Commentary by Brian Saint-Paul

Seven Deadly Sins, and Those Who Love Them
A conversation with John Zmirak.

Faith and the Badge – A Conversation with Martin Browne
Faith, the limits of the law, and life as a cop.

Resisting Obamacare with the Interstate Compact
Member states would replace the intrusive federal law with its own.

Catholicism and Distance Education
Is the age of the university nearing its end?

When Islam Abandoned Reason
What happened to Islamic civilization?

Politics as Applied Theology - A Conversation with Peter and Helen Evans
"Whoever said Christianity was nice?"

The Money Meltdown - A Conversation with Thomas Woods Jr.
"We've had the worst of all possible worlds."

"Some of us are owed an apology" - Traditionalists and the Latin Mass
Reactions to the motu proprio and whether the liturgical wars are finally over.

Are Conservatives Turning People Off?
Becoming, for lack of a better word, unfriendly.

Monsters to Destroy - Foreign Policy, Then and Now
Isolationism, non-interventionism, and the foreign policy of the Founders.

Making War - A Conversation with Thomas E. Woods Jr.
No myth of American history is safe.

"Hillary Clinton Will Win the Catholic Vote in 2008"
She "will present a vigorous social justice agenda."

The Big Jump
Moving crisis magazine entirely online.

Knowing the Enemy - Dinesh D'Souza on Islam and the West
Contemporary liberalism and its role in Islamic anti-Americanism.

A Conversation with "The Skeptical Environmentalist"
A statistician's look at the environment.

The Crescent and the Gun - Islam and Violence
The problem is not in the Koran itself but in those who are free to twist it.