Our Power, Wisdom and Glory
Rediscover the full practical power and wisdom of Christ on the Cross.

The Church's Annual Retreat
An inner itinerary of conversion and holiness.

The Passion Continues
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"

Reconciled Numbers
One of the most symbolic numbers of the New Testament.

The First Step Toward Despotism
...none of our rights is safe.

The Confessor
A modern St. Francis Xavier of the Confessional.

Calling Catholics to a Higher Standard
If we do not love our neighbor as ourselves, we will be consumed by one another.

Daily Martyr of the Confessional
The patron saint of parish priests, St. John Vianney.

Change That Kills
A disgraceful victory of the culture of death over both ethics and science.

Spiritual Maternity
St. Paula Frassinetti: A reminder of the true values of a woman.

Reading and Responding to the Signs of the Times
Prevent sacrilege and...further grave sin through unworthy reception.

The Gospel's Appealing Voice and Face
He has the gifts necessary to lead all American Catholics to a renewal of our faith.

Back to the Fundamentals
Three fundamental practices we're called to perfect with His support.

The Benefit of Doubt
This movie shows that in many cases it's hard to discover the truth.

The Pandora's Box That Begat Octomom
Enough even to make moral relativists rediscover moral absolutes.

The Ascent of Love
The celebration of Valentine's Day...needs to be purified and redeemed.

The Future Depends on Love
Suffering a crisis of confidence from within.

Martyr for National Unity
One of the greatest and most inspiring biographies in our nation's history.

Unity, Magnanimity and Lunacy
Do everything in his power to promote the fundamental cause of ecumenism.

Going Deep
The story of Kurt Warner.

New Technologies, New Relationships, New Areopagi
Catechize our young people in a way most comfortable for them.

The Setting for the Formation of the Heart
What sets Catholic schools apart.

The Fundamental Content of St. Paul's Conversion
One of the pivotal movements not only in his life but in the history of the Church.

First Things and Last Things
Good disciple, faithful priest, bold apostle and friend...

The Dignity of the Person and the Evil of In Vitro Fertilization
Catholics are called to raise up an "evangelical cry."

The Apostle of the Family Rosary
Fr. Patrick Peyton: "Honor his memory. Continue his mission."

The Urgent Need to Mobilize Consciences in Favor of Life
Just as we all were, Jesus was once an embryo.

The Voice of Christmas
The thoughtful prelate who gives voice to the Church's Christmas joy.

Making Room to Welcome María, José and Jesús
We need to open our hearts now when they come knocking on our borders.

Blagojevich, Conscience and the Redemption of Politics
Character matters much more than some want to admit.

The Martyrs of Japan
Blessed Peter Kibe and Companions.

The Economic Crisis - Roots and Remedy
We must make sure that our free-market economic system is built on rock.

Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary
"I am all yours and all I have is yours...Give me your heart, O Mary!"

Terrorism in India
The Pope has tried to raise international attention to the anti-Christian terrorism.

Black Fridays
The antithesis of the Christmas spirit.

The Starting Point of the Turnaround
No one is truly beyond the reach of God's grace.

The Catholic Response to Obama's Election
Horrified by Obama's fervent support for a far greater evil.

The Holy Quah-hak-ka-num-ad
A "living source of inspiration...for all Christ's disciples."

High-Tech Home-Wreckers for Hire
No one will ever find true happiness by betraying one's family.

A Much-Decorated Veteran of the Ongoing World War
St. Martin battled for decades against spiritual barbarism — and he won.

A Sleeping Giant Awakes
Banning the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

Heroes of the Bible
A treasure worth suffering for.

A Tour in Anticipation of St. Martin
"Come to me, all you who are weary… and I will refresh you."

Looking Carefully
Time to stop pretending that we do not know what this nation of ours is allowing.

From Satanist to Saint
No matter how far away from the faith one is, there's always hope.

Judgment Day
It is not too late to admit our sinfulness and turn to the Lord.

Achieving Our Highest Aspiration
Blessed Bartolomé Marquez

The Freedom of Choice Act and the Informed Catholic Voter
FOCA would eliminate all...restriction.

Hand-in-Hand in Heaven
Role models for Catholic married couples.

Another Form of Heroism
"A lonely voice in the silence and darkness enveloping Europe."

Living Up To Legitimate Expectations
Desire and need that people have for the pope to speak out in response to evil.

The Spiritual Legacy of the Smiling Pope
A new style of the papacy with his joy, his smile, his simplicity and his language.

Freedom and Authority
It is the truth that sets us free.

Monsieur Vincent
A witness of how much good one person, impelled by God's love, can do.

Morally Exhausted Arguments
...of Catholic politicians with respect to abortion.

The Crown of a Life of Self-Giving
Quietly, humbly and repeatedly sacrificed himself to help his family and others

Our Moral Responsibility as Catholic Citizens
"Every Catholic should be concerned about a wide range of issues."

The Third Patron
The martyrdom of St. Lawrence.

Sexual Drunk Driving
Sometimes teenagers simply don't listen to the best of advice

The World's Most Precious and Promising Ingredient
Our country urgently needs those who acknowledge and prioritize...our future.

Just Salary Expectations for Our Leaders
A cagy political diversion to beguile people about these politicians' true character.

The Real Revolution
An opportunity to "give glory to Christ..."

What We Celebrate On Labor Day
Not principally about earning a paycheck, but about serving and loving others.

Restoring All Things in Christ
Pope St. Pius X

The Real Issue
How far many in our culture will go to avoid confronting the real evil he did.

The Face of the Good Samaritan
The story of soon-to-be Saint Damien of Molokai.

The Church's Earnest Recommendation and Clear Preference
The human body is the "sacrament of the person."

A Spokesman Not Just For The President
A sign of hope for all who struggle to align the love of family with the love of God.

Valid Ordination
We do not have the ability to change the substance of the sacraments.

Our Lady's Holy Commander
Not only one of the greatest military heroes in the history of Portugal.

The Truth That Sets Love Free
An occasion for the whole Church to grow in faith and love.

The Way to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary
"A father and a mother who were more worthy of heaven than of earth."

Receptivity Fitting for the Lord
To recover a Eucharistic piety based on our Eucharistic faith.

A Heroine On and Off the Court
Agata Mroz learned the lessons of sports and applied them in life.

Celebrating and Safeguaring Our Freedom
True liberty requires us to live our freedom not just for ourselves...

Life-Changing Saturdays
The date of my conversion to St. Paul.

Imitating St. Paul As He Imitated Christ
We ask the Lord to give us a double portion of his zeal.

Timothy John Russert, R.I.P.
A unique and transcendent figure in the media business.

Finding Cures We All Can Live With
Scientific progress must proceed along an ethically responsible path.

An Unforgettable Feast
Devotion to him traverses centuries and it seems every Catholic ethnic group.

Our Supreme Aspiration
"Not my will but thine be done."

The Center of Our Faith
The Lord's reason for choosing his heart.

Bringing an End to a 35-year Scandal
The choice is "either-or," not "both-and."

The True Catholic Response to the Shoah
"He who changes one person changes the whole world."

The Lay Catholics' Moment on Marriage
Be the light God wants with regard to the gift of marriage He has given us.

Following the Saints to Christ
That they may be distinguished by the same "fame" and fruits.

Upping the Ante on Eucharistic Integrity
U.S. Bishops are beginning to lose patience with Catholic politicians.

Doctor of Maternal Love
St. Gianna showed in human, very modern terms, what that love really means.

Pope Benedict's Response to the Sexual Abuse of Minors
Meeting with clergy abuse survivors described as the "most meaningful" moment.

Paul VI's and the Church's Happy News
St. Peter's relics have been identified.

Pope Benedict on the United Nations
Human rights are not the "exclusive result of legislative enactments."

Hidden Treasure
Where were St. Peter's bones and why were these other bones in his tomb?

Pope Benedict on the Fragile Greatness of America
The task of upholding religious freedom is never completed.

The Search for St. Peter's Bones
"Peter is here."

The Elements of the New American Pentecost
The occasion for the Church in the United States to look to the future.

The Church Literally Built on Peter
St. Peter's basilica still represents the Church as a whole.

A Time for Spiritual Renewal for All Americans
By sharing our Lord's word of life that in Christ is our hope.

Discovering the Roots of Our Faith
A place of profound conversion and spiritual rebirth.

Pope Benedict's Message to the American People
What he hopes to accomplish on his trip to our shores.

The Penitent and True Poverello
The one saint on whom all religions can agree.

The Courage to Be Truly Themselves
Embolden other converts to live courageously their new faith.

Parish Priests, Too, Can Become Saints
Affecting the lives not only of his parishioners, but of men throughout the Church.

A Prudent Fold
Holy Week turned out to be a very good week on Beacon Hill.

The Passover from Criminal to Saint
The one who was with Jesus on death row.

The Social Resonance of Sin and Redemption
Every sin always bears consequences in one's relationship with God and others.

True Devotion to St. Patrick
A much better way to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick is to imitate his virtues.

Futile and Fertile Fonts
The problem of invalid baptisms.

Women Worthy of the Lord
Two of the most heroic saints in Church history.

The Pew Survey and the Church's Lost Sheep
One out of every ten people you meet on the street is a former Catholic.

The Lord's Healing Power
The greatest and most common miracle of all occurs in the confessional.

Voting and Salvation
To help us to choose morally, God has given us a conscience.

Icons of the Wisdom of Old Age
A model of courage and an unforgettable example of virtue.

The Ethics of Aesthetics
Not only is such deprecation not art; it's iconoclasm.

Our Lady's Humble Broom
"They have put me back in my corner. I am happy there and stop there."

Praying for the Jews
It would be a lack of love not to do so.

The Ever-Present Relevance of Lourdes
Apparitions are meant to nurture our faith and help us live to more fully.

Keeping Christian Charity Christian
Charitable activity must not become just another form of social assistance.

Transforming Hard-to-Reach Young People
Don Bosco shows us a method of how to treat them that will work in every age.

Informational Ethics
The media today is spawning a truly scary situation.

Precocious Sanctity
Holiness is for all ages.

The Educational Emergency
Good Catholic schools are more important now than ever.

Apostle of Church Unity
He incarnates the fully Christian response.

An Urgent Centennial
Propitious opportunities to recommit ourselves to Christ and to the unity he seeks.

The Difference One Mother Can Make
Our Lady of Vocations.

Responding to the Vocations Crisis
Activities to focus on to change the "vocational culture."

The Eagle Has Landed
Captured for us in his Gospel the divine and human natures of the infant we adore.

The Path to Renewed Hope in a New Year
A time for reflection and resolution.

The Just Man Who Named the Savior
Humble enough to sacrifice his own plans to fulfill God's plans.

Star of Wonder, Star of Hope
We must do more than go to meet and adore Jesus in the manger and at Mass.

Sure Guide Through the Interior World
I hope that you will allow him to teach you.

The Distinctive Nature of Christian Hope
Many in the Church have lost the true sense of what hope means.

The Right Man for the Job
One of the most lovable examples of this divine pattern.

To All the Catholic Faithful
Hope is a gift that changes the life of those who receive it.

The Great Introducer
A time to redouble our efforts to bring others into a closer relationship with God.

Catholic Conscience and Identity
Guiding a properly formed conscience with respect to political responsibility.

The True Servant of the Crucified King
A dramatic illustration of why this feast was so needed.

Restoring the Balance
Abuse in public schools does not minimize the evil of the abuse within the Church.

The First American in the Eternal Hall of Fame
Demonstrates for her fellow American citizens how to be true citizens of heaven.

Trampling or Upholding the Conscience of Pharmacists
Pharmacists are now among the chief targets of the pro-abortion movement.

The Courageous Lion
The ability to defend and promote the faith in the midst of great challenges.

The Christian Response to the Post-Christian Moment
If Rome could be won for Jesus Christ, surely we can do the same in our world.

God's Response to Scandal
Perhaps the greatest counter-reformation saint of them all.

The Martyrdom of Ordinary Life
To suffer is not exceptional; not to suffer is.

Saint of Hope in Desperate Situations
St. Jude not only intercedes for us, but gives us hope and shows us the way.

Teaching the Right Lessons
Becoming more concerned over the lessons that some schools are trying to teach.

Missionary Zeal Close to Home
The blood of the martyrs is indeed the seed of Christians.

Pro-Abortion Tyrrany and the Church's Response
Facing the issue of forced compliance with immoral laws.

A Christian in Fact and Not Just in Name
One of the most heroic, influential and important saints of all time.

S-Chip and the Catholic Church
The bill will also be promoting the death of the most vulnerable.

Devoted Heralds of the Lord's Mercy
St. Faustina and St. Margaret Mary both not only spread this devotion but lived it.

Theology on One's Knees
A subject that affects most Catholics.

The Childlike Path to Christian Maturity
One of the Church's most treasured blossoms.

A Bad Bet
With gambling, the house always wins.

A Living Image of Christ, Suffering and Risen
Of all recent saints, the one who has inspired the most devotion.

Sports and Cheating
A huge cultural concern.

Five Loaves, Two Fish… and God
May his example of giving the Lord the best he could inspire all of us.

Religion and Politics
What a person deeply believes says something about his or her character.

A Saint of Our Times and for Our Times
Take seriously her example and seek to imitate it in our personal circumstances.

Revelations from Mother Teresa's Prayer Life
The media coverage also revealed a deeper issue for the Church.

The Stages of Conversion and Sanctity
One of the greatest converts in the history of the Church.

Amnesty International and Abortion Promotion
Many have already begun to resign from Amnesty International as a result.

The Tears That Made Two Saints
The greatest example of hagiographical hope.

Woman in the Transformation of Culture
In this battle for the future of our culture, the front lines will be occupied by women.

The Path of Greatest Love
"No one has greater love than to lay down his life for his friends."

Catholics, U.S. Culture and Transformation
Should the teachings of the Church transform culture or vice versa?

A Bride on the Cross
An occasion to become scientists of the Cross and its full redemptive power.

Atonement in the City of Angels
Five reasons why the sexual abuse settlements are a welcome development.

Thinking Outside the Box… And Working Inside
The patron saint of parish priests, St. Jean-Marie Vianney.

Clarifying What The Church Is
Important for all Catholics and all those in dialogue with Catholics to know.

Opening Wide Our Hearts
Generously opening them to "make room for everything the faith allows."

Catholics in China and Two-Fold Communion in the Church
A very confusing situation for Chinese Catholics seeking to be faithful to God.

The Year of St. Paul
A grace-filled occasion for Catholics to get to know him much more deeply.

Learning From Our Catholic Heroes How To Be Catholic
How to be good servants of others through being God's good servants first.

Cutting Through the Spin
Giuliani's public proclamations on abortion addressed head on.

Eucharistic Consistency
An opportunity to express our faith that the Eucharist is Christ himself.

Who God Is and Who We Are in His Image
Why marriage in God's plan is so important.

Markets and Morality
Another controversy from Pope Benedict's pilgrimage to Latin America.

Christ and Culture
Controversy from Pope Benedict's recent apostolic pilgrimage to Brazil.

Pastoral Pillars for a New Pentecost
Five main elements of a pastoral plan.

Christ, the Church and the Believer
Global solution provides a Christian response to the challenges we face at home.

The Old Notre Dame and the Virtue of Munificence
The rediscovery of its meaning and practice is critical for the good of the Church.

Abstinence-only Education
Government-sponsored study shows only four of 900 abstinence programs.

Stopping the Violence
Ten reasons why the Supreme Court's decision has given pro-lifers hope.

Troublesome Trends
The media focused its attention mostly on his various gaffes.

Jesus of Nazareth
The fruit of a "long interior journey" stretching throughout his adult years.

A Precious Means of Gospel Penetration
Diocesan newspapers are a chronicle of that victory of good, truth and hope.

No Greater Love
He gave his life not just for his friends but for those who had made him an enemy.

The Hard Line Is a Loving Guard Rail
An external sign of Christ's own mercy.

The Lost Tomb vs. the Empty Tomb, Part II
The case for Jesus' resurrection.

Remember, O America!
We need to recall our own history of being indigent in other lands.

The Lost Tomb vs. the Empty Tomb, Part I
Church leaders are needing to engage more in the defense of the faith.

Not Worth the Gamble
There are many reasons against a casino.

Donum Vitae
A good occasion for us to revisit and assimilate its core teachings.

The Light Is On For You
The instruction helps to orient us about the point of the season of Lent.

Strengthening Marriage
It is increasingly important to have a day like World Marriage Day.

The Drinan Effect
Fr. Drinan did a lot of damage and wasted an opportunity to do immense good.

The Good News in Education
The blessing of a Catholic education and why it is worth the many sacrifices.

The Connection Between the Commandments
Breaking the sixth commandment greases the slide toward breaking the fifth.

A Higher Standard
The accountability of bishops is still in need of improvement.

Doing Their Duty and Keeping Their Promises
Another sign of how much work supporters of marriage need to continue to do.

Preparing to Embrace Emmanuel
So that we might be awake and alert to embrace Him when He comes again.

Being In and Receiving Holy Communion
Should Catholic politicians who promote intrinsic evils be denied Communion?

Married Love and Life
Pray that couples respond wholeheartedly to that marriage invitation.

Pastoral Care According to the Truth
A true understanding of the human person and the place of sexuality in human life.

The Bishops' Change of Priorities
Several things to show that they are beginning to move in a new direction.

The Stakes of January 2nd
The recess is just a charade to try to kill the petition without voting on it.

The Biggest Issues of All
The issues which many of us tend to ignore.

The Harms of Same-Sex Marriage
How the redefinition of marriage will result in tangible harm to others.

Political Cooperation in Evil
What would lead to a Catholic voter's incapacity to receive holy Communion?

How Should Catholics Vote?
Catholics should not be fooled.

Cyberspatial Evangelization
Instruments like a blog can bring millions close to that experience and knowledge.

Rediscovering the Weapon of Peace
The worldly vulnerability of the Pope has again been on display.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Work
An opportunity to reflect on the meaning of human work in God's divine plan.

Reason Versus Rage
Benedict XVI wants a "frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect."

Voting is a Moral Act
Not to vote is to neglect one's responsibility for others and for society.

Overcoming Evil with Good
Act on the lessons that infamous day has taught us.

Plan B
Plan B was approved precisely for political reasons, not scientific ones.

The Apostolic Collection
A chance to show ourselves true Christians and worthy of that praise once again.

The properly Catholic response to the terrorist menace.

Following Up the Veto
Past failures give clues on how to prevent future ones.

On to November 9th — and 7th
Delay pushed by MPA opponents in the hope that it will change the outcome.

An icon of a new type of Church leader.

Giving Humanity a Future
On basis of human nature, it's man and woman who are ordained to one another.

Marital Rights and Responsibilities
The legislator's assertions taken one-by-one.

July 4th and 12th
Will our system of government remain of the people, by the people, for the people?

Liturgical Fidelity
Time for faithful Catholics and their pastors to prepare for the changes.

Taking a Stand With Christ
Go on the record and declare where they stand on the issue of marriage.

One Every Eight
Come July, there will be five fewer priests laboring in this vineyard.

Standing Firm in the Faith
Benedict is trying to inspire Polish Catholics.

Drawing Good From Evil
One of the most painful things most in the Church have ever had to deal with.

The Catholic Fatwa
Should they heed calls from a senior Vatican archbishop to boycott the flick?

AIDS, Condoms and Church Teaching
Is the Church about to revise her teaching in order to prevent HIV and AIDS?

An Appeal for Love
An opportunity to take care of Christ in disguise.

The Church's Reconstruction
A lesson of hope and a symbol that patient rebuilding is worth the time and effort.

Choosing Communion with the Truth
One of the great contemporary ecclesiological errors.

The Betrayal of Judas
To do what is necessary to defend and promote the faith.

Christ and Hefner
The choice between the heavenly mansion and the playboy mansion.

Religious Freedom Endangered
Agencies will be forced to violate Church teaching and workers' consciences.

Men in Red
May the Lord strengthen the fifteen new Cardinals and the entire Church.

Catholic Democrats and Principles
...a lie unless they are grounded on the right to life.

Obeying God Rather Than Men
Catholic adoption professionals cannot in good conscience ignore such realities.

Exalting the Humble
The classification of cardinals is about to expand.

The Church and Politics
His encyclical provides the "spiritual energy" to continue in this needed direction.

The Church as a Community of Love
"Love one another as I have loved you."

Eros and Agape
A misunderstanding of what most consider the "epitome" of love, eros.

Love Letter
The good tidings of Pope Benedict's encyclical letter from the Vatican.

Catholic Schools in the New Evangelization
Catholic schools are more valuable now than ever.

The Truth about Roe
The culture of lying and brainwashing that has undermined peace.

Time To Rise Up Together
Keep houses of worship free from governmental interference and burdens.

Tearing Down A False Wall
The mere recognition of religion isn't tantamount to forcing others to follow it.

Bringing Christmas to Life Again
Remember that God-with-us is still with us.

The Assault Against Conscience and Religious Freedom
Those with political power using their might to violate another's conscience.

Homosexual Tendencies and the Priesthood
Does the Church think that a homosexual cannot be a good and holy priest?

The New Advent Prophet
The fundamentally Advent-oriented message of Pope John Paul II.

Following the Pilgrims
Everything was part of God's plans for them on their journey to a New World.

The Church's Most Precious Gem
The practice and understanding of married clergy.

Priestly Continence for the Kingdom
From the beginning priestly service demanded total dedication. It still does.

The Eucharist and the Celibate Priesthood
We must face squarely the issue of the shortage of priests.

The Pearl of Great Price
"Without Sunday Mass we cannot survive."

Implementing Vatican II
The Council's true treasure.

Taking a Problem Out of the Closet
A big first step toward an open discussion of the long-hushed issue.

The Truly Christian Life
Members of the Church must find in the Eucharistic Lord their root and center.

Intelligent Design
The Church is not opposed to the theory of evolution...

America's Pastime and Future
The role of the judge and of the courts in our nation.

Jesus and the Truth about Marriage
Four things pertinent to the issue of same-sex marriage.

Let's Roll Again
A serious moral problem needs to be confronted.

The Gospel of Human Work
An opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our work in God's divine plan.

Our Inner Pilgrimage
A union with the One adored through the loving reception in holy Communion.

The Fountain of Youth
World Youth Day is a huge boon to Catholics of all ages.

Fruits of the Same Evil Tree
Now is the time for Catholics to produce similar fruit from their pro-life tree.

Matter Matters
We do not have the ability to change the substance of the sacraments.

Winning the War on Terrorism
To fulfill our mission, we must continue to go on with life as usual.

A Legacy of Lost Liberty
Freedom is not the ability to do whatever we want, but to do what we should.

Lowering the Nets Again
Trust in Christ and, at his word, launch out again, boldly, for a big catch.

Martyrs for Marriage
Like John the Baptist, we were born with a mission. Maybe this is it.

Families on the Front Lines
Pope Benedict has picked up right where his predecessor left off.

A Dream Come True
It was similar to when the Red Sox won the World Series.

Our Eucharistic Heart Transplant
Why Jesus' heart - and only his heart?

Memorial Day
May the Lord help us never to forget again!

Rolling Vatican II Forward
We need to understand what he was saying between the lines.

Tongues of Fire
I have always been fascinated by the feast of Pentecost.

The Pope of the Young
Anyone more admired among faithful Catholics of our generation than Ratzinger?

Co-Workers of the Truth
A simple, humble worker in the Lord's vineyard.

God, the Pope and Michelangelo
The mission to preach and to protect.

The Conclave
We are called to participate intimately in their deliberations.

A Father and a Son
The human side of the Holy Father.

Crossing the Finish Line
In losing so good a pope, we may gain an even greater intercessor.

Jesus' Easter Mercy
Jesus wanted to link our resurrection through this Sacrament to his resurrection.

Jesus' Valedictory
No greater homily has ever been given than the one Jesus preaches today.

The Gospel of Life
The war between life and death has become more intense.

Mission Accomplished
May she whose heart was like unto Mary's now rejoice among Mary in heaven.

Lenten Message Personified
"Opening hearts to the docile welcoming of the divine will."

The Parable of the Resurrected Son
We must ourselves "come to our senses" and "come to life again."

The Lord's Vineyard
God has generously given us that vineyard. Vintage time nears.

Men of God
One of the real signs of the "new springtime" in the Church.

Christ's Distressing and Challenging Disguise
Today Christ awaits each of us somewhere in Lazarus' disguise.

Christ-like Ambition
The chalice and the towel wait for us.

Listening to Christ Through Peter
Help all of us in Christ's flock to hear the Good Shepherd's voice through St. Peter.

Making God's Standard of Love Our Own
May we listen to his words and make them our own.

Heeding God the Father's Advice
May we "listen to him" with alertness and follow him with alacrity.

Preaching Christ's Passion
Caviezel's portrayal was of a Savior whom today's men would follow.

Get Up, Let's Go
Lent is a forty day uphill pilgrimage with Jesus.

The Heart of the Mystical Body
What would become of the world if there were no religious?

Final Exam Preparation
What makes Catholic education so special.

The Children in the Road
The Church couldn't be silent on abortion.

Our Priority Commitment
Communion with God and unity among all people, beginning with believers.

Christ's First Vocation Director
None of us knows what plans the Lord has for our relatives and friends.

Let Us Go Now to Bethlehem
His incessant humility manifested both his love and our dignity.

The Open Secret to Sheen's Success
The most influential American Catholic priest of the 20th century.

A Doubly-Significant Sesquicentennial
The message of this feast is as relevant today as it was 150 years ago.

New Beginnings
Allow the Successor of Peter to invite the whole Church to make this act of faith.

Following the Pilgrims
They didn't give up hope.

God's Call - One Man's Response
The priest was, I was convinced, the single most important person in the universe.

Jesus and Marriage
A crisp and clear presentation of what is already recognizable by reason.

A Pastoral Letter From Your Priests on Voice of the Faithful
Live the faith and thereby strengthen the Church so as to change the world.

The Archbasilica of St. John Lateran - The Cathedral of the World
The mother and head of all the churches of the city and the world!