Commentary by Mary Jo Anderson

Can Europe Survive Its Population Plunge?
Each generation is barely half the number of the preceding one.

Shroud Skeptics Bump against Science
Can it be that the Shroud of Turin functions as a fifth Gospel?

Eight Habits of Highly Effective Bishops
"We need a thorough cleansing in house if we are to battle the culture of death."

The Magdalene
Accept the ancient legend of the saint and reject the Johnny-come-lately versions.

The Name Game
Refuse to participate in the fictions fed to the public.

Apparition in Africa - Our Lady of Sorrows
"While there is still time" is a message that we might ponder with great profit.

A Christmas Pilgrimage
An interior journey of faith in God, in His promises and His providence.

The Other Side of Change - Obama and Saul Alinsky
Pick up Rules for Radicals and read it as Obama's playbook.

Sins of Omission - Catholics, Marriage, and Politics
Catholics wrestle key moral issues each time an election cycle is upon us.

How the UN's Global Poverty Plan Robs the Poor
A recipe for a web of greed, graft, bribes, kickbacks, cronyism, and abuse.

Abortion Judo - Using the United Nations Against Itself
A human matter...Not only for people of religious faith.

Suffer the Children - The Disaster of "Talking about Touching"
A controversial safety education program designed for children.