Commentary by Patrick Reilly

Is Planned Parenthood in the 'Jesuit Tradition'?
Seattle University's connections to abortion and contraceptive peddlers.

The Unfinished Reform of Catholic Colleges
Ex Corde Ecclesiae has yet to be fully implemented.

Ten Ways to Renew Catholic Colleges
Colleges need to know where their alumni and other concerned Catholics stand.

The State of Catholic Higher Education
Each of the new colleges is unique and offers something special to families.

New Study Confirms Decline of Catholic Colleges
Now we have national survey data to prove what we have long known.

How Catholics Gave Governor Paterson Cover
Paterson has taken a significant step toward dismantling American society.

A Great Day for Catholic Higher Education
Vision and roadmap for renewal that are ultimately tied to the survival of the West.

Pro-Abortion Politics Not Welcome Here
Catholic institutions need to get their priorities straight.

When Catholic Education Gets 'Ludacris'
Insist that extracurricular activities remain within the realm of standard decency.

Catholic Colleges and the Political Left
The scandal of Catholic institutions coddling pro-abortion politicians.

The Surrender of Catholic Higher Education
Many faithful Catholics no longer trust Catholic colleges to live up to their mission.