Commentary by Elizabeth Scalia

'Greater Than' Is Pretty Great
Sound argument against the considerations of four prominent atheists.

Willing America Right
His sensibility is both consistent and thoughtfully measured, whatever the stimulus

The Crucible of Ted Kennedy
"What we have done, and what we have failed to do."

Wrong Target? A Different Look at the Cardinal and the Mayor
We forget a great mystery of our creed: "He descended into hell… He rose again."

The Students and the Pope
Treated to their first live glimpse of Benedict, most were satisfied.

Almost Catholic Is Not Quite Enough
A nourishing read...which some Catholics will find entertaining and helpful.

The Sins and the Fathers
After all, the Father is very fond of us.

On the Cusp of Something Great
An indescribable sweetness, an overwhelming sense of...what, exactly?

A Pro-Choice President Can End Abortion
Depends on what motivates the "choice" part of a candidate's position.

Stalking the Ten-Pronged Divine Nod
A likeable, valuable book, but it may be more useful in portable audio form.

A Tsunami Cannot Be Drawn in Pastels - On Dignity and Suffering
Life is so very sad and so very beautiful.